Cost To Paint The Interior Of A House

Interior Painting Job Cost

If you want your home to look flawless, it is important that all finishes are executed correctly. Whether you choose to paint your walls yourself or call in a craftsman, it is good to know in advance what costs will this process involve.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Interior Of A House?

The greatest factor that will affect the house interior painting costs is the square footage of your house. But there are also other factors such as the amount of preparation and cleanup, the quality and the type of paint you choose, the type of painter you hire, the complexity of the job, and the wall conditions.

The average costs for interior painting jobs are anywhere between $3 and $7 per square foot. In the table below you will find the estimated costs of house interior painting for some of the most popular interior square footage sizes.

Size Cost
3,000 square feet $2,850-$11,000
2,500 square feet $2,200-$10,000
2,000 square feet $1,750-$5,950
1500 square feet $1,300-$5,500
1200 square feet $1,000-$4,800
800-950 square feet $550-$3,700

Note: The prices presented in this table are available for mi0rabge primer and paint. The costs will increase if you want higher-quality paint.

What are the additional expenses?

You should not throw the left paint or materials directly in the trash after painting your home interior. It is recommended to contact your city waste removal service and ask if there is an extra cost. In general, the painters should be in charge of this job.

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In case you want to hire an interior home designer or decorator, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $55 and $210 per hour for their services.

The overall costs will increase significantly if excess detail work is required, there are wallpapers which have to be removed before painting, or other labor-intensive works are needed.

Important things to consider

Cool Paint WorkThere are painters that will charge by the hour or by the job for a full interior painting job, while others will charge by the square foot or by the room.

Although most people tend to use the same type of paint throughout the house, you can choose different paint colors for each room.

In the bathroom and kitchen, where you will have a lot of moisture, it is recommended to use super-washable paint.

For living rooms such as the living room and the bedroom, white washable paint will be more resistant than you need. If you want to save money, you can also use semi-washable paint for these rooms.

In order not to destroy furniture, parquet, or other neighboring surfaces with paint stains, it is important to cover them with special plastic films. Use a wide adhesive tape to stick the edges of the foil well.

The adhesive tape can even be used to completely cover door and window frames, as well as switches and sockets.

Interior paints are applied only on a flat, clean, and dry surface. Whether we’re talking about painting a wall or a ceiling, make sure that the surface is flawless before you start work.

How do you determine the required amount of paint?

To determine the surface you need to paint, you just need to measure the height and width of the wall and then multiply them. When you buy paint, read all the instructions on the package to find out what surface it covers.

But you will always have to buy more paint than you need. The surplus can be used to adjust any irregularities in the finish.

How do you prepare the paint before application?

On the label of the paint box, you should have all the necessary information for the preparation of the material. In general, the paint will have to be diluted with water, but in a small amount, enough so that it can then be applied with the roller. Alternatively, you can use a sprayer to spread the paint. This has the advantage of being much faster and ensuring a more uniform finish. However, make sure that you equip yourself properly with protective gear before using it, including gloves, safety glasses, and a mouth mask.

For the first layer, you will have to dilute the paint with a maximum of 10% water, and for the second layer with 5%. Too much water will reduce the quality of the paint and force you to apply more layers.

How can I save money?

You will be able to save a lot of money on labor if you decide to paint the interior of your house on your own. However, you should take into consideration the costs of the tools and supplies like rollers, drop clothes, and paintbrushes.

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