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bounce house rental

Bounce houses,  inflatable structures utilized for jumping, are typically seen at birthday parties, household occasions, or any other get together that includes kids who need to be amused. A bounce house can vary in size and style. There are little bounce houses that are created to hold 2 to 5 young children at a time, while a medium-sized bounce house might hold up to 12 kids at the same time.

The cost to rent a bounce house will depend upon the size, the time you require it for, and who you’re leasing the bounce house from.

Just how much does it cost to lease a bounce house?

To lease a standard bounce house for the afternoon, from the quotes we found, expect costs anywhere from $75 to $200 for the day. Depending on the business, this will be for 4 to 6 hours. On some celebrations, the business might charge by the hour, with rates varying from $35 to $75+ per hour.

Now, if you desired a bounce house that’s a lot more than simply a “bounce house,” then the expenses might be closer to $200 to $450 each day. These bounce houses can typically be geared up with the regular jumping locations, together with an inflatable slide, climbing walls, and/or a water splash zone.

Huge bounce houseA rental business based in Arizona that we found, has a handful of themed bouncy houses listed on their main site, varying from those themed after characters to sports style bouncy houses. Here, depending on the style, they might cost $100 to $225+ for a six-hour rental.

Another rental business found in Ohio, for instance, charges $199 for a full day rental.

If you desire to purchase a bounce house, the cost of one can be anywhere from $65 to $300 for a kid-size one. Commercial-sized bounce houses can vary anywhere from $2,000 to as much as $8,000 to buy.

You might be able to play in it for a small price if you are at a facility that has a bounce house. The majority of locations will charge $3 to $5 for a set time.

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Renting a bounce house introduction

A business-grade bounce house, which is typically the one you will find for rent, is around 15 feet wide and is made from a strengthened vinyl that is hard to tear or rip. The majority of bounce houses can just hold around 600 to 900 pounds.

When you rent a bounce house, they will have anything from the stakes to the blower and straps and will ask that you sign an agreement and offer a deposit to protect your date. These businesses, unless you negotiate something else, will have someone watch the bounce house the whole time, ensuring everybody is playing according to the guidelines. The price quotes discussed above will also consist of the takedown, shipping, and installation.

What are the additional expenses?

With a rental business, the owner will have a set time for renting. If you need it for additional time, it can lead to extra costs, usually with a by-the-hour charge.

Additional charges for shipping distances can be added to the costs if you live outside of their location. If you live 20 to 30 miles outside of their radius, this will frequently happen. The majority of the time, if the business does charge this additional cost, it will be less than $50.

Lots of rental businesses can toss in add-ons that work with the bounce house. These can consist of a bounce house slide, play area installation or even a ball pit.

If the bounce house is damaged during the rental duration, a repair charge might be added.

If you cancel within 48 hours, you won’t have to pay anything in most instances.

You might have to rent a generator for the day if the bounce house isn’t near a power outlet. A generator, usually, can cost $75 to $175 each day, depending upon the length of time it will be needed.

If you set up in a public setting, authorizations are in some cases needed.

Kinds of bounce houses:

  • Barrier Courses – Some bounce house setups will provide a dual-sided barrier course through which children can race.
  • Slides – Some will have a ladder that can take you to the top of a slide.
  • Themed – There are inflatable houses such as a life-size tornado, bull-riding, boxing, and others.

Tips to know:

The majority of bounce houses will need a big flat location that is generally, at a minimum, 20′ x 20′ in size. They might not be able to install correctly if you do not have the needed area.

A bouncy house most likely will not be installed if the weather condition is bad.

CONSTANTLY be sure that the business has some sort of liability insurance coverage. That way, if issues do occur, you will know that you are covered.

All bounce houses are not made in the same way. If you have more young children, check to see if they have smaller sized houses that can accommodate them.

Constantly get approval before renting a bounce house as most need either an authorization and/or approval before being installed especially if installed in a public setting.

How can I save money?

Like with anything else, make sure to compare costs between a minimum of 3 to 5 businesses. By doing so, you will have the ability to choose the most affordable option. Many businesses will have costs listed right on their main site.

Have a look at day-to-day discount rate sites such as Groupon to see if any offers exist in your location.

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