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Last Updated on February 21, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

We have updated this article with new information, so be sure to check the end part of the article before rushing to the official website to order a Cicret Bracelet.

The Cicret bracelet is a concept thought to replace phones and tablets very soon!

French Start-up Cicret officially announced that is working hard to shift to the production phase of the new Cicret Bracelet, a gadget from the Science Fiction movies, which can turn our arms into touchscreen remotes!

With a small projector, the bracelet can project a screen on your forearm! Eight sensors allow the user to manipulate the screen. The bracelet can be used for watching movies, writing emails, or phone calls. It will cost about 380 € and will be available in 2 sizes and 10 colors!

Cicret has no screen, it’s just a rubber bracelet, but its display is projected onto the wearer’s hand and is used there. Massage and communication in one shot! :)

Cicret’s producers are currently raising money, in order to launch the mass production, but are convinced that their product will be a success. The bracelet allows users to read and send emails, explore the internet, see movies, play, or make calls.

Cicret needs about 850,000 euros (940,000 US dollars) to enable mass production. If everyone would donate € 1 (about $1.16), according to Cicret officials, then the company will make and release the product.
The Cicret Bracelet comes with USB port and accelerometer, but also with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There is a possibility of synchronization with the iPhone, but Cicret is designed as a device capable of operating independently.

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Manufacturers added special elements designed to make the bracelet even more appealing. The display will switch on and off on the movement of the wrist, like in Science Fiction movies, and this process can also be used to answer the phone. Guillaume Pommier, an engineer who developed the bracelet with his father, Pascal, said that they use a technology that allows them to use elements from the SIM card without incorporating it into the bracelet.
Cicret will be priced at least 380 euros for the model with a 16GB memory and more for the 32 GB model. The bracelet will initially be available in 5 colors and soon after, in 10 colors.

At what stage is the Cicret Bracelet?

  • They already have a working prototype of the Cicret Bracelet.Cicret Bracelet Apps
  • The patent process has been launched.
  • Cicret and Cicret bracelet are registered and protected as trademarks.
  • By the end of 2015 (estimated time frame), the final version of the Cicret Bracelet will be done.
  • The enterprise is in discussion with different manufacturers than can launch the mass production of the Cicret Bracelet.

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Cicret is a revolutionary device that will change the way we access information. There are many applications for the bracelet, it does the same things as any phone or tablet, without a hard screen. It’s more portable, but also greener because it is hard to recycle the mobile and tablet’s screen pieces. The most surprising thing is that they did not invent a thing for this product, they just combined two existing technologies to create something really special.

You should know that the preorders are not opened yet. You should follow only the official announcements.

Should the average working Joe get a Cicret bracelet?

If you’re one of the many gadget enthusiasts that visit our website, if you have around $500 to spare, without putting your budget on the edge, then you should get this amazing bracelet. Still, be careful not to use money that you’d need for other expenses, and when you are sure that you will be able to spend the necessary funds, use the official website to order, just to be safe from any scam attempts.

November 21st, 2016 Update

This product has been on the wishlist of a lot of people, so, normally, we tried to see how is the Cicret Bracelet performing. We were very surprised to see that the Kickstarter campaign has been suspended for copyright issues. The official Facebook page of the Cicret Bracelet also redirects users to a suspended myShopify shop. This is very bad news for people that pre-ordered this gadget because they might lose the money they have invested in this campaign. For the rest of us, the good news is that this gadget is still promised to be released at the start of 2017, but by another Company, CN2P SAS. You can find more info on Cicret on the official website, Cicret.com

Although this project has reached its proposed goal, receiving donations of well over $500,000 on its official website, you can still fund it by pre-ordering a Cicret Bracelet for a price of $250. This means that if you pre-order it, you will spend $50 less than if you wait for it to be released because it will have a release price of $300.

August 7th, 2022 Update

Yes, it is true, this product was in fact a scam with nice designs.

As one of our users perfectly said it, The creator took down his website and twitter account and posted a video debunking their own product. They took the money and basically mocked their “investors.” This is never coming out. It was already long gone before this post was even made.

Thank you Nathan for your great input.


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  1. Jacque Johnson
    Jacque Johnson says:

    SCAM! They’ve been trying to “raise money “ for this since 2014. Ther is no product and there’s no refunds…don’t fall for it!

  2. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    Why are you posting this? The creator took down his website and twitter account and posted a video debunking their own product. They took the money and basically mocked their “investors.” This is never coming out. It was already long gone before this post was even made.

    • Alec Pow
      Alec Pow says:

      Thank you for adding valuable information to the article. We have updated it with the information you gave us about the product.


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