Cost To Install An Infinity Pool

In the world of swimming pools, the infinity pool is the epitome of the luxury pool. Related to the mirror pool, it is part of the family of exceptional projects.

The principle of an infinity pool is that it overflows on one of its sides. The water cascades into a holding basin located at the bottom of the pool. This overflow basin allows water to be recovered which is then filtered and sent back into the pool in a perpetual cycle.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Infinity Pool?

The infinity pool falls into a category of projects that can be qualified as superior in terms of costs. In general, its price is a third higher than that of a regular pool. However, people still want to have such a pool, or at least use it once due to the visual appeal.

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In case you want to build your own infinity pool, you should be prepared to spend around $45,000 for a 12’ x 24’ size infinity pool. The labor costs, including the cleanup, would be around $100 per hour and almost 96 hours will be necessary to perform this job. Also, the costs of the materials are around $125 per square foot. This will result in a total cost of $155 per square foot.

What are the extra costs?

The maintenance costs for infinity pools tend to be very high. Also, these types of pools need an additional pumping system to keep the water moving into the pool, which means extra power usage and additional expenses.

The cost of the land where to be installed the pool is going will increase your final bill as well. It has to be landscaped and leveled properly before starting the construction of the infinity pool. Be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars on this work.

In case you want to add some extra features such as lights or a gate around the infinity pool, you will have to pay extra.

The cost of an infinity pool is affected by its size, as well. The larger it is, the more expensive it will be.

Where is an infinity pool installed?

An infinity pool is ideal on a sloping site and especially with a great view. Thus, the water line blends with the scenery and the horizon, giving the feeling of an endless pool. In front of the sea, a lake, or a mountain range, the overflow offers a different perspective on the environment.

DIY or hire a professional?

Building an infinity pool is a complex project and should be done entirely by a professional. Specialists do not recommend building an infinity pool on your own, as there are many technical details that you must take into account, and which without the necessary expertise can increase your costs significantly more than if you work from the start with a company, which is why it is more financially efficient to use specialized contractors.

Stages of building an infinity pool

Site preparation

Infinity Pool with a ViewThis is the first stage of the infinity pool construction project, for which we recommend excavating the land with a mechanized machine, so that the process takes as little time as possible, namely around one day. It is also the common stage in the construction of swimming pools, regardless of the type chosen.

The equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the pool will also be installed now. We should mention here the pipes and the related electrical installation, the drain and skimmers of the pool as well as other accessories that you consider necessary.

Pouring and even distribution of concrete or mounting of steel structure/polystyrene blocks

After defining the shape of the pool and installing the basic equipment, the concrete is poured evenly into the created shape. It is important that the prepared area does not show unevenness at the end so that the pool has the agreed shape. At this stage, the specialists will also take care of other important aspects such as treating the concrete to make it last in the long term.

Realization of the necessary finishings

The last stage related to the construction process of an infinity pool refers to the finishing of its edges. Specialists will know which materials are good to choose to ensure the good use of the pool in the long term.

They focus on non-slip materials, to avoid injuries, as well as materials that are resistant since the construction of the pool represents a long-term investment. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between ceramic, liner, mosaic, or other materials for the final cladding of the infinity pool tub.

After completing this stage, all that remains is to fill the pool with water and enjoy the first moments of relaxation in your own yard.

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