Cell Phone Charging Port Repair Cost

Phone Charging Port Repair Cost

If you’ve ever had a phone, then you surely know how fragile charging ports are, being very easy to damage as they are constantly connected and then removed from the connector cord.

As time passes, due to this constant movement, the port can become broken, either starting to move or bend or, even worse, having its internal components or even the charging port as a whole damaged.

So if you notice that your phone has issues charging or is charging a lot slower than it used to, then it might be something wrong with its charging port.

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How much does cell phone charging port repair cost?

The bill you will get from a repair shop to fix or replace your phone’s charging port would likely depend on several factors, including the shop or professional you work with and the make and model of your phone. As the pricing is inside a rather big range, we have broken it down based on the estimates we got, and you can find everything in the table below.

The average phone charging port repair cost is somewhere between $50 and $150, but the price can go significantly higher if you go to the official repair store of the manufacturer of your phone. Apple, for example, is known to charge as much as $150 for an older iPhone X model, and over $550 for both parts and labor, to fix an iPhone of a newer generation, like the iPhone 13.

Phone Make/Model and charging port repair price

  • iPhone X/Xr/Xs/11/11 Pro – $100
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/8s/8 Plus – $80
  • Most of the Nokia models, regardless of their type – $75
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S10/S20 – $100
  • Newer Samsung Note – $100

There are also instances in which the charging issue is related to the phone’s battery and not the charging port itself. If this is diagnosed as the issue, then the charging port will be kept in place and only the battery will be swapped out with a new one.

One forum thread on AndroidCentral.com talked about the fact that someone with a charging problem should prepare somewhere between $75 and $150.

What should be included in the repair?

As you probably know, third-party companies are known to work with third-party parts. This is why they are able to go below the manufacturer’s price when doing the same repair.

Most third-party retailers will include a warranty with the repair, but this can range from just three months to a year or more, depending on the company you work with.

Going on the third-party service route will also mean that the official manufacturer’s warranty will be null if the phone was still covered before the repair.

Expect a labor time of around two hours at most for the entire repair.

Important things to consider

There are cases in which the charging port is completely fine but either has debris or is dirty or dusty inside. You can easily see this debris if you flash a light inside the port. When this happens, your phone won’t charge at the same speed as it used to because the connection is blocked.

You can try fixing this issue yourself if you have a can of compressed air. All you have to do is blow some air inside the port to try to get rid of the debris stuck inside.

This might or might not work and if it doesn’t, the next step is to use a small amount of rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner after you turned off the phone and clean the inside of the port. If your phone has a removable battery, it would be better to remove it before doing this.

The port itself shouldn’t be sprayed and you should never place liquids in the port directly as this can cause a lot of damage.

If you’ve just bought a new charger, before using it make sure you check the power requirements. This is because each phone has its power requirements and will need specific amounts of power to be charged correctly.

It isn’t enough for the charger to fit the phone. It should also be compatible with your particular make and model.

If the new charger has issues, you could search online as there are quite a few solutions on different tech websites. If you have an older charger that doesn’t work at the moment but used to work in the past, then you might be dealing with an adapter issue and not a lighting charger cable or a charger issue.

There are also circumstances, although rare, in which the issue is the phone software, which is preventing it from charging properly, and not a broken charging port. If the phone’s software is to blame and it was recently updated, you should try to hard reset or force reset the phone to see if it starts charging again. The cost of repairing in this case will be $0.

How to save money

Phone Charging PortIf you feel up for it, consider making this charging port replacement yourself, as there are quite a few videos on YouTube that could help you with step-by-step guides on how the repair should be done. The parts themselves shouldn’t cost more than $15 and will often include all the tools necessary to complete the job properly. You will likely save $50 or more if you’re going on this route.

If you have a phone that is still under the initial warranty provided by the manufacturer or the store you bought it from, then you might be covered as long as they deem the part defective. Check with your manufacturer to see whether your phone qualifies for free warranty repair or not.

If the costs above don’t scare you, then you should always go to a third-party shop that offers repair services for professional cell phone repair, as it saves you hundreds of dollars as opposed to getting help from the manufacturer directly.

Most third-party shops are known to do a great job and offer decent customer service and a fast turnaround time even though they will use third-party parts, a great option especially if the phone is outside the warranty.

As part of connecting the new charging port to the phone, depending on the make and model, the device might require a replacement of the mainboard as well. In these rare cases, it actually makes more sense to just invest in a new phone than go for this repair that will cost a lot of money.

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