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How Much Does it Cost to Refelt a Pool Table?

Last Updated on February 9, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Having your pool table professionally refelted or deciding to take on the refelting project yourself is an important part of keeping your pool table in immaculate playing condition for years to come.

But exactly how much does it cost to get your worn, ripped, or otherwise damaged pool table felt replaced by a dedicated professional refelting service?

What about if you buy the felt and supplies yourself and take on the refelting job solo? Here’s an in-depth look at all the important factors that influence the total cost to refelt a pool table, whether hiring a pro or opting for the DIY route.

Getting a clear understanding of the typical price range for refelting your pool table, as well as the specifics that make some refelting projects more expensive than others, allows you to accurately budget and plan for this critical periodic maintenance task.

Ensuring your pool table has a high-quality playing surface is well worth the investment to maximize your enjoyment of pool, billiards, snooker, or any other cue sport.

How Much Does it Cost to Refelt a Pool Table?

In most cases, you can expect the total cost to refelt a standard 8-foot home pool table to range from approximately $400 on the very low end up to $1,000 or potentially more on the high end.

The final amount you’ll pay will depend on several variables including the size of your table, the quality and grade of new cloth felt you choose, whether you hire professional refelting services or take on the project yourself as a DIY job, and if you opt to include any customizations, upgrades, or needed repairs during the process.

For a basic refelting job with standard felt performed by professionals on a medium-sized table, expect closer to $400-$600 as an average overall price. Larger tables, premium felt grades, and additional work can quickly increase the total cost. However, DIY refelting specifically for materials may cost as little as $200 or under.

Pearson Cues states that the average cost to refelt a pool table is $366, depending on the size of the table and the fabric quality. For a 7 or 8-foot pool table, the cost ranges from $265 to $500, while a 9-foot table costs $280 to $550. The price of Teflon felt is approximately $130, and the cost of the best quality fabric, Worsted cloth, is $340.

Refelting.com offers a do-it-yourself (DIY) guide for refelting a pool table, emphasizing the potential to save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. The website does not provide specific cost information for professional refelting services.

No matter your exact budget or preferences, refelting a pool table approximately every 5-7 years ensures optimum ball roll, provides better accuracy, improves the overall playing experience for you and your family or friends, and keeps your table looking crisp and well-maintained.

For pool table owners who play very frequently, every 3-5 years may be more ideal.

Factors That Influence the Total Refelting Cost

When estimating the total cost to refelt a pool table, whether you plan to get quotes from professional installers or price out doing it yourself, there are a handful of important factors that make a difference in the final amount you can expect to pay for a high-quality, smooth refelting job:

The Size of the Pool Table Felt Matters

One of the most significant factors determining your total refelting cost is the size of the pool table itself. Larger pool tables require substantially more materials and professional labor time in order to complete the refelting job. Here’s a general overview of what to budget for different standard table sizes:

  • 7-foot table: $200 – $400 for a DIY project, or $400-$700 professionally installed
  • 8-foot table (most common): $300 – $600 DIY, $500-$800 professionally
  • 9-foot table: $400 – $800 DIY, $700-$1,000+ professionally
  • 10-foot+ table: $600+ DIY, $900-$1,500+ professionally

As you can see, the larger the table, the more you should expect to pay for the corresponding felt yardage and additional installation time and labor. Full-size professional tournament tables may cost upward of $1,500 or more for a high-end refelt.

The Higher the Felt Quality, the Higher the Price

Beyond just table size, the actual grade, quality, and materials that make up your new replacement pool table felt itself is a big driver of cost. Lower quality standard felt options will be the most budget friendly.

Meanwhile, choosing a high-end worsted wool tournament grade cloth or specialty felt can raise the total project cost substantially, but also provides exceptional durability, ball roll, aesthetics, and that true professional playing experience.

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Here’s an overview of price ranges based on pool table cloth quality tier:

  • Standard felt: Approximately $2 – $6 per square foot
  • Tournament grade wool: Around $6 – $12 per square foot
  • Premium specialty options: Such as custom patterns or prints, real leather, etc which can run $8 – $20+ per square foot

In most cases, spending a little more for a high-end cloth from a reputable billiards brand like Simonis or Championship will be worthwhile for home enthusiasts and provide years of better playability. But standard felt still offers a cost-effective option.

Hiring a Pro vs. DIY Refelting Project

One of the biggest factors in your total budget for refelting is whether you choose to hire professional pool table refelting services, or buy supplies and take on the project yourself as a DIY job.

Professional installation will involve labor fees ranging from approximately $200 to $500 or more, depending on the complexity of the job, table size, and your location. However, you benefit from their expertise resulting in a smooth, wrinkle-free install.

In contrast, opting for DIY refelting means you won’t pay any labor charges, so you’re only spending an estimated $100 to $300 on the new felt and supplies like adhesive, shears, and a staple gun. But some trial and error may be required if you lack experience.

Below is a more in-depth comparison of the two options:

DIY Refelting

Typical cost: $100 – $300 just for materials/supplies

The pros of DIY:

  • Less expensive upfront, good for those on a tight budget
  • Creative control and flexibility in choosing fun colors or patterns
  • Learn a new skill and valuable pool table maintenance

The cons of DIY:

  • Learning curve if you’re inexperienced with refelting
  • Potential for amateur mistakes, subpar results, wrinkles, etc.
  • Very time consuming and labor intensive

Hiring Professional Refelting Services

Typical cost: $200 – $500 for professional labor, plus materials
The pros of professional installation:

  • Experts ensure a smooth, tight, wrinkle-free felt installation
  • Protects your investment by preventing damage from mistakes
  • Warranty on their labor for peace of mind The cons of professional refelting:
  • More expensive due to labor costs, but often worth it for quality
  • Need to schedule based on their availability

For many homeowners, hiring a qualified pro is the best option to protect your pool table and get fantastic, long-lasting results. But DIY refelting can be rewarding with practice.

Material Expenses for Felt and Refelting Supplies

Pool Table CornerWhen budgeting to refelt a pool table yourself, the felt material itself will be your single biggest upfront cost, followed by additional supplies like adhesive, shears, and staples. Here’s a closer look at material costs:

Pool table felt pricing per square foot:

  • Standard felt: Approximately $2 to $6 per square foot
  • Tournament grade: Around $6 to $12 per square foot
  • Specialty/custom felt: From $8 up to $20+ per square foot depending on materials used and intricacy of patterns

With felt pricing starting around $3 per square foot on average, you can expect to spend $150 to $400+ on felt alone for a standard 7 to 10-foot table. Calculate exact table measurements to order the correct yardage.

Other refelting supplies like contact cement, foam padding, scissors, cloth shears, a staple gun kit, chalk, and more can easily add another $50 to $100+ to your startup costs for a DIY project. High-quality staples and adhesives ensure secure bonding.

Total materials budget: $200 to $500+ depending on table size and materials selected.

Labor Charges for Professional Refelting Services

If hiring professional pool table refelting services, the majority of your costs will go towards paying the labor fees charged by reputable billiards specialists in your area. Labor for a basic install averages:

  • $200 to $300 for a standard-sized 6 to 8-foot table refelting project
  • $300 to $500+ for larger tables and more complex refelting jobs

Many professional refelting companies will charge hourly shop rates of $40 to $70 per hour. Rates vary based on regional averages and the company’s experience level. Get quotes from 3-5 local pros to compare pricing.

Simple table sizes often have flat fee install pricing like $250 for a 7-foot or $325 for an 8-foot table. Again, larger custom jobs are usually billed hourly. Materials are either included or represent an additional charge.

Additional Pool Table Costs to Factor In

Depending on your table’s condition, extra services may be recommended or required, for example:

  • Table repairs: $100 – $300
  • Cushion replacement: $200 – $600
  • Accessories: New balls, chalk, brush – $50 – $200

While not required, some owners choose to add color accents or custom patterns which can cost $100 – $500 or more.

Choosing the Best Refelting Professional

When hiring a pro, look for:

  • Strong reviews and reputation for quality work
  • Experienced with pool table felt installation
  • Offers warranty on labor
  • Flexible on timing and customization requests
  • Explains process and provides a written estimate

How to Save on Pool Table Refelting

To reduce the cost of refelting a pool table, opt for:

  • Smaller table size
  • Standard felt grade rather than premium
  • DIY project rather than professional
  • Basic installation without upgrades or repairs

However, it’s worth investing in a quality refelt job that will provide years of improved performance.

Final Words

The cost to refelt a pool table ranges widely based on table size, felt grade, labor costs, and other factors. Typically expect to spend $200 – $1,000, with DIY on the lower end and professionally installed tournament felt on the high end. Refelting protects your investment in the table and ensures ideal play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a pool table be Refelted?

Most experts recommend refelting your pool table every 5-7 years under normal use. More frequent play may require refelting every 3-5 years. Signs it’s time include worn areas, fraying felt, rips, visible staples, and balls not rolling smoothly.

While you can spot repair small sections, complete refelting ensures consistent play across the whole surface.

Will water ruin a pool table?

Yes, water can definitely damage a pool table’s playing surface. The wooden understructure and felt covering are not resistant to water damage. Prolonged water exposure from spills, drinks, or humidity will warp the wood, fray the felt, and rust metal components.

Quickly wipe up minor spills and install a protective table cover. If water penetrates the felt, a professional refelting job will be needed to restore the table. Preventing water damage is key to maximizing your pool table’s lifespan.

Can you Refelt a pool table yourself?

With some DIY experience, you can refelt a pool table yourself and save on labor costs. Beginners should practice first on a small section or test table. You’ll need to remove the old felt, clean the slate and rails, apply adhesive, smoothly install new felt, and staple it securely underneath.

Having another person help makes it easier. Patience and watching tutorial videos will improve results. Major repairs or flaws are best left to professionals. Overall refelting a table yourself is very achievable if you’re up for a weekend project.

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