Chicken Express Menu Prices
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Chicken Express Menu Prices

Last Updated on December 22, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Chicken Express is an American fast-food restaurant chain, where you can enjoy fried chicken meals, desserts, various sides, and drinks. The chicken in their restaurants is so fresh that you can notice the difference. In fact, it is never frozen and always well marinated, dipped in a tasty batter mix, and cooked to perfection. Clients keep coming back for the juicy and hot flavor of Chicken Express. Besides the chicken, at Chicken Express you can also order other food options such as tasty fish fillets.

This store is known as the home of the legendary Express Tenders and Chicken E Sweet Tea. Actually, you can purchase tea by the gallon. Also, Chicken Express offers catering for any type of occasion.

Chicken Express provides high-quality meals that the whole family members can enjoy, at fair prices. But you can get a better idea about how much would you would spend to eat at this restaurant by looking at the table below where you can find their latest menu prices.

Food Size Price

Express Hot Wings

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides

Express Hot Wings 6 Pc. $5.99
Express Hot Wings – Dinners 6 Pc. $7.99
Express Hot Wings 16 Pc. $14.49
Express Hot Wings 25 Pc. $19.99

Chicken & Biscuit

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides

Chicken & Biscuit 2 Pc. $4.69
Chicken & Biscuit – Dinners 2 Pc. $6.99
Chicken & Biscuit 3 Pc. $6.19
Chicken & Biscuit – Dinners 3 Pc. $8.39
Chicken Breast Substitution $0.99
Snack Pack Chicken & Biscuit – Dinners (1 Regular Side) 1 Pc. $4.89

Express Tenders Family Meals

Includes 16 oz. Gravy & 6 Biscuits

Express Tenders Family Meal 20 Pc. $21.49
Express Tenders Family Meal – Dinners (Any 1 Family Side) 20 Pc. $24.49
Express Tenders Family Meal 25 Pc. $25.49
Express Tenders Family Meal – Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides) 25 Pc. $29.49
Express Tenders Family Meal 30 Pc. $28.49
Express Tenders Family Meal – Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides) 30 Pc. $35.49

Chicken Family Meals

Includes 6 Biscuits

Chicken Family Meal 8 Pc. $14.49
Chicken Family Meal – Dinners (Any 1 Family Side) 8 Pc. $16.49
Chicken Family Meal 12 Pc. $18.49
Chicken Family Meal – Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides) 12 Pc. $23.49
Chicken Family Meal 16 Pc. $23.49
Chicken Family Meal – Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides) 16 Pc. $29.49
Chicken Breast Substitution $0.99

Express Tenders, Gravy & Biscuit

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides

Express Tenders 4 Pc. $5.39
Express Tenders – Dinners 4 Pc. $7.39
Express Tenders 7 Pc. $8.39
Express Tenders – Dinners 7 Pc. $9.99
Express Tenders 15 Pc. $16.99
Express Tenders Snack Pack – Dinners (1 Regular Side) 2 Pc. $5.19

Combo Meals

Includes Regular Side & Large Drink

Express Tenders Combo 4 Pc. $7.39
Express Tenders Combo 7 Pc. $9.99
Chicken Combo 3 Pc. $8.39
Chicken Combo 2 Pc. $6.99
6 Livers or 9 Gizzards Combo $6.99
Hot Wings Combo 6 Pc. $7.99

Catfish Meals

Served With 8 Hushpuppies

Catfish 13 Pc. $21.99
Catfish Meal (1 Family Side) 13 Pc. $24.99
Catfish 19 Pc. $30.99
Catfish Meal (2 Family Sides) 19 Pc. $35.99

Livers/Gizzards, Gravy & Biscuit

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides

Livers 6 Pc. $4.59
Livers – Dinners 6 Pc. $6.99
Gizzards 9 Pc. $4.59
Gizzards – Dinners 9 Pc. $6.99
Livers 12 Pc. $6.99
Gizzards 18 Pc. $6.99


Jalapenos Regular $0.79
Jalapenos Family $1.99
Gravy Regular $1.49
Gravy Family $2.59
Biscuit Regular $0.99
Biscuit Family $2.99
BBQ, Honey, Chipotle, Marinara, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Cocktail or Tartar Sauces $0.79
Catfish 1 Pc. $2.59
Hushpuppies 4 Pc. $0.99
Hushpuppies 16 Pc. $2.49


French Fries Regular $2.19
French Fries Family $4.59
Fried Okra Regular $2.19
Fried Okra Family $4.59
Mashed Potatoes Regular $2.19
Mashed Potatoes Family $4.59
Cole Slaw Regular $2.19
Cole Slaw Family $4.59
Corn on Cob Regular $2.19
Corn on Cob Family $4.59
Cheesesticks Regular $2.19
Cheesesticks Family $4.59
Corn Nuggets Regular $2.19
Corn Nuggets Family $4.59
Mini Poppers Regular $2.19
Mini Poppers Family $4.59
Apple Pie Regular $2.19
Apple Pie Family $4.59
Fried Pickles Regular $2.19
Fried Pickles Family $4.59


Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.99
Soft Drink Jumbo $2.79
Tea – Sweet or Unsweetened Large $2.99
Tea – Sweet or Unsweetened Jumbo $2.79
Tea – Sweet or Unsweetened Gallon $4.49
Water Bottle $2.99
Minute Maid Small $2.79
Minute Maid Medium $4.09
Minute Maid Large $5.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango) Small $2.79
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango) Medium $4.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango) Large $5.09

Chicken Sandwiches

Spicy Chicken Sandwich $4.09
Spicy Chicken Sandwich – Combo $5.99

Catfish & Hushpuppies

Includes 2 Hushpuppies For All, Combo Includes 1 Side & Large Drink, Dinner Includes 2 Sides.

Catfish 3 Pc. $4.99
Catfish – Combo 3 Pc. $8.99
Catfish – Dinner 3 Pc. $8.99
Catfish 5 Pc. $8.99
Catfish – Combo 5 Pc. $9.99
Catfish – Dinner 5 Pc. $9.99

Brand History

Chicken Express was founded in 1988, in Benbrook, Texas by Nancy and Richard Stuart, through the Sturt Group, Inc. Nancy and Richard Stuart had almost ten years of experience in the restaurant industry before opening their own company. This company was one of the very first fast-food chicken delivery enterprises. All new franchises used the delivery, drive-thru, or dine-in concept between 1990 and 1994. These days, the newly opened stores offer catering, dine-in, carhop, and drive-thru services.

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Chicken Express started franchising in 1990 and the owner/operator’s philosophy is an important element of the establishment’s franchise system. If the person who operates the franchise also owns it, she or he will pay more attention to providing the best food and services.

Over time, Chicken Express has received many awards and acknowledgments for its work. For example, in 1988 they received an award for founding the chain and developing it into a regional franchise. Also, in 2014 they got the award for the Business of the Year from the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce.

The headquarters of Chicken Express is in Burleson, Texas. This company is very involved in supporting its communities and often partners with supportive organizations and sponsoring community events.

Since its foundation Chicken Express has grown tremendously and currently there are more than 215 restaurants, located mainly in the South. Most of the restaurants are located in Texas, a state with 190 stores, Georgia has 3 stores and Arkansas has 6 stores.

Our review

The Chicken Express menu consists of mostly fried chicken meals, but there are also other options such as fried fish fillets, family meals, sides, and combos. Expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $30 for a family meal, which is served along with rolls or biscuits. You can choose between the eight-piece mixed chicken which is served with one family side, the twelve-piece mixed chicken which is served with two family sides, or the sixteen-piece mixed chicken which is served with three family sides. Also, you can also order twenty express tenders which are served with one family side, twenty-five express tenders that are served with two family sides, and thirty express tenders which are served with three family sides.

Chicken Express Menu ItemsExpect to pay anywhere between $8 and $12 for a combo meal such as the six-piece hot wings, the four express tenders, the six livers or nine gizzards, the seven express tenders, and the three-piece chicken. All of these come with a large drink and a regular side order.

For a side dish, you will have to pay anywhere between $3 and $6, depending on the size ordered. You can choose between French fries, fried pickle slices, fried okra, corn nuggets, mashed potatoes, cheese sticks, Cole slaw, mini popper, macaroni and cheese, and green beans.

Plan on spending anywhere between $7 and $35 for the fried fish fillets, depending on your order. The fried fish fillets options include the fish fillets snacks, combos, family dinners, and dinners. These are served along with tartar or cocktail sauce. Also, there are rolls, biscuits, extra gravy, and jalapenos. The extra sauces include honey mustard, BBQ, buffalo sauce, honey, jalapeno ranch, ranch, hot sauce, and chipotle ranch.

The cost of a drink will be anywhere between $2 and $6, and you can choose between freshly brewed tea, smoothies, with flavors such as banana, strawberry, mango and peach, and sodas.

The customers’ favorites are the chicken tenders and the fried chicken, but it is recommended to also try their fried okra pickles. People like to come to Chicken Express for the local feel and casual atmosphere.

Chicken Express FAQs

At what time does Chicken Express open?

Chicken Express opens at 10:30 a.m. every day, but this will vary from one location to another. So, you should check their official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Chicken Express close?

Chicken Express closes at 10:00 p.m. every day. But, again, it depends on the location and day of the week, and you should check this information on their official website.

What type of fish does Chicken Express use?

Chicken Express uses Basa fish from Vietnam or Thailand.

Does Chicken Express use real chicken?

Yes, Chicken Express does use real, fresh (not frozen) chicken for their meals.

Does Chicken Express use peanut oil?

No, Chicken Express does not use peanut oil, but canola oil.

Who founded Chicken Express?

Chicken Express was founded by Nancy and Richard Stuart in 1988.

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