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Last Updated on December 10, 2021
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A commercial fire suppression system typically consists of a fire sprinkler and a commercial emergency alarm system.

In its operating, the alarm is created to detect and alert you of any fire in any part of the structure.

Early detection of fire enables the safe evacuation of the facilities and prompt reaction by the firefighting team.

While some domestic smoke alarm systems might be rather economical to get and set up, commercial alarms can cost you a few thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, commercial emergency alarm system expenses differ from one setup to another. Essentially, rates will be figured out by the code requirements in place and the number of units and devices to be set up.

For example, an alarm that is installed for usage in a gambling establishment or lodge will have a different price than that setup for a kitchen area or perhaps a structure that houses mainframe computer systems.

Throughout this guide, you will find out how the design of the system, its setup, and units/devices will impact the overall expense.

So Just How Much Do Commercial Emergency Alarm Systems Cost?

The expense of any commercial alarm setup job will generally depend upon the size of the building, and square footage to be covered by the system.

Once again, the federal and regional authority requirements concerning these systems might also affect the general price of the job.

Holding other elements constant, a typical system – including heat, smoke, and co2 detectors, with tracking and alarm devices, will cost anywhere between $2 and $3 per square foot.

For the more complicated systems, the expense can be as high as $4 to $6 per square foot covered by the system.

You will also have to consider monthly monitoring expenses into the total expense. For the most part, an emergency alarm system for commercial buildings will cost you somewhere between $40 and $60 each month.

This expense is primarily determined by the size of the structure along with the number of sensor units and alarms that have to be monitored.

Elements That Influence a Commercial Smoke Alarm System Cost

In addition to the aspects we mentioned above, commercial smoke alarm system prices will also depend upon the nature of the job.

In this regard, setting up the system into a brand-new structure with not have the same cost as retrofitting an existing alarm. Once again, the general expense will also depend upon the price of the products along with setup labor expenses.

Listed below are a few of the essential elements that I impact the expense of setting up a smoke alarm system in your commercial building:

The Type of Job

Would you like to have the alarm set up on a brand-new building or are you just carrying out a retrofitting project?

Although different commercial alarm setup specialists might charge you very different rates, you ought to be ready to pay about $2 to $3 per square foot installation of the system as part of a brand-new building.

If you are retrofitting an existing location, you must be ready to invest a lot more cash on the job.

Usually, a retrofitting commercial alarm setup job might cost you anywhere between $4 and $12 per square foot.

Commercial Smoke Alarm System Monthly Monitoring Costs

The majority of the leading smoke alarm system companies will be able to provide tracking services along with the installation job. A reliable emergency alarm system will inform you and anybody in the structure if a fire breaks out.

What if the fire will start when nobody is in the facility? Well, this is where commercial emergency alarm tracking services will find their place.

A monitoring business is basically charged with the required of keeping a watchful eye on your alarms and detectors and understand when they go off.

If the alarms are set off, the business in charge of monitoring will know immediately and alert the responsible authorities, specifically firefighters for faster action.

As you might already know, this type of service does not come free of charge. The majority of the leading monitoring companies will charge you anywhere between $50 and $60 monthly for the service.

For the most part, this will consist of yearly assessments of the emergency alarm system and its elements. While this is usually true, you will usually be able to pay discounted rates with yearly monitoring deals.

Cost to Install Devices and Units

As you might know, a commercial emergency alarm system is comprised of various parts, all of which are offered in an array of makes and designs.

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This means that the expense of emergency alarm system parts will differ from one design to another.

Here are a few of the main components and units you must think about:

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors

These are basically sensor units developed to keep track of the level of carbon monoxide gas in the air.

As you might know, there are 3 primary kinds of carbon monoxide gas detectors to pick from, available on the market, and those are:

Electrochemical Detectors

With these detectors, carbon monoxide gas will react with the mix of a platinum electrode and acid inside the detector. This will, in turn, produce an electrical current that sets off the alarm.

For such a detector, you must be ready to invest anywhere between $50 and $130 each.

Biomimetic Detectors

These are filled with artificial hemoglobin with Infrared light going through it. When the carbon monoxide gas gets in the detector, it darkens the hemoglobin.

This then makes it harder for the infrared light to go through the hemoglobin, thus activating the smoke alarm. Such detectors are typically priced anywhere between $15 and $50.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Detectors

In this case, these detectors include a tin dioxide semiconductor that is warmed by an electrical current. The semiconductor senses the existence of carbon monoxide gas, which modifies its chemical resistance.

The emergency alarm will go off when a specific resistance limit is reached. These are more pricey, with the majority of them priced at $75 to $150 each.

Smoke detectors

In a lot of commercial emergency alarm setups, you will also be needed to set up a smoke alarm – a sensor device for keeping an eye on smoke levels in the building.

For the most part, these are set up on the ceiling and most designs have interchangeable batteries.

These can also be found in a range of makes and designs, all of which are offered at different rates.

No matter the make and design, smoke alarms use ionization, photoelectric, or a mix of the two techniques to spot high levels of smoke.

Depending upon the type you are setting up, you need to be ready to pay anywhere between $10 and $65 for each detector.

Fire Alarm System Type

Although the different emergency alarm systems are developed to achieve the exact same job – tell you whenever there is a fire in the building – they can be found in a lot of different designs.

For improved protection, you should try to install a mix of the different types.

So, how will a commercial fire alarm system type affect its general cost?

Four-Zone Commercial Emergency Alarm System

This kind of fire alarm system will basically split the whole purchasing into 4 zones.

In its working, the smoke alarm and video cameras identify fires and notify the main panel where the fire is situated. For such a system, you will have to buy the needed parts independently.

For this type, the panel will cost somewhere between $300 and $500 while detectors are priced at around $65 each. The majority of people pay somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500 for a complete set of the necessary units.

Addressable Panel System

Firefighter Extinguishing FireSuch a type will cost somewhere between $400 and $2,500 for just one structure.

It consists of an accessible main panel which notifies users and the monitoring service where a fire will be found utilizing cams and smoke alarms. People see the important info on the panel.

Are You Prepared to Set Up a Commercial Smoke Alarm System?
Fire alarm systems for a commercial application are typically developed based upon where they will be set up.

The systems are made of several parts and components, which might require to be sourced independently.

As such, you will need to consider the expense of all the needed setup devices and parts into the general expense.

In addition, you should also think about the square footage of the location that will be covered by the fire suppression system in addition to installation labor expenses.

With this guide, you will not wind up paying surprise expenses for your commercial emergency alarm system setup.

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