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Cost to Fix a Keyed Car

Cost to Fix Car Key Scratch

Having a vehicle keyed is, unfortunately, an act of vandalism that will leave long-term marks if it is not repaired. Leaving a key mark on a vehicle for too long without getting it repaired can develop rust, making the circumstance even worse.

While vehicle insurance plans can cover an event such as this, the cost of fixing key marks on a vehicle is going to depend on the size of the mark, the damage that was done, and the expert fixing the vehicle.

Just how much does it cost to fix a keyed car?

Specialists are going to charge depending upon the depth and length of the scratch, how deep the scratch is, and the kind of procedure the body shop uses. Typically, normal key repair work can cost anywhere from $100 to as much as $1,500 per keyed location. The deeper the scratch is, the more it’s going to cost.

Firstly, you need to understand a vehicle has three layers of paint: the clear coat, which is the first layer, the paint, which is the 2nd layer, and the primer, which is the 3rd layer. As the scratch goes through these layers, the task can take more time, thus, highering the final cost. Refer to our subheading below to read more about each scratch.

A simple scuff, for instance, that hardly scratches the surface will cost about $75 to $150 to have fixed. These scuffs can frequently be eliminated at home with an easy rubbing substance from a regional automobile parts shop for as low as $10. For instance, the extremely popular Quixx Paint Scratch Remover and scratch fix all-in-1 retails for $10 to $20. If you were to opt for an expert body store, the expenses would remain in the $75 to $110 area.

A clear coat scratch, which permeates the 2nd layer, will be much deeper, however, no paint will be needed to fix the scratch. It can either be eliminated by utilizing a basic substance or an automobile repair shop can get rid of it for about $150 to $400. If the scratch is deeper, a wet/dry sandpaper will be needed to reach the paint layer to get rid of it. When sanded, a rubbing substance can be applied to eliminate the scratches, followed by a polish to give it a shine.

A paint scratch, which permeates the paint layer exposing metal, can be the most costly type, particularly if the scratch is deep. Considering that this repair will need paint, body stores might charge anywhere from $450 to more than $1,100, depending on the elements pointed out above.

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One forum member on Club Lexus stated he was charged $1,600 for a keyed scratch on his driver side door panel.

Different types of car scratches

Clear-coat scratches

The clear coat is the thin layer on the top of the vehicle’s surface area, protecting the vehicle’s paint from the environment and things like the sun, rain, and snow. If the clear coat were to end up scratched, the paint will not be ruined, which means the location will not have to be repainted, saving you quite a lot of dollars. These kinds of scratches will be the cheapest and can frequently be fixed by simply washing away with some soapy water.

Primer scratches

If the scratch goes through the clear coat, it will expose the primer, and while this might sound frightening, it should not be ravaging considering that the paint hasn’t been exposed yet. This kind of scratch means the vehicle is still safeguarded from rust and the keyed scratch can still be fixed without painting over it.

Paint scratches

These are the worst kind of scratches your vehicle can end up having, exposing the metal beneath the paint. If this kind of scratch isn’t fixed, rust can quickly form and spreading beneath. As stated above, this kind of scratch will be the most expensive type since the area will need to be repainted.

What are the additional expenses?

If the scratch is deep and too big, exposing metal, the body shop might suggest replacing the whole vehicle part as this choice might be less expensive.

Getting the job done by yourself can be less expensive; nevertheless, if you need a paint retouch, it can cost about $50 to $300 per 2 ounces, according to Cars Direct.

Tips to remember

If bringing the vehicle to a body shop and even doing it by yourself, you may have to purchase the paint through the car dealership. In order to receive the specific paint color, all the dealership will require is the VIN. With this number, they will have the ability to buy the initial color to make sure it matches the color of your car.

How can I save money?

person scratching a carIt is best to talk to at least 3 body stores to get quotes. Most genuine body shops will be more than pleased to provide a quote free of charge as long as you bring the vehicle in for a visual examination.

For smaller sized key scratches, it might be a good idea to give a scratch remover set a try at home. These packages will cost no more than $20 and will just take a few minutes of your time. Many of them have excellent reviews and can prevent the vehicle from getting rust in the future. Even if one such kit does not work, you can always go to the body store as your last resort. The majority of jobs, as long as they’re done correctly, will cost about $15 to $30.

Key scratches can be a simple fix if you follow guides online. For instance, a PopularMechanics guide reveals a step-by-step guide on how to eliminate the scratches for good.

If the task costs more than $500, it might be a good idea to contact your insurance provider to file a claim.

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