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How Much Do Wars Cost?

US Marines of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Mar

In 2013, violence related expenses represented 11.3% of world’s GDP or 1350 $ per capita on planet, as calculated by the International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) experts’, with headquarter in Stockholm. In total, direct or indirect, these expenses, amounted to 9.800 billion U.S. dollars, up by 179 billion (5%) compared to 2012, situation which helped […]

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How Much Does The DeLorean From Back To The Future Cost?

How much does a delorean cost ?

Although, to everyone’s sadness, the DeLorean won’t help you travel in time, it is finding its way into the future of sports cars without any flux capacitor or other gadgets. In present days a lot of people continue spending thousands of dollars to have their own DeLorean that resembles to the detail to the original […]

How Much Does A Terrorist Attack Cost?

terrorist attacks cost

Experts state that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has over $2 billion available at its disposal. The group knows how to use the resources, say counter-terrorism officials. What sets it appart from any other terrorist organizations is the discipline and professional acumen that seems guide this group. But what exactly can they buy […]


The Funniest Book Titles From Amazon

funny book titles

We were planning on writing an article about the best reads from the amazon bookstore, but as you probably know, you can’t just pick 10 best titles, as there are a lot of books that deserve atention. So we dedided to show you the books with the funniest titles. We do warn you, seeing their […]


The Funniest Amazon Products

funny amazon products

As a new category on this blog, we’ll work hard to find the weirdest products sold online. Today we’ll show you what we believe are the funniest items offered for sale on Amazon.Com. 1. Uranium Ore Advertised as the product that can give you super powers, has around 800 reviews and one of the top […]