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Cost of an Ocelot

Cost to Get an Ocelot

If you are preparing to get an Ocelot as a family pet just cause it’s cool, take just a few moments to check out the costs. Many cat enthusiasts think that the cost of an Ocelot is the biggest downside, however, that will only be the start.

Bear in mind, the rarer the feline, the higher the cost.

You must have some things prepared for when the feline gets to your home. Even if your cat is a cute and cuddly kitty right now, within a year, it will be almost its adult size and will be spraying.

Typical Ocelot Cost

Ocelots can be acquired by anybody if they have the right licenses to own a wildcat. According to Big Cat Rescue, the typical young ocelot expense is around $1,500 to $15,000. On the other hand, a fully grown healthy Ocelot can cost approximately $20,000.

With all of the extra costs that will come with owning an exotic family pet, you should prepare to invest around $25,000-$40,000 within your very first year in keeping a mid-size Ocelot, with yearly expenditures of around $10,000 to $20,000.

All animals have a price, and this is the cost of taking good care of this particular cat. When you try to go for shortcuts on any of these matters, things will end up pretty badly.

If you can’t pay such high rates, do not even think of owning one. You will be doing a fantastic favor to that ocelot.

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Expense Breakdown

Ocelots are unique cats and are normally reproduced and traded as animals in the United States of America. Nevertheless, the majority of people substantially underestimate the financial obligation required to keep these animals; the housing conditions, the care issues, and the general expense of keeping them. Below are a few of the costs you have to get ready for if you are ready to purchase one.

You will need to have state and federal authorizations. The payment for the permits should cost you more than $300 a year.
The laws in your state might make you take liability insurance coverage, and this can cost you around $10,000 to $15,000 a year.

You will have to have a steel squeeze cage that is capable to hold your Ocelot at its biggest weight. Such an enclosure itself can cost around $2,500 to $3,000.
Your ocelots will need sufficient space to move around. An 800 square foot enclosure suffices for one to 2 ocelots to wander easily, as long as there is adequate enrichment. It should cost you around $1,200 to $1,400.

Feeding your feline and its basic care is a yearly recurring expense. Good foods and vitamins for this mid-sized wildcat will cost you nearly $1,200 to $1,500 each year.
Furthermore, you will have to have a veterinarian on call that consented to care for your ocelot. There are just a few veterinarians with experience and even less that would agree to handle the obligation of dealing with a unique and exotic feline like the ocelot. Therefore, the veterinarian charges can reach $200 to $250. Experienced vets are so tough to find when it comes to wild felines, that the costs will be justified.

Ocelot spay/neuter expense would be around $250.

You will also need to de-worm your feline on a monthly basis, which will cost $540 to $780 yearly.
You will need flea prevention medicine, which will cost from $100 to $250 each year.
You will have to carry your ocelot to the veterinarian clinic for its annual vaccinations and check-ups, therefore you’ll have to get a reliable car, due to its size. It is recommended to have a minivan, which should cost around $15,000 to $18,000. You can’t depend on finding a vehicle if your feline needs an emergency situation vet consultation.

A cat bed is not always needed, however, it certainly is something your ocelot would like to have. You can buy feline beds at a fair price of about $30 to $70.
Your Ocelot needs enough exercise too, like any normal feline. Some different cat toys will keep your cat animated and offer it the possibility to release some of the energy. Cat toys from an animal store will cost around $50 to $70.
At the same time, it is always best to consider extra expenses of $200 to $500 each year for any extras like hair shampoos, medical products for small cuts, equipment replacement, and so on.
You may have already understood now that ocelots will not come cheaply.

Where to Purchase?

Ocelot as Family PetYou can ask at Leon Baltia about the rate of an Ocelot. Nevertheless, they do not offer them to individuals that are currently living in condos or apartments, and to households with kids or other family pets.
You can contact Kittycat Nganu for ocelots that are for sale.
You can also check out Chitku for ocelot kitties for sale. The cost of an ocelot is not shown, so ask the breeder for the final prices.


The ocelot general cost is not as simple as purchasing any other type of cat and just feeding it.

In addition to veterinary charges, there are numerous other costs that you will almost certainly face throughout your Ocelot’s life. So, before you think about getting an Ocelot, you should figure out whether you can manage its maintenance cost throughout its life, or not.

You can’t get an Ocelot as easily as you might think, particularly if you live in an apartment or condo, or you have kids or other family pets. The presence of enclosure at your house is the main condition needed for you to have an ocelot. It is also necessary to be sure that it will be provided the time and attention it needs.

If you’re currently living in a rented house, your homeowner may ask you to leave it when they find out about the cat. Very few would rent to you if you have a wild feline with you.

In addition, keep in mind that ocelots are unusual animals to keep as family pets and might not be suitable for everyone. It can bite or claw you really seriously, especially while playing with it. You have to research and be familiar with an Ocelot before actually thinking about getting one as a family pet.

Wild animals are never that great as family pets, no matter how strong you want to own one. One bad day and the will leave a mark of that that might haunt your entire life. So, unless you are sure what you’re getting into, do not make the error of purchasing one.

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