Cost of Becoming a Vegan

Cost to Become a Vegan

Last Updated on December 2, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on December 2, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

If you have actually heard that going vegan is costly, reconsider. Going vegan might not be any more costly than a non-vegan diet plan. Here is our breakdown of the true expense of going vegan.

Going vegan is more than simply a trend followed by celebs like Paul Mccartney, and even senator Cory Booker. It is a chance for individuals to follow their principles, enhance their health, and even support the environment.

If you are thinking about a vegan diet plan on your own, offer some thought to how it might impact your financial resources. Keep going through this article for our break down of the true expenses.

What is a vegan?

At the core of veganism, is the decision to not consume animal products. This implies that vegans do not eat dairy, meat, eggs, and even honey.

Lots of vegans even think of veganism as a part of their daily way of life, by deciding not to use or support products that were made with animal parts or their by-products.

Why do individuals end up being vegans?

Individuals end up being vegans for several reasons. For some, ending up being vegan is simply out of concern for their health.

For others, their reason is animal rights and the ecological ramifications of the normal American diet plan.


If you have actually spent enough time on the internet, you have most likely seen at least
one video of animals waiting to, or getting processed for usage. These videos are often sufficient to make some individuals go vegan.

The bad treatment of animals in these types of meat processing centers and the conditions in which they live have actually driven lots of vegans to speak up against the market.


A multitude of individuals choose to go vegan for the advantages of their health. Studies have actually revealed that plant-based diet plans might lower the threat of heart problems and cancer.

For some vegans, avoiding animal products refers to protecting themselves from hormonal agents, chemicals, and antibiotics. These are utilized in raising and processing animals for usage.

What you consume can significantly affect the manner in which your body functions. Although vegan diet plans are healthy for some, your body’s requirements may not be satisfied while following one. If you are intending on going vegan, it is worth a trip to your medical professional or nutritional expert.


If you have actually been searching for a way to decrease your ecological footprint, a University of Oxford study discovered that healthy plant-based diet plans might work. Going vegan is an excellent way to achieve this.

Meat processing factories are bad for our environment and utilize plenty of natural deposits, a few of which might not be eco-friendly. Researchers are even calling for a Paris Environment Agreement for food.

For these factors, many individuals are deciding to go vegan in hopes of decreasing the effect of the meat processing market on the environment.

Is being a vegan costly?

With numerous high-priced vegan items striking the shelves in supermarkets throughout the US, it is easy to think that vegan diet plans are pricey. The truth is, the expense of a vegan diet plan is really depending on your health and your grocery list.


Groceries are among the most significant costs when you’re changing your diet plan, whether you are going vegan or not. After purging your kitchen of food that does not accompany your brand-new diet strategy, you will find it is time to re-stock with foods that help you with your new goals. This can be costly, but as soon as you have a kitchen equipped with foods that you can consume you will find yourself able to make meals that follow your new set of dietary guidelines.

When searching for vegan groceries, you may find yourself trying out products that replace parts of the nutrition lost by the absence of meat in your food. If you start to feel stunned by the rates of these products, you should try comparing the costs to the meat that you would have usually bought.


When sticking to a vegan diet plan, correct nutrition is crucial. Prior to going vegan, it is an excellent idea to have a discussion with your physician or nutritional expert. Not all foods or bodies are the same and every person will respond to a vegan diet plan in a different way.

When you speak to your medical professional, whether you have become just recently a vegan or not, they might recommend supplements for you to take. These are readily available without the need for a prescription and can be bought from the majority of the big merchants. Depending on your dietary needs, you might find yourself spending an entire range of different supplements.

We chose to look at the typical rates for a selection of different supplements that are frequently recommended to vegans. This is what we managed to find out:

  • Vitamin B-12 – $15.24 for 1,000 mcg soft gels, 150 count.
  • Vitamin k-2 – $21.99 for 600 mcg pills, 90 count.
  • Omega-3 fats – $11.31 for 1200 mg soft gels, 150 count.
  • Zinc – $4.45 for 50 mg caplets, 100 count.
  • Calcium – $10.49 for 1,200 mg soft gels, 120 count.

Before taking a brand-new supplement you should always talk to your physician. Although supplements can be originated from natural components, they can be unsafe to utilize in mix with some specific medications.

How will going vegan impact other parts of your financial resources?

When switching to a vegan diet plan, you may believe that your grocery costs are the only part of your life that will be impacted.

Considering that diet has extreme ramifications on health, both favorable and unfavorable, it is clever to re-evaluate your budget plan when going on the vegan road. You may even find yourself saving money at some point!

Life and medical insurance

Medical insurance is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy. Without it, it can be tough to manage routine medical visits and prescriptions. Remaining healthy might even aid you to reduce your medical insurance premiums.

Life insurance businesses wish to make sure that they are earning a profit. In order to do this, they gamble on the health of those that they guarantee, even going as far as needing a physical before registration. If you are a vegan who follows a healthy vegan diet plan and are in terrific health, your life insurance premiums could be lower than for non-vegans.

But what are the true differences in prices between the most used products and their vegan alternatives? We made a list, using prices from big supermarket brands. Check out below the list of prices for vegan and non-vegan ingredients:

Milk (Whole) $3.98 / gallon Almond milk $4.00 / gallon
Eggs $1.69 Chia seeds $6.36 (45 egg replacements)
Cheese slices $3.97 Vegan cheese $4.88
Bread $1.98 Bread $1.98
Ground beef $3.18/ lb. Gardein™ Beefless Ground $3.97 (13.7 oz.)
Chicken nuggets $4.97 “Chick’n” vegan nuggets $3.67
Whipped cream $2.37 Non-dairy whipped cream $3.38
Total: $22.14 Total: $28.24

How to save some money as a vegan.

Going vegan will alter the manner in which you go shopping. Instead of purchasing meat, dairy, and eggs, you will be filling your cart with ingredients like beans and veggies.

If you are having a tough time trying to follow your desired diet plan, try these ideas to save some money for yourself.

Always read the labels.

Vegan Food PlateKnowing how to read labels can save you a great deal of money when having a vegan diet plan. It can also help you make sure that you are getting the correct nutrition for your body. So, if you find yourself constantly grabbing vegan labeled foods out of convenience, you should try to check non-vegan branded products to guarantee that you aren’t losing out on cost savings and selection.

You might be shocked by a few of your favorite treats that just so happen to be great for vegans! Here are some vegan foods that you might be losing out on:

  • Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets
  • Nutter Butters
  • Thomas’s New York Style Bagels
  • Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Duncan Hines Homestyle Buttercream Frosting
  • Oreos

Food made in your home

Always eating out is pricey and it can be a lot more so if you want to eat out frequently at expensive vegan restaurants. While you can find vegan products on practically every restaurant menu, you can usually make more affordable and more delicious food in your home.

Numerous vegan diet plans consist of beans and vegetables, which can easily be prepared in your home. If you are vegan and concerned about losing the benefit of purchasing canned beans, do not sweat over it. Beans can be prepared in big batches and after that frozen in smaller portions.

Plan ahead

If you plan your meals correctly, you can save a lot of money and make sure that you are getting fresh food that is in season. Prior to making your shopping list, take a couple of minutes to analyze what you have in your kitchen and fridge.

As soon as you know what you have, take a couple of minutes to make a shopping list around what you currently need. If you prepare meals around your kitchen, instead of purchasing all brand-new active for each meal, you can save some real money reusing what you have.

Using meal shipment services

Meal shipment services are useful for all diet plans. Some people like to buy them when they know that they are busy with work and only need simple dinners. These meals are quick and simple for anyone to make. If you are vegan, you do not need to give up this type of service.

Since meal delivery services offer you exactly the right amount of ingredients for each meal, you might even save some money given that you will not be wasting unused ingredients that you may purchase in excess.


At the end of the day, the true expense of going vegan is significantly based on your individual shopping desires. Because a vegan diet plan does not impact far more than your grocery spending plan, giving it a try is not going to set you back all that much economically.

So, if you have always thought about checking out the alternative of a vegan diet plan, why wait any longer? The expense of going vegan is no more pricey than any other dietary modification and it might even boost your health.

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