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How Much Does Instax Mini Cost ?


Although Polaroid doesn’t produce the well known cameras that print photos almost instantly any more, The Japanese from Fujifilm have thought that maybe there are some nostalgic buyers that wish an “instant” camera and that works with a film. Fujifilm Instax Mini is an instant camera with a film, with a retro design that is […]


How Much Does a Selfie Stick Cost ?

Selfie stick cost

One of the most popular items of today is the selfie stick. Selfie stick is the gadget you need to have with you. It’s simple, a stick with bluetooth on which you put your smartphone, used for spectacular selfies. Once, the selfie stick was known as a monopod. Basically, it was a one-legged tripod used […]

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How Much Do The Most Expensive Gadgets Cost ?

Although most people expect the technology to revolutionize our world and to ease their work, the wealthy people want the devices they use to have as many features as possible. There are only a few millionaires known for their eccentricities in this area. Computers, smartphones and tablets have a price determined in the first place […]

How Much Does a 3D Home Theater Cost ?

home theater cost

A 3D home theater system helps you see movies in the comfort of your home at a higher quality in what concerns the image and sound. Watching a movie at the cinema is still an experience quite hard to recreate at home, seeing the big screen and the efficient sound system that creates a very […]


How Much Do Website Backlinks Cost?

So you’ve built a wonderful website, promoting your business, products, services or a simple blog to share your thoughts. You’ve written a few great articles and now it’s time people know about your website. But how do you make your website popular enough that people find it and read what you have to say ? […]


How Much Do Website Visitors Cost ?

traffic cost

In a world where the internet is becoming bigger and faster by day, more and more businesses opt for online promotion, that can easily make them known worldwide and bring them in front of many new possible clients. At the same time, more and more startups are launched with only an online presence and no […]


How Much Does The Magic-Cube Projection Keyboard Cost ?

magic cube keyboard

First Off: What is Magic-Cube Projection Keyboard? For those of you that don`t know this yet, Magic Cube Projection Keyboard is a virtual keyboard bundled with multi-touch mouse. It is a compact, ultraportable device, rooted in science fiction movies, uses laser technology to project on any flat surface a standard sized QWERTY model. You can […]


How Much Does Samsung Gear VR Cost ?

Oculus Gear VR

At IFA 2014, Samsung introduced its new gadgets including Gear VR, a virtual reality headset. It uses a Galaxy Note 4 to generate virtual reality and without phablet the price reaches $200. Samsung Gear VR is that future project of Samsung’s Company concerning virtual reality, one of the most exciting fields nowadays. At the IFA […]


How Much Does Your Personal Data Cost ?

security privacy

How much does your personal data cost big companies ? It might come as a surprise, but your personal data, including your health, shopping history and financial status could be sold for less than a dollar by online data brokerage firms. The competition between companies to gather information about users in the online environment is […]


How Much Does it Cost to Make a Website?

cost to build a website

Nowadays, you HAVE to make a website, if you want to advertise, sell, meet people or get known, more than ever, in this internet era, where one of the most powerful weapons people have is their internet presence. Because of the big demand for websites, there are a lot of people and even well established […]