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How Much Do Kickboxing Classes Cost?

Last Updated on January 29, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Kickboxing has become an increasingly popular fitness activity, combining martial arts techniques with high-energy cardio. But like any workout program, the cost can vary widely depending on the type of classes, location, and amenities.

This article will break down the different pricing models and factors that influence the rates for kickboxing classes. Read on to understand the typical price range and get tips for finding affordable kickboxing in your area.

How Much Do Kickboxing Classes Cost?

Kickboxing classes are offered on a per-session, package, or membership structure. Here is an overview of the common pricing options:

  • Drop-in classes are paid per session, typically ranging from $10 to $45 per class. This offers flexibility without commitment.
  • Class packages offer a discounted per-class rate when you purchase multiple sessions upfront. A 5 or 10-class package may range from $50 to $150 total. This can save over drop-in rates.
  • Unlimited monthly memberships offer unlimited classes for a flat monthly fee, usually $100 to $200 per month. This is the most cost-effective if you attend frequently.
  • Some gyms include kickboxing in a standard gym membership at no extra cost. Classes are then included with access to other gym amenities.

Classic Kickboxing, for example, offers kickboxing classes for the following prices:

  • Single Class: $45
  • Group Class: $25
  • 10 Group Classes: $195
  • 20 Group Classes: $370
  • 30 Group Classes: $495
  • 1 Month Membership: $249
  • Prepaid Membership (3 months): $477
  • Prepaid Membership (6 months): $834
  • Prepaid Membership (12 months): $1,428
  • Monthly Membership (3 months): $159/month
  • Monthly Membership (6 months): $139/month
  • Monthly Membership (12 months): $119/month

A Reddit user reported paying $97 per month for 3 days a week of kickboxing classes, and $147 if they wanted unlimited classes.

X3 Sports notes that kickboxing classes in a gym can range from $120 to $200 per month.

Types of Kickboxing Classes

The format and size of the kickboxing class can impact pricing:

  • Group classes with 20+ people are the most budget-friendly, starting at $10 per session.
  • Small group training for 6-12 people costs more, averaging $15 to $30 per session.
  • Personal training sessions are one-on-one with an instructor, ranging from $50 to $120 per hour.
  • Specialty classes like kickboxing cardio dances or circuit training have a similar price range to regular group classes.

Factors Influencing Cost

Several key factors contribute to the cost range of kickboxing classes:

  • Location: Major cities and affluent suburbs will have higher rates than smaller towns.
  • Instructor expertise: Classes from champion fighters or trainers will be more expensive.
  • Gym amenities: Access to full-service locker rooms, pools, etc. adds cost.
  • Class size: Small group and personal training costs more than big classes.
  • The reputation of facility: Top, state-of-the-art gyms charge premium pricing.

You can also check out our articles about to cost of martial arts classes, yoga classes, and swimming lessons.

Comparing Gym vs Studio Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing is commonly offered at both full-service gyms and specialized fitness studios. Here’s how the pricing compares:

  • Gyms charge $100-150 in monthly fees with kickboxing included in membership.
  • Studios focus just on kickboxing, with unlimited classes around $150-200 per month.
  • Gyms provide additional amenities while studios offer specialty kickboxing training.
  • Studios may charge slightly higher rates for a targeted kickboxing experience.

Understanding Membership Fees and Packages

Kickboxing memberships require more upfront investment, but offer the lowest per-class rates over time:

  • Monthly contracts: Around $100-$200 per month for unlimited sessions.
  • 6 or 12-month contracts: Offer discounted pricing, averaging $150-$300 every 6 months.
  • Student and senior discounts: May provide 10-20% off normal rates.
  • Class packages: 5 to 20 sessions range from $100-$300. Offer flexibility without monthly fees.
  • Premium add-ons: Additional costs for equipment, personalized meal plans, etc.
  • Cancellation terms: Review rules and fees for terminating memberships early.

Benefits of Kickboxing for Health and Fitness

Kickboxing for LadiesWhile costs can add up, consistent kickboxing training offers many health and fitness benefits that make the investment worthwhile:

  • Full-body strength and cardio conditioning
  • Improved coordination and reaction skills
  • A fun, motivating workout environment
  • Stress relief and boosted mental focus
  • Increased confidence and self-defense skills

Regularly attending kickboxing classes provides a challenging, full-body workout that gives you lifelong physical and mental benefits.

Tips for Finding Affordable Kickboxing Classes

Here are some clever ways to keep your kickboxing costs down:

  • Ask about student or senior discounts to get reduced rates
  • Sign up for a groupon or classpass deal for cheap introductory packages
  • Attend gyms with kickboxing included in membership
  • Go off-peak hours for discounted pricing
  • Share a membership and alternate classes with a friend
  • Invest in basic home equipment for at-home training

Potential Additional Costs

Beyond the class fees, you may need to budget for:

  • Boxing gloves: Quality pair $50-$150
  • Hand wraps: $5-$15
  • Equipment bags: $50+ for a nice gym bag
  • Athletic shoes: $100+ for good cross trainers
  • Personal training add-ons: $50-$120 per session

Final Words

The typical price range for kickboxing classes is $100 to $200 monthly for unlimited group classes. The exact cost depends on membership terms, class format, gym location and amenities.

While not cheap, consistent kickboxing training provides full-body conditioning and lifelong skills that can make the investment worthwhile. Take advantage of deals and student discounts, and enjoy the many fitness and confidence benefits of this empowering martial art.

Is kickboxing an expensive sport?

Kickboxing does require a significant financial investment compared to some other recreational activities or fitness programs. However, considering the comprehensive full-body workout and lifelong skills it provides, kickboxing offers excellent value for money. Here are some key points on the cost of kickboxing:

  • Group classes average $100-$200 per month for unlimited sessions at most mainstream gyms and studios.
  • The main costs come from gym membership fees and equipment like gloves and bags. Ongoing costs are manageable with some budgeting.
  • It is less expensive than many other contact sports like hockey or football that require lots of protective gear.
  • You can reduce costs by sharing a membership, attending off-peak hours for discounts, or training at home.
  • Consistent training provides full-body conditioning, self-defense skills, and stress relief that make it a worthwhile investment.

While not an inexpensive sport, kickboxing offers mental and physical rewards that justify the expense for many enthusiasts. Taking advantage of deals and budget-friendly options can keep costs under control.

Is 3 times a week kickboxing enough?

Attending kickboxing classes 3 times per week is generally enough for the average person to achieve substantial health and fitness benefits. Here is a closer look at how effective a 3 day per week training regimen can be:

  • 3 sessions per week, at 45-60 minutes each, provides sufficient cardio and strength training volume for most people.
  • Typical class schedules make it easy to fit in 3 days of kickboxing during the work week.
  • Training 3 days allows enough recovery time between sessions to prevent overtraining injuries.
  • Attending just 2 days may not provide enough conditioning, while 4-5 days could be overtraining.
  • 3 consistent kickboxing sessions per week will lead to increased endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • Additional supplemental workouts like running or yoga can complement 3 days of classes.

For busy individuals looking to stay active and improve fitness, kickboxing 3 times per week is often an ideal and sustainable training frequency. Adjusting your schedule to fit in 3 classes weekly will allow you to reap immense physical and mental benefits from this exhilarating martial art.

At what age should I start kickboxing?

Kickboxing can be safely started at most ages, with appropriate supervision and training modifications. Here are some general guidelines on appropriate ages to begin:

  • Children can start structured kickboxing classes as young as 5 or 6 years old. Sessions focus on conditioning and coordination.
  • Ages 8-12 are ideal for introducing kickboxing basics and controlled sparring.
  • Teens aged 13+ can progress to more intensive training and sparring.
  • Most mainstream gyms set 16 as minimum age for advanced classes.
  • Adults of any age can start kickboxing. Instructors modify activities for different fitness levels.
  • Seniors can learn kickboxing fundamentals and age-appropriate techniques.

The right age depends on the child’s development and coordination. With supervision and a focus on safety, kickboxing can be tailored to all ages and fitness abilities. Starting young helps develop skills over time.

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