Cost to Become a Super Villain

Cost to become a super villain

This isn’t a question that most people would ask themselves, but for the few that really want to know, here’s how much it will cost you to become a supervillain.

Inspired by the movie Megamind, some people may want to become supervillains. Even if they can already see their vast dominance over the globe and beyond the known universe, they haven’t asked themselves what is the price tag on all those gadgets and machines a supervillain will need to complete their evil goals. For example, if you are a true and sinister supervillain then you obviously already have a gigantic army of minions at your disposal. To keep them all fed and loyal you will have to spend a small fortune.

  • Evil lair equipment essentials

Every single evil lair requires blinky dials and tesla coils. You’ll probably find the best prices for tesla coils in Romania (as seen in Megamind). A typical Tesla coil costs around $2,000 and you will need several of them. Blinky dials are easily manufactured and shipped to you if you don’t need any particular purpose for them other than having cool boards with lots of useless buttons. Blinky dials range from $300 all the way up to several thousand dollars.

  • Feeding the minions

Sometimes the hardest part of recruiting the right type of minions will require you to see what they eat and also calculate the maintenance expenses. Zombies are very much attainable and you can find several of them ghouling on local graveyards, looking for food. The average meal of one zombie per day is 2 brains of standard IQ or 3 of them with vegetable IQ. Zombies are a good start to rally your first working force and get everything started. Zombies are free but brains come at the price of looting graves or buying them at medical research facilities for a measly price of $1,000 per brain.

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  • Getting the funds for your evil projects

The Face of a Super VillainWe all know that robbing banks is something that unwise people do and you as a supervillain, equipped with that mass of grey substance in your head will have no problem presenting your evil project to a liable investor. Most evil investors are looking for a good return on investment (once you obtained enough funds from the investor you can simply overpower him with your vast army of minions). So getting funds for your projects and endeavors will only take the time you need to create brilliant designs.

  • Word of caution

Most movies teach us that bad guys always lose and they never get the girl. So be cautious in your plans and be devious in your every step because there is always another evil genius that has the same sinister ideas just like yours.

Should the average working Joe become a supervillain?

A normal person shouldn’t make an important objective of their life to become a supervillain. If taking over the world is one of your biggest dreams, then you should consider going to a local psychologist. This, of course, is an article created with the sole purpose of making people laugh and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

But if in the end you still want to pursue the dream of conquering the world, then we can pretty much summarize it down to your ability and cunningness. Most of the funds are actually just waiting to be taken by you. The more your empire raises the more powerful advisories you will have. So at first, keep a steady silent pace of fraction cells then move up to owning a state and then declare world war on other states, marching your zombie armies to all corners of the earth.


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