Cost to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico, on the Riviera Maya

Trip to Riviera Maya Cost

2020 was a difficult year, an unpredictable year, a year that we all can’t wait to go and never return. The list of destinations we can travel to this year is very limited due to the restrictions adopted in the context of COVID, but fortunately, we still have options worth considering, fairytale places to relax and end a year as beautifully as possible.

Why choose Riviera Maya, Mexico for New Year’s Eve 2020-2021?

 First of all, Mexico is one of the destinations where the incidence rate of COVID cases is much lower than in the USA, so there are minimal chances to be taken any travel restrictions by the authorities. Even if on TV you have seen news in the summer with many cases of Covid, which was not always said is that Mexico is a huge country, with 130 million inhabitants. Therefore, compared to 100,000 inhabitants, Mexico is much better than the USA (in the USA there are over 9 times more cases than in Mexico).

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in this destination you would have the opportunity to discover the mystery of the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, the famous beaches and turquoise lagoons, the extraordinary cuisine, the music of mariachi groups and, last but not least, the hospitality of the inhabitants that make Mexico one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

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Once in the Riviera Maya, you can relax on the spectacular beaches in the area while enjoying the water of an unreal turquoise and the fine sand. Akumal is quite close to Cancun, but not as crowded. It is also very close to the X-Caret water park, one of the most beautiful places on the Riviera Maya, but also close to the island of Cozumel or the resort of Playa del Carmen.

Also, you can visit the Chichen Itza archeological site, the largest of the ruined cities in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Founded in the 5th century, the city was conquered around 850 by the Toltecs or, according to some experts, by the Itza population, related to the Toltecs, and around 1290 it was mysteriously abandoned. Here you can admire the famous pyramid built over 1,500 years ago, known as El Castillo.

Riviera Maya RuinsCenota Ik Kil must be on your places to see in Mexico list. These are natural basins formed by the erosion of limestone. The Mayans used them in sacrificial rituals to the gods. The Ik Kil cenote is 26 m below ground level, has a diameter of 60 m and a depth of 40 m. There is also a sculpted staircase leading to a swimming platform.

Besides all these touristic objectives, Playa del Carmen is an outstanding place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. You can choose not only to enjoy a party organized by a hotel, club, restaurant, or bars, but you can always make your way to the beach to watch the fireworks light up the sky over the magnificent Caribbean.

The accommodation prices vary from $440 to $520 per night at an all-inclusive resort.

The flight tickets vary from $400 to $800, depending on the place are you traveling from. For example, a ticket from New York is $500, while the price for a flight from London to Cancun is around $800.

You should take into consideration also other costs like travel insurance and the entrance fees at the touristic objectives.

Transportation between the resorts on the coast is made by taxi, transfer bought with the package or rented car. Domestic public transport is organized into two classes, economy, and premium.

So, celebrating New Year’s Eve in Riviera Maya would cost you almost $2000. This price includes the flight, all-inclusive accommodation at the hotel in Mexico, festive New Year’s Eve dinner, all bus transfers, all tours, tickets, and entrance fees to the mentioned tourist objectives, tips for local guides and drivers, travel medical insurance, all local and airport taxes.

Should the average working Joe book a New Year’s Vacation in Riviera Maya?

If you are one of the many foreigners in search of Paradise and if you have the necessary funds then Riviera Maya is a one-way street for you where you will find everything, for everyone. Diversity and accessibility are the outstanding aspects in all fields: cultural, culinary, and living in general.

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