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The bass guitar is a star among stringed electric instruments. The representative sound and the low notes it can play are real acoustic pleasures for listeners.

Bass guitars entered the market in the early fifties when the American manufacturer Fender introduced the first mass-market electric bass guitar, the Precision Bass. These instruments were designed to replace the double basses used until then, which had become unwieldy due to their enormous size and limited acoustic capabilities. Since then, the bass guitar has become an indispensable component of almost all musical styles.

 How much does it cost a bass guitar?

Be prepared to pay around $150 for a traditional four-string bass guitar. Though, if you are new at playing guitar, you will need to purchase more than the bass itself. You will have to buy an amplifier as well and this costs around $170. So, you will spend around $320 in total.

The cost of a bass guitar by brand

When talking about the cost of a guitar bass a great factor that will affect the price is the brand. For instance, Ibanez bass guitars cost around $410, while for a Fender precision bass guitar you will have to pay almost $370.

Yamaha bass guitars have a better reputation thanks to the scale bass options and the quality precision bass. So, it’s no surprise that their cost is higher than other brands. You should budget around $660 if you want one of these guitars.

The cost of a bass guitar by type

You can find various types of bass guitars on the market and their prices will vary depending on whether it is an acoustic bass variant or an electric bass guitar. In general, the former is cheaper and you will have to budget around $150 for an electric bass guitar.

How much does an acoustic bass guitar cost?

If you’re looking for a bass guitar, but don’t want to depend on an amplifier, then an acoustic bass might be the ideal choice for you. Though, the acoustic bass guitar is more expensive. Plan on spending around $270 for such a guitar model.

How much does a 5-string bass guitar cost?

A more challenging bass guitar is the 5-string model and this particular type of guitar is not recommended for beginners. Expect to spend around $310 for a 5-string bass guitar.

How much does a jazz bass guitar cost?

If you want to have your own jazz bass guitar, you will need to budget around $550 for this musical instrument.

How much does a short-scale bass guitar cost?

The cost of a short-scale bass guitar starts at around $180 and goes up to $570. Though, the very high-end models cost more than $2,000.

What accessories do you need for your bass guitar?

There are a number of bass guitar accessories that would be of great help to you:


An amplifier is necessary for an electric bass guitar. Without it, your bass guitar will not reach its maximum performance.


Most electric bass guitars require a tuner to tune the guitar’s strings. Always get into the habit of tuning your guitar before you play, otherwise, you’ll be playing the wrong notes. Their price is quite affordable.

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Instrument cable

You need a high-performance instrument cable that connects to your bass guitar and amplifier.


The headphones are perfect to plug in whenever you want to practice. You can connect it directly to the amplifier.

Protective case

To protect your bass guitar, it is recommended to purchase either a hard case or a padded, easy-to-carry gig bag.


Bass GuitarThe strap keeps your instrument on your body while you play or practice. It is good to choose a strap that keeps your bass guitar stable. To avoid shoulder and back pain, our recommendation is to choose a wider guitar strap.

Guitar frets

Although the basic technique for playing bass is to pluck your fingers directly on the strings, some bass players prefer to play with a wedge because it gives them a different tone.

Additional strings

It is important to have extra strings on hand. This way you will never be put in a situation where you want to play the guitar and you are missing a string.

What are the most famous guitar brands?

If you want to bet on quality from the start, choose one of the biggest manufacturers. For electric guitar, it’s the giants Fender and Gibson, but the legendary Japanese brand Ibanez should not be forgotten. Acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars are the territory of manufacturers Martin, LAG, and Takamine, and in the case of classical guitar, the money is well invested in Yamaha.

So, which bass guitar is right for me?

Here are some directive tips that may help you in your choice.

Buy the best bass you can afford. The price of the bass guitar differs depending on the specifications. If you are a beginner, choose a good bass guitar that will make your learning easier.

For simplicity, choose a 4-string instrument.

Choose a bass with simple controls so you can focus on the strings and not the buttons. If you choose a bass with frets, it will be easier for you to learn the tones and positions.

Choose a bass in a color and shape you like. Appearance matters.

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