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Vienna City Break

Vienna is imperial. Vienna is grand. Vienna has centuries of tradition as the residence of the Habsburg imperial family. Crossed with grace by the Danube, the city delights you with beautiful buildings, imposing palaces and cathedrals, modern architecture, and a rich cultural scene, emanating charm and a specific atmosphere.

When to go?

There is no time of year when Vienna is to be avoided. The climate is temperate, maybe only the summers are a little cooler and the winters milder. The busiest times are summer, especially July – August, and the holidays when tourists come for the Christmas fairs. Some prefer not to travel during these periods because they don’t like to queue too much and accommodation prices, for example, are commensurate. Thus, it is ideal to go in May – June or September – October.

How do we get there?

Vienna International Airport is the airport with the most direct flights from many European cities. That means multiple flight options, schedules for all preferences, and generally a good price due to competition. You can find a round-trip flight of almost 170 $ almost anytime.

Spending plan

Vienna is not exactly a cheap city, but there are several variants of passes and subscriptions that can reduce costs. Choosing the right card depends on how much time you spend in the city, how you travel and how many attractions you visit.

Vienna FountainsDepending on how many days you spend in the city you can buy the Vienna City Card, which is valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours. With this card, you have free access to all transport lines in Vienna, plus the Hop-On Hop-Off bus. In addition, the card offers you discounts at 210 museums and tourist attractions in Vienna. The card costs 20 $ (24 hours), 29 $ (48 hours) or 34 $ (72 hours) and can be purchased from a number of hotels, from the Tourist Info point in Albertinaplatz, from the Central Station and from the information points of the Wiener Linien, but the easiest is from the Vienna City Card application or from the online shop.

If you don’t opt for the card, it is good to know that the tickets for public transport are the same, regardless of whether you use them on the subway, bus or tram.

A ticket for a single trip costs 2.74 $ (1.37 $ for children), a 24-hour card – 9.5 $, a 48-hour card – 16.15 $, 72 hours – 20 $ and a one-week card (valid from Monday to Monday at 9.00) – 20 $. Good to know: children up to 6 years old travel for free.

A horse-drawn carriage ride is for many tourists one of the greatest experiences of their stay in Vienna. The parking spaces are located in various parts of the city: St. Stephen’s Square, Heroes’ Square (occasionally in Michaelerplatz Square), Albertina Square, Petersplatz Square, and the National Theater in Vienna (Burgtheater). For a walk through the center, you will pay around 23 – 40 $.


In terms of accommodation, depending on the city area, prices range from 160 $ per night at a central hotel to 80 $ per night in neighborhoods with easy access to public transport. You can also opt for renting an apartment, where the prices are between 90 and 230 $ for an apartment that can accommodate between 2 and 5 people.

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A true lover of gastronomy will know that Viennese cuisine is the only one in the world that bears the name of a city. You can’t visit Vienna without eating a Viennese schnitzel, sausage, or apple strudel.

Tafelspitz is considered one of Austria’s traditional dishes and is made from boiled beef with root vegetables and herbs. It is usually served with a mixture of chopped apples, horseradish, and slices of fried potatoes. Another delicious Austrian dessert is Kaiserschmarrn, which is said to have been made for the first time for Emperor Frantz Josef. The bistro is a typical Viennese place, choose to eat in one. A full meal for two will cost around 60 $.

 So, how much would spend One Couple for a four days city break in Vienna?

Taking into consideration all the costs mentioned above the average amount for four days would be $1423.5 :

  • Flights: $170 per person x 2 people = $340
  • Accommodations: $160 x 4 days = $640
  • Transportation: $34.1 per Vienna City Card valid 72 h + 9.5 $ per a transportation card  valid 24 hour = $43.5
  • Dining: $100 for all three meals x 4 days = $400

 Should the average working Joe go to a city break in Vienna?

 Elegant, full of charm and with a lot of interesting tourist attractions, Vienna is known especially for its beautiful palaces and gardens, but also for the “peppered” prices that tourists face once they arrive in the city. But if you plan very well your expenditures you can afford a memorable trip to the “City of dreams”.

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