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How Much Does Class 5 Gravel Cost?

Last Updated on January 26, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you’re planning a major landscaping or construction project, you’ll likely need a solid base of class 5 gravel. But before you order truckloads of crushed limestone, you probably want to know – how much will class 5 gravel cost me?

Class 5 prices per cubic yard can vary based on your location and order size. In this article, we’ll explore average prices and what influences costs. Read on to learn what goes into pricing this type of gravel so you can budget for your next project.

Key Takeaways on Class 5 Gravel Pricing

When budgeting your next landscaping, construction, or excavation project requiring crushed limestone, keep these class 5 gravel pricing factors in mind:

  • Average costs of class 5 gravel run $30-$60 per cubic yard based on region
  • Transport distance from the quarry adds delivery fees
  • Larger bulk orders get better rates due to economy of scale
  • Site accessibility impacts delivery charges
  • Allow for spreading/shaping work if desired
  • Compare supplier quotes to find the best rates

How Much Does Class 5 Gravel Cost Per Yard?

Class 5 gravel consists of crushed limestone or dolomite rocks graded 1⁄4” to 3⁄4”. It creates an excellent compacted base for driveways, parking lots, foundations, and more. But how much should you expect to pay for it?

On average, class 5 gravel costs $20 to $60 per cubic yard. That equates to $40 to $120 per ton. But prices fluctuate based on your geographic region and local material costs. Here are some typical price ranges:

  • Midwest US: $30-$45 per cubic yard
  • Northeast: $45-$60 per cubic yard
  • South: $20-$40 per cubic yard
  • West Coast: $35-$55 per cubic yard

So in MN, WI, and IA, plan on budgeting around $35 per cubic yard. In NY, MA, or PA, allow $50 or more. Bulk orders of 10+ yards may qualify for discounts of $5 off per yard. Always get quotes from multiple local aggregate suppliers before purchasing.

According to HomeGuide, Class 5 gravel costs $11 to $19 per ton or $15 to $25 per cubic yard. The cost of gravel is also listed as $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot.

At A+ Garden Center, the price for this type of material is listed as $37.00 per cubic yard.

Plaisted Companies offers this type of material as well, and it is listed at the price of $16.95.

North Central Inc. sells 10 yards of Class 5 gravel delivered for $252.50, which equates to approximately $25.25 per cubic yard.

Factors That Influence Prices for This Material

Several factors determine your final per-yard price for delivery:

  • Base material costs – Limestone costs more to mine and crush in some regions, hiking base prices. Delivery from the quarry also adds costs.
  • Distance/transport fees – Pricing accounts for transportation from the aggregate supplier to your location. Longer distances mean higher delivery fees.
  • Order size – Ordering in bulk offsets delivery fees across more material. Small projects under 5 yards incur premium delivery costs.
  • Accessibility – Prices factor in ease of access for dump trucks. Tight urban sites or off-road areas spur special delivery fees.
  • Spreading/shaping – Having gravel delivered and shaped adds grading work costs. DIY spreading saves money but requires equipment.

The more you order and the closer you are to the quarry, the less you’ll pay per yard. Shop around between materials yards to compare class 5 pricing.

How Much Does a Cubic Yard Cover?

To estimate how many yards you need, it helps to visualize coverage. One cubic yard of crushed limestone covers:

  • 16′ x 5.5′ area x 6″ depth
  • 27′ x 3′ driveway x 4″ depth
  • 14′ x 14′ shed foundation x 4″ slab
  • 30′ x 30′ home foundation x 4″ layer

For patio sub-base, allow 1 yard per 60-75 square feet x 4-6 inch depth. Measure your project area and depth to estimate the total yards required.

Delivery Costs: Getting Gravel Transported to Your Site

Class 5 GravelBeyond the gravel itself, delivery charges impact the final invoice. Trucking class 5 from the aggregate yard to your property carries additional costs.

Local delivery fees range from $25-$100 per truckload. Long haul transport can cost over $200 per trip. Compare rates between material suppliers before ordering.

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Costs depend on:

  • Round trip mileage
  • Total weight/yards per load
  • Accessibility of your site

Tight residential areas or rugged off-road locations add difficulty surcharges. Easy commercial access keeps delivery costs in check.

For bulk orders, delivery costs get spread across the total yards. But small projects can get hit with full per-trip fees, so order accordingly.

Preparation for Class 5 Gravel Delivery and Placement

To make gravel delivery and placement go smoothly, prep your site including:

  • Mark the designated dump spot with flags or chalk so the driver knows where to deposit each load.
  • Clear a wide area for trucks to turn around and exit your property.
  • Remove any obstructions like low-hanging limbs or power lines.
  • Set up erosion controls like silt fences to contain loose gravel.
  • Stage tarps or plywood to limit loose rock if spreading gravel near buildings, vehicles or plants.

During spreading, use screed boards and compacting equipment like plate compactors to profile and consolidate the gravel. Add water as needed while rolling to properly set the material.

With some prep work, you can create optimal conditions for clean gravel delivery and placement.

What Does Class 5 Gravel Cover Besides Driveways?

While best known for driveway base, class 5 gravel has many uses including:

  • Temporary access roads and construction entrance pads
  • Trench backfill and drainage basins
  • Livestock pens, paddocks, and riding arenas
  • Sub-base for concrete slabs and pavers
  • Landscape beds and French drains
  • Fill for hollows, ruts, or depressions
  • Retaining wall backfill and drain rock

Its excellent compactability and drainage make class 5 an ideal choice for most bedding and structural fill applications. Talk to your aggregate supplier about tailored gradations for specific uses like concrete mix.

Saving on Class 5 Gravel Delivery Costs

Looking to trim costs on your crushed limestone purchase? Here are some tips:

  • Call multiple suppliers, get multiple quotes from them, and play them against each other.
  • Ask about discounts for large bulk orders of 15+ yards.
  • See if off-peak delivery like night drop-offs offer savings.
  • Find a supplier near your location to reduce mileage surcharges.
  • Buy undelivered sand and transport it yourself in a pickup truck and trailer if feasible.
  • Use less expensive recycled crushed concrete as fill in non-critical areas.

While class 5 represents some up front cost, its long service life and strength provide enduring value. Focus on quality and your project goals rather than chasing the cheapest price per yard.

Final Words

With reasonable expectations on pricing and smart prep work, you can complete your gravel project on time and on-budget. Don’t let the cost stop you from a successful crushed limestone installation.

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