Cost To Straight Pipe A Car Or Truck

As you might know, every car is equipped with an exhaust system, but of course, very few people know everything about the exhaust system and there will always be something new to learn.

There are many alternatives to the classic exhaust system with which the car comes from the factory, especially for enthusiasts who want their car to be more special or produce stronger noises. Such an exhaust system is the straight piping exhaust system. But at the same time, we must be aware of the fact that in some states it might be illegal to modify your exhaust system.

How Much Does It Cost To Straight Pipe A Car Or Truck?

You should be prepared to spend anywhere between $320 and $1,420 for straight piping your truck or car. This price range would include the installation charges and the straight pipe kit. In case you choose to do this job yourself, you will be able to save anywhere between $100 and $220.

The cost of a straight pipe kit

Plan on spending anywhere between $220 and $1,200 for a straight pipe kit, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

You might want to take into consideration an aftermarket straight pipe kit because these tend to be cheaper than stock options. Though, when it comes to installation, straight exhaust pipes are more challenging than stock types. The reason is that these need custom mounting hangers and brackets.

Installation costs

Depending on your mechanic’s experience and skills, you will have to pay around $220 for the installation of straight exhaust pipes. But you can DIY this project and save money.

Straight Pipe Exhaust Overview

The straight pipe exhaust is a type of exhaust system that uses a series of straight pipes to direct exhaust gases away from the engine. Usually, straight-pipe exhausts are used in high-performance cars and racing vehicles because they produce more power and let the engine breathe more.

Though, straight-pipe exhausts might not be legal in some states as they can be pretty noisy. Moreover, these may lead to wear on engine components and increased vibration. So, straight pipe exhausts are not recommended to any driver. But, this type of system can be a valuable car improvement for those who want to maximize their vehicle’s performance.

Advantages of straight piping your truck or car

A straight pipe exhaust will make your car stand out from the crowd

The installation of an exhaust system with chrome-plated piped is the perfect way to make your car stand out of the crowd. The sleek look of these finishing touches will get people’s attention even before they hear the sound of the engine.

You can choose a twin-pipe installation or a sporty look, both of which come with colorful welds in green, blue, or red.

Enhancement in horsepower

The main advantage of using a straight pipe exhaust is that you will notice an increased horsepower. The pressure from the engine is reduced by this system allowing it to work without being blocked by other exhaust flow limiting systems.

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This determines a better engine breath and gas flow through the vehicle’s cylinders. At the same time, fuel consumption is more efficient.

Reduce the weight profile of your car

Using a straight pipe exhaust is one of the best ways to optimize your car’s fuel consumption. It is made specifically for race cars and truck vehicles, so you can forget about the catalytic converters and mufflers.

Mufflers are heavy-weight parts that reduce the performance of the car. Also, straight pipes weigh less than stock exhaust systems and perform much better.

Appreciate your car’s authentic engine sound

The car will produce a more aggressive, louder sound due to the straight pipes. Usually, these make a deeper sound than other systems, but they will let you also hear the authentic sound of your engine. And, in case you take part in racing games, it will increase your vehicle’s appeal.

Disadvantages of straight piping your truck or car

It can be pretty expensive

The expense of straight piping your vehicle can be pretty high considering that you have to buy the straight pipe exhaust kit and other accessories and pay for the installation. The equipment and the kit may still be pretty expensive, even though you choose to straight-pipe your car yourself.

It will make your vehicle very loud

Straight Pipe KitYour engine’s noise volume will increase after removing the mufflers. Your car may look more appealing but it might also disturb your neighbors. So, you should take into consideration the tolerance of the areas your drive around before making this car change.

Bad for environment

The classic car exhaust system has a muffler and catalytic converter to reduce the emissions your car produces. Also, it reduces the sound level of your vehicle outside and inside. So, if you remove them and install a straight pipe you will affect the environment both through air and noise pollution.

Decreased resale value

The resale value of your vehicle will be affected because straight pipe cars are not legal in some states and even other countries. This is because specific laws ban most types of vehicle customization.

How Do You DIY Straight Pipe Your Car?

You will have to prepare all the necessary materials before starting straight piping your car. These would include:

  • straight pipe kit;
  • straight blasted file;
  • measuring tape;
  • pipe clamps;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • hacksaw and HSS hacksaw blade.

DIY Steps to Install Straight Pipe

  1. Establish the length of the pipe by using a measuring tape. It will be the distance between the outlet of the catalytic converter and the muffler inlet. This should be six inches longer for the joint fittings afterward.
  2. Cut the pipe after you mark the length to be cut with a pencil. You will then hold the pipe by the vice and use a hacksaw with an HSS blade on it to cut the pipe. Remove the cutting burr using a file.
  3. Align and tighten the clamps while your vehicle is parked on leveled ground. Make sure that all parts are aligned by starting the carburetor or the catalytic converter.
  4. In the end, test if you successfully installed the straight pipes and if there are no problems or leaks by starting the engine.

It is recommended to consult an expert mechanic if you are not sure your DIY project went well.


In Which States Is It Considered Illegal to Straight Pipe Your Car?

In general, straight pipping your car is allowed on race tracks. Though, outside the race tracks, not all states allow straight-pipe vehicles. For instance, in the following states is forbidden to straight pipe your car:

  • California;
  • Ohio;
  • Wisconsin;
  • North Carolina;
  • Oklahoma;
  • Florida;
  • Iowa;
  • Kentucky;

Be prepared to be pulled over for excessive car noise, in case you live in an urban area.

Is straight piping your vehicle reversible?

Technically, straight piping your car is reversible. However, once you do it, you will not be able to remodify your vehicle to its stock form. Though, if you want to get back to the classic exhaust system, you can remove the straight pipe system and reinstall a new exhaust system.

How does straight pipping affect your car?

The engine of your car can be damaged to a certain extent due to the straight pipes. Also, it increases gas mileage but improves your vehicle’s performance.

How much horsepower does straight piping add?

Your vehicle’s performance will be increased by five to ten horsepower after straight piping.

Final words

It is up to you if you choose to straight pipe your vehicle. Taking on this project by yourself comes with many benefits, but with many dangers as well if you don’t have the necessary equipment and knowledge. Before making a decision, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of straight piping a vehicle.

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