Cell Phone Charging Port Repair Cost

Phone Charging Port Repair Cost

Charging ports, regrettably, are easy to break due to the continuous connecting and removal of the adapter cable.

This continuous movement, in time, can be tough on the port, typically moving, bend, and in a worst-case scenario, breaking the internal parts and the charging port itself.

If your phone isn’t charging the way it has been in the past, then there’s a high chance there is something wrong with the phone’s charging port.

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Just how much does mobile phone charging port repair work cost?

The expense of fixing a phone’s charging port will significantly depend upon your phone’s make/model and the expert you work with. With a great range of prices, we broke down the quotes we were given in the table below. For the most part, a third-party service will charge $40 to $105 to repair a charging port, however, these costs might be much higher if you were to utilize the producer of the phone themselves. For instance, if you were to utilize Apple, the expenses of a charging port repair work might considerably vary from just $149 for an iPhone 3G to as much as $849 for an iPhone 12.

Phone Make/Model and its price

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s/ 6 Plus – $100
  • iPhone SE/5/5C/ FIVE – $80
  • The Majority Of Nokia Designs – $75
  • Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/ S6/S7 – $100
  • Samsung Note – $100
Bear in mind, that in many cases, the charging port might not be the issue and it could be a problem with the phone’s battery. If this were the case, the battery would be switched and the charging port would be untouched.

On an AndroidCentral online forum thread, members noted you should be prepared to budget anywhere from $50 to a little over $100 for the job.

What will be included in the repair work?

If you do go for a third-party seller, they will typically provide a warranty, which, depending upon the business, can vary anywhere from 3 months to as long as a year.

A lot of third-party businesses will utilize third-party parts. For this reason, they have the ability to charge a lower rate than the maker themselves. If you do choose to work with a third-party service, your service warranty, if your phone is still covered, will be null and voided.

For the most part, the whole repair work will take up to 2 hours.

Tips to keep in mind

In some situations, the charging port could be dirty or even dusty, and sometimes, you can even see this debris by flashing light inside the port. If this is the case, it might obstruct the connection, which means your phone will not charge the way it is meant to. If you have a can of compressed air, you should try blowing some air inside the port to eliminate any particles that might be inside. If this does not make things better, then you could try switching off the phone and utilize a small amount of rubbing alcohol and/or contact cleaner to clean up the inside of the port with the battery taken out, if it can be removed. Never ever spray or put any liquid on the port itself as it can cause more damage.

If you’re utilizing a brand-new battery charger, pay attention to the power requirements as the majority of phones will have a particular minimum amount of power in order for it to charge properly. Even if the battery charger “fits” the phone, it does not mean it will work. A simple search online can yield some results if you do have an issue with your brand-new battery charger. If it’s an older battery charger that has actually worked in the past, and you didn’t try another charger that you know for sure it works, the issue might be with the adapter, not the battery charger or the lightning charger cable.

In some rarer situations, your phone’s software might in fact be preventing your phone from charging. If your phone’s software was just recently upgraded, you might need to reset/hard reset your phone to see if the phone charges again.

How to save some money

Phone Charging PortYou should consider repairing the phone yourself as there are numerous YouTube videos showing you exactly how the repair work can be done. Parts are usually less than $10 and will include all of the essential tools to finish the task. Going this path can easily save you more than $50+.

If your phone is still under its warranty and they consider the part faulty, you should be covered. Talk with the maker of your phone to see if you get approved for free service warranty repair work.

As you can see from the price list above, it’s always best to go for a trustworthy third-party as they can save you quite a bit. As long as your phone is beyond its service warranty, a lot of third-party stores, even if they utilize third-party parts, will do just as great of a job, if not much better in regards to customer care and turn-around time.

Depending upon the phone, the mainboard of the gadget might have to be changed due to the charging port being connected to it. If this is the case, you might be much better off taking the necessary money and investing in a newer phone.

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