City Barbecue is an American fast-casual barbeque restaurant chain based in Columbus, Ohio with more than 50 locations across different U.S. states. You may be within driving distance from a City Barbecue restaurant if you are in Georgia, Kentucky, Guam, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, or North Carolina.

You can order for pick-up, delivery, or catering from City Barbecue, but the most popular way to enjoy a meal remains the dine-in.

In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for a delicious meal at City Barbecue, below you will find their latest menu prices.

Food Size Price

Family Dinner

Family Pack $28.74
Kids Plate $5.74

Smoked Meats

Beef Brisket Per lb $18.39
Pulled Chicken w/ Bama Sauce Per lb $15.28
Pulled Pork Per lb $14.94
Texas Smoked Sausage Per lb $13.79
Turkey Breast Per lb $16.09

St. Louis-Cut Ribs

By The Bone $2.59
Slab Full $26.44
Slab Half $14.94


Breast/Wing $9.19
Chicken Breast Sandwich $9.76
Half Chicken $11.49
Leg/Thigh $6.89

Smoked Meats

Beef Brisket $9.19
Lo Los Pulled Pork w/ Slaw $8.04
More Cowbell $9.53
Pick Two Meats $15.51
Pulled Chicken w/ Bama Sauce $7.81
Pulled Pork $7.58
Smoked Sausage $9.07
Turkey Breast $8.04


Cheesy Bacon Fries $7.46
Fried Pickle Chip Basket w/ Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce $7.46


Add 2 sides to any entree for only $3.29
Baked Beans w/ Brisket Each $2.63
Baked Beans w/ Brisket Pint $6.89
Baked Beans w/ Brisket Quart $11.49
Baked Beans w/ Brisket Pan $33.34
Collards w/ Pork Each $2.63
Collards w/ Pork Pint $6.89
Collards w/ Pork Quart $11.49
Collards w/ Pork Pan $33.34
Corn Pudding Each $2.63
Corn Pudding Pint $6.89
Corn Pudding Quart $11.49
Corn Pudding Pan $33.34
Cornbread Each $2.63
Cornbread Pint $6.89
Cornbread Quart $11.49
Cornbread Pan $33.34
Fresh Cut Fries Each $2.63
Fresh Cut Fries Pint $6.89
Fresh Cut Fries Quart $11.49
Fresh Cut Fries Pan $33.34
Green Beans w/ Bacon Each $2.63
Green Beans w/ Bacon Pint $6.89
Green Beans w/ Bacon Quart $11.49
Green Beans w/ Bacon Pan $33.34
Gumbo Each $2.63
Gumbo Pint $6.89
Gumbo Quart $11.49
Gumbo Pan $33.34
Hush Puppies Each $2.63
Hush Puppies Pint $6.89
Hush Puppies Quart $11.49
Hush Puppies Pan $33.34
Mac and Cheese Each $2.63
Mac and Cheese Pint $6.89
Mac and Cheese Quart $11.49
Mac and Cheese Pan $33.34
Potato Salad Each $2.63
Potato Salad Pint $6.89
Potato Salad Quart $11.49
Potato Salad Pan $33.34
Side Salad Each $2.63
Side Salad Pint $6.89
Side Salad Quart $11.49
Side Salad Pan $33.34
Sweet Vinegar Slaw Each $2.63
Sweet Vinegar Slaw Pint $6.89
Sweet Vinegar Slaw Quart $11.49
Sweet Vinegar Slaw Pan $33.34

Fresh Salads

Premium Salad $7.46
Smokehouse Turkey Salad $9.76

Party Packs

Family Pack $28.74
Party Pack 1 Serves 6 $52.84
Party Pack 2 Serves 10 $80.44
Party Pack 3 Serves 16 $136.79
Party Pack 4 Serves 24 $195.44

Sample The City

City Sampler $21.84
Judges Sampler $33.34
The Motherload $68.99


Corn Bread (bakers dozen) $14.94
Half Chicken (w/ purchase of a Party Pack) $10.34
Jumbo Party Salad (feeds 20-24) $52.89
Party Salad (feeds 10-12) $28.74
Slab of Ribs (w/ purchase of a Party Pack) $20.69

By The LB.

Smoked Whole Pork Shoulder Per lb $12.64
Smoked Whole Brisket Per lb $17.24

Sandwich Packs

Brisket Sandwich Pack $56.35
Pulled Pork Sandwich Pack $44.85


Bottled Soda Bottle $2.88
Bottled Soda Case $45.99
Brewed Tea Regular $2.29
Brewed Tea Large $2.86
Lemonade Regular $2.29
Lemonade Large $2.86
Lemonade Gallon $9.19
Soda Regular $2.29
Soda Large $2.86
Sweet Tea Regular $2.29
Sweet Tea Large $2.86
Tea Regular $2.29
Tea Large $2.86
Tea Gallon $5.74


Banana Pudding Each $3.21
Banana Pudding Pint $6.89
Banana Pudding Quart $11.49
Banana Pudding Pan $33.34
Peach Cobbler Each $5.74
Peach Cobbler Quart $12.64
Peach Cobbler Pan $34.49
Triple Chocolate Cake Each $4.01
Triple Chocolate Cake Whole $33.34

Brand history

City Barbecue was founded 24 years ago, in 1999 by Rick Malir, Mike Taylor, Jim Burdos, John Kean, and Frank Pizzo. They opened their first location at 2111 W Henderson Road, Columbus, Ohio. The building was a former doughnut shop from Upper Arlington, Ohio.

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The opening of the first location was delayed by several situations and, in order to sustain the business, Malir began to fulfill catering orders out of his house.

City Barbecue received many awards and recognitions over time for their work. Some of these recognitions include the Top Barbecue Restaurant in Columbus in 2012 offered by Business Insider, the Country’s Best Barbeque Chain in 2017 offered by The Daily Meal, One of the Top 25 Barbeque Spots in the Country in 2014 offered by Men’s Journal.

Also, between 2016 and 2018 City Barbecue was named the best employer (under five hundred employees) in Columbus, Ohio. In 2019 the company won a Pillar Award for Community Service, which is a recognition honoring “organizations that set the standard for outstanding service to their communities”.

City Barbecue runs a fundraising program where they offer 20% of their sales to organizations such as Mission 22 and FFA. Also, they donate regularly to charities.

Our review

City Barbecue meals are filling and hearty, so probably you will not want to eat before heading to one of their restaurants. The focus of Barbecue City’s menu is smoked meat, ranging from beef and pork to turkey and chicken. Though, they offer some other food items as well, including a wide variety of sides and sandwiches, salads, desserts, and drinks.

City Barbecue Menu ItemsThe food offered by this restaurant is very delicious and appreciated by clients. Actually, two of their BBQ menu items have been awarded individually. The National Turkey Federation named the City Barbecue’s turkey breast the best in America, while the Beef Brisket won the Grand Champion Award at an international BBQ contest.

If you want to try different types of meat from this restaurant’s menu, you can order a sampler platter and taste all of their best offerings at once, including ribs, brisket, turkey, and pulled pork.

City Barbecue food is so delicious because they prepare almost everything from scratch and they have their own recipes for every dish. All of their BBQs are smoked in-house and the clients can even watch the pitmaster preparing it. Every BBQ item is carefully smoked with wood at certain temperatures for several hours. Also, their sauces are unique, and at each restaurant, you will find a sauce station where you can choose your favorite sauce for your meal.

You may not expect it, but the City Barbeque offers many gluten-free options such as Briskets, Chicken, and Pulled. Plus, they have gluten-free sides as well, including smashed potatoes, vinegar slaw, famous potato salad, baked beans, collard greens with pork, and green beans with bacon. Moreover, this restaurant offers high-protein, low-calorie, and low-carb options. So, there will always be something for everyone.

City Barbecue FAQs

At what time does City Barbeque open?

Most City Barbeque locations open at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. However, it depends on the day of the week and you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does City Barbeque close?

In general, City Barbeque closes at 09:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and at 10:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week.

What type of barbeque does City Barbeque serve?

City Barbeque serves American barbeque. Their BBQ will make you think of the Carolina pulled pork and the Texas brisket.

Is everything really smoked on-site at City Barbeque?

Yes, every City Barbeque location has three smokers on site. These are never turned off and are fed with local hickory wood.

How many City Barbeque locations are there?

There are more than fifty City Barbeque restaurants located across eight U.S. states.

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