Cost to Distribute Leaflets

In order for a product to become known, first and foremost, more and more people must learn about it. And this can only be done by popularizing it. How? An extremely useful marketing tool is the urban or rural distribution of leaflets to the target audience represented by the business you want to promote.

How much does it cost to distribute leaflets?

The cost to distribute leaflets depends on the weight and size of the leaflets, the population density of the distribution location, and the distribution method you choose. For instance, you may have to pay $35 to $50 per 1,000 leaflets with shared distribution while for solus distribution you will have to pay $65 to $110.

Keep in mind that the amount of money you are going to spend on distributing leaflets is greatly affected the method you choose. For instance, the price of distribution will vary when you use Newspaper distribution, Shared distribution, or Solus distribution.

Cost of Newspaper leaflet distribution

Known as the Newspaper inserts or News-share, the Newspaper leaflet distribution method is one of the most cost-effective. Expect to spend anywhere between $30 and $45 for distributing 1,000 leaflets or $130 to $200, when choosing the Newspaper distribution method.

The leaflets are distributed together with the free newspapers, but this doesn’t mean that you can not reach a certain audience. This can be achieved with the right planning around the newspaper distribution area. You can plan for international or local distribution with the presence of a national network of free newspaper publishers.

It is simple to plan a marketing campaign using newspaper distribution. All you have to do is to get in touch with a local area newspaper publisher and discuss the area you are planning to target. After that, you can plan for a campaign that is both cost-effective and impactful.

Then you can come up with an entire distribution count plus a map that highlights the distribution zone. This way you will have full visibility of the areas where the leaflets are going to be distributed before starting the actual distribution.

Free newspaper circulations were very common during the 90s and are not so much these days. Though, thanks to loyal and long-term newspaper readers, this leaflet distribution method is still powerful.

Plus, in general, free newspaper brands are easily recognized and appreciated by society, and by associating with them you get accreditation.

Advantages of Newspaper leaflet distribution

Some of the benefits of newspaper inserts include:

  • this method is cost-effective;
  • there is a targeted marketing campaign across the area where newspapers are distributed;
  • it can cover both local and national distribution;
  • it is a productive way to reach and engage the newspaper reader public.

Cost of Hand-to-Hand leaflet distribution

Hand to Hand Leaflet DistributionIf you choose the Hand-to-Hand leaflet distribution method, you will have to pay anywhere between $30 and $70 per hour. This solution is effective as long as the staff that distributes the leaflets is trained and does more than just hand out flyers. Your business will be represented in all its aspects through the way they walk, communicate or talk with your public. For efficient communication, they should wear branded caps or T-shirts. They automatically become brand ambassadors with the purpose of making your business stand out.

You should choose this type of distribution because instead of using various social media channels this way you reinforce personal contact with your audience. Usually, clients are tired of seeing commercial adverts, constant tweets, and regular posts that are impersonal.

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Sometimes adverts are seen as background distractions and may be turned off or ignored. Compared to commercials, when an individual hands out a professionally designed leaflet to a potential client while making eye contact, the effect on the person will always be profound.

Advantages of Hand-to-Hand leaflet distribution

Some of the benefits of Hand-to-Hand leaflet distribution include:

  • as it provides a platform where clients can get answers to their questions, they will be more satisfied;
  • clients will feel more valued thanks to the personal contact that is associated with hand-to-hand;
  • you will be able to reach out to more clients who most probably will remember your brand;
  • it is a great opportunity to grow your client base.

Cost to distribute leaflets using Shared Solution

Plan on spending anywhere between $35 and $50 for distributing 1,000 leaflets through the Shared distribution method, while for 5,000 leaflets the cost would be anywhere between $160 and $200. This is the most common leaflets distribution method.

In general, when distributed through a letterbox, leaflets are distributed with up to three other non-competing leaflets. Before deciding whether to use the shared leaflet distribution, a planning process is always carried out. Usually, this job is done by an experienced team that makes efforts to find the location with the right public.

Also, in order to get the visual representation of your marketing campaign, in general, the map of the target audience is drawn first before signing off the campaign. You want to be sure that at the time your leaflets are distributed there is no other competing company that distributes leaflets. You will get the maximum visibility if no other competing leaflets are distributed with yours.

Because of this, somehow the flexibility of dates when distributing leaflets through shared solutions is always limited. So, it is recommended to work with other distribution teams to fulfill all requests.

Also, you should always back-check each leaflet distribution campaign to see if your message is reaching your targeted audience. Compared to other distribution methods, the cost for shared distribution is usually lower.

Advantages of a Shared leaflet distribution

Some of the advantages of shared leaflet distribution solution include:

  • it allows mass distribution to reach a larger audience;
  • this is the most cost-effective leaflet distribution method.

Cost to distribute leaflets on a Solus Basis

If you choose the Solus distribution method for spreading leaflets, you should be prepared to spend on average anywhere between $300 and $500. The cost of distributing 1,000 leaflets would be anywhere between $65 and $110.

Though, it is important to know that you will not be able to achieve the ideal leaflet distribution campaign overnight. The distribution method will be affected by various factors such as the audience, budget, and time scale.

How does the Solus distribution work?

The Solus distribution method is simple, clear, and focused on delivering your leaflets in your targeted area by an experienced distribution team. As they will focus only on your letterbox marketing, the risk of the recipients being distracted will be minimized.

If you want to maximize the reach of your campaign, then the Solus distribution method will always be the best option. All the team members of Solus distribution are permanently audited to give clients peace of mind and ensure quality control.

Advantages of using Solus distributions

Some of the advantages of using Solus distribution include:

  • better response rates;
  • does not depend on other materials;
  • better profiling and targeting;
  • your campaign has a greater impact;
  • easier to optimize, track, and report;
  • there is a very high level of flexibility.

The cost of leaflet distribution by size

The cost of leaflet distribution is affected also by the size of the flyer. The price will get higher as the size increases.

The cost of A3 leaflet distribution

Expect to pay anywhere between $510 and $690 for distributing one thousand A3 leaflets.

The cost of A4 leaflet distribution

The cost of distributing one thousand A4 leaflets would be anywhere between $260 and $380. Most will choose A4 leaflets if a folded flyer does not fill the bill and the A5 leaflet does not provide the needed space to communicate your message.

The cost of A5 leaflet distribution

Expect to pay $160 to $220 for distributing 1000 A5 flyers.

The cost of A6 leaflet distribution

The average cost for distributing one thousand A6 leaflets would be anywhere between $110 and $130.

The cost of A7 leaflet distribution

Plan on spending anywhere between $85 and $90 for distributing 1000 A7 leaflets.

Leaflet Distribution FAQs

What do people think about leaflet distributions?

As the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, most people think that flyer distribution is not that effective. Also, it is believed that majority of the teenagers prefer social media and e-mails for receiving an advert.

Does the old-fashion leaflet distribution still work?

Yes, this marketing campaign still works as long as the message is simple and well-written, the design is eye-catching, and offered to the right audience.

Why turn to the distribution of flyers and leaflets?

  • If you are just starting out.
  • If you want the promotions and offers you have to reach the local community.
  • If you are looking for staff for your company.
  • If you want to promote a product or brand.
  • If you are going to make an appearance on the market.
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