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The hoverboard is the new sensation of the century and is often considered a high-tech privilege of the future. It is modern and elegant, quiet and fast, ecological and economical. Anyone can learn to use it, it is safe, portable, and easy to store. It is becoming more and more financially accessible and new optimizations are being made with each new model that appears on the market.

Hoverboard is the term used to define self-balancing scooters. The electric hoverboard or scooter with an automatic balance is also called a power board or freewheel.

As the name suggests, the hoverboard automatically maintains its balance using internal sensors such as the gyroscope, and the movement is done according to the way the user’s feet press on the two support areas. Therefore, the hoverboard consists of two motorized wheels, which are connected with a pair of pads on which the user places both legs.

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?

When talking about the cost of a hoverboard there are some factors we need to consider. The major factors that will affect the price are the motor power, the range, and the battery capacity, while the second factors include the presence of LED lights, smartphone apps, Bluetooth speakers, and water-resistance capabilities. In case you don’t want to spend so much money on a hoverboard you can forget about some of these secondary features.

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In general, the more capable a hoverboard is, the more expensive it will be. You may have to charge pretty often and struggle to move up inclined surfaces with a low-priced hoverboard. The hoverboard costs can be divided into three different categories, as presented below.

Hoverboards that cost $110 to $210

This is the lowest price range of a hoverboard and the devices from this category have basic features. However, they can still provide a good experience for both seasoned and new users. But you should be willing to accept longer charging periods, lower speed, and shorter battery life. Also, some of these devices may come with extra features such as Bluetooth speakers and water resistance.

Hoverboards that cost $210 to $420

Most people purchase hoverboards in this price range as these are better than the ones in the first category and come with some extra features like a longer warranty, Bluetooth speakers, off-road capabilities, and LED lights. Moreover, the battery life is longer.

Hoverboards that cost more than $510

A hoverboard that costs more than $510 is the dream of any avid rider and has almost all the features. You can enjoy fast riding speeds and staggering durability. Also, the secondary features such as the Bluetooth speakers, are much better.

The cost of hoverboards by brand

When we take into consideration the brand of a hoverboard, these can be divided into three different categories such as the cheapest, the best, and the most expensive.

Some of the cheapest brands cost anywhere between $110 and $420 and include Swagtron, LIEEAGLE, Cho, Sisigad, and XPRIT. These come with adequate features worth the cost. You should expect an average capacity of holding 260 lb, LED lights, 3–5-hour charge time, battery indicator lights, non-slip pads, and UL safety certification.

For example, an Xprit Hoverboard costs around $170, and a Sisigad Hoverboard can be purchased for almost $165.

Among the best hoverboard brands, you will find Halo, Segway, Razor, and Epikgo. These cost anywhere between $110 and $420 and thrive in their own sector. The best overall hoverboard is Segway, Epikgo provides the best all-terrain hoverboards, Halo provides kid-friendly devices and Razor is well-known for producing the safest hoverboards.

The cost of a hoverboard with a Bluetooth Speaker

The hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers are ideal for those who love listening to music while riding their devices. The majority of these hoverboards come with an app that will allow you to connect to them. With this app, you can change the songs and even program the LED lights. Expect to pay anywhere between $220 and $420 for such a hoverboard. Devices with stronger Bluetooth connectivity and better-sounding speakers tend to be more expensive.

The cost of a Segway hoverboard

Hoverboards produced by Segway are different from the average ones as these come with handles for steering with your knees or hands. Segway hoverboards are very common among postal officers and guards in malls. You can choose between those which do not have handles, those that have, and the one-wheeled ones. The average cost of a Segway hoverboard is anywhere between $5,100 and $8,200.

How to choose a hoverboard?

Colorful HoverboardWhen you want to buy a hoverboard, there are some criteria that you need to consider in order to make the right purchase for your needs. Here’s how to choose a hoverboard:

The size of a hoverboard

When we want to buy a hoverboard, it is important not to choose a model that is too narrow or too wide. The best hoverboard is the one where you sit in a natural and comfortable position.

Autonomy of a hoverboard

Autonomy is very important and before buying a hoverboard it is good to think about the distances we are going to cover with it. The range in km is also an indicator of battery life. There are batteries that last 10-15 km and hoverboards with better batteries that support a ride of up to 20 km.

Charging time

Batteries are the ones that power the engines. The charging time of the batteries is, on average, 2-3 hours and it is important that the duration is respected. Specialists recommend rechargeable Lithium 4.4 Ah batteries, which are durable and safe, non-explosive, and non-flammable.

Hoverboard and user weight

The maximum load a hoverboard can withstand is an important feature, especially for adults. There are lighter models for people who are underweight, and the most reliable and solid versions can support a heavier weight.

The weight of the hoverboard is also important, as you will need to lift and carry it frequently. Hoverboards on the market have different weights depending on the type of battery and the material used in their manufacturing process.

The maximum speed of a hoverboard

The maximum speed of a hoverboard is given by the capacity and power of the engine. For example, 6.5-inch hoverboard models reach top speeds of 15-18 km/h. But there are also models of hoverboards such as Hummers that reach maximum speeds of 18-20 km/h or 10-inch ones that have maximum speeds of 18-25 km/h.

Hoverboard wheels

Ergonomic wheels are important when driving because they ensure better grip. It is recommended that the wheels be made of solid rubber, without a chamber, as strong as possible. The bigger the wheels, the better they will withstand any shocks and obstacles.

Maximum climb angle of a hoverboard

And this can be an important specification if you want to climb steep slopes. In this case, you will need to consider the ability of the hoverboard to climb very steep streets. In addition, it is important to mention that it will be much more difficult to maintain your balance. In general, a hoverboard can approach slopes of 10 and 45 degrees.

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