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How Much Will The Cicret Bracelet Cost ?

Cicret Bracelet Cost

We have updated this article with new information, so be sure to check the end part of the article before rushing to the official website to order a Cicret Bracelet. The Cicret bracelet is a concept thought to replace phones and tablets very soon! French Start-up Cicret officially announced that is working hard to shift […]


How Much Does a LILY Drone Cost ?

Lily Drone Cost

We have added an update to this article, so be sure to read the ending of the article, before rushing to order this gadget. Lily is an exciting hybrid between an aerial drone and an action camera. Action cameras and aerial drones, affordable in price as they can be, are two of the most popular […]


How Much Does MICA Smart Bracelet Cost ?

MICA Bracelet Cost

MICA smart bracelet starts new alerts in the fashion industry. News and tips from the fashion industry, daily horoscopes and other services connected to the Internet make this accessory more useful for women at work, in society and in the family. MICA, short for „My Intelligent Communication Accessory”, is a smart bracelet conceived by Opening […]


How Much Does Apple Watch Cost ?

Apple Watch Cost

Not long ago Apple launched its first smart watch, Apple Watch, during the event ” Spring Forward”. The device is available, with pre-order, beginning with April 10, on nine major markets, and deliveries began on April 24. The first wave of markets, on where the clock will be available are: USA, UK , Germany, Australia, […]


How Much Does a Selfie Stick Cost ?

Selfie stick cost

One of the most popular items of today is the selfie stick. Selfie stick is the gadget you need to have with you. It’s simple, a stick with bluetooth on which you put your smartphone, used for spectacular selfies. Once, the selfie stick was known as a monopod. Basically, it was a one-legged tripod used […]

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How Much Do The Most Expensive Gadgets Cost ?

Although most people expect the technology to revolutionize our world and to ease their work, the wealthy people want the devices they use to have as many features as possible. There are only a few millionaires known for their eccentricities in this area. Computers, smartphones and tablets have a price determined in the first place […]


How Much Does The Magic-Cube Projection Keyboard Cost ?

magic cube keyboard

First Off: What is Magic-Cube Projection Keyboard? For those of you that don`t know this yet, Magic Cube Projection Keyboard is a virtual keyboard bundled with multi-touch mouse. It is a compact, ultraportable device, rooted in science fiction movies, uses laser technology to project on any flat surface a standard sized QWERTY model. You can […]


How Much Does Samsung Gear VR Cost ?

Oculus Gear VR

At IFA 2014, Samsung introduced its new gadgets including Gear VR, a virtual reality headset. It uses a Galaxy Note 4 to generate virtual reality and without phablet the price reaches $200. Samsung Gear VR is that future project of Samsung’s Company concerning virtual reality, one of the most exciting fields nowadays. At the IFA […]


What is The Real Price Of Google Glasses?


Google Glass is, as you may very well know, a wearable high-tech pair of spectacles that can help you connect to the internet. You can easily record videos, take pictures, run apps and display information with their help, and they can respond to voice commands. Google has picked the best time to go further into […]