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Cost to travel to Ireland

Last Updated on January 6, 2024
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Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, to be more precise, is a state in the British Archipelago that occupies a large part of the island of the same name, which it shares with Northern Ireland, one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland North.

How much does it cost to travel to Ireland?

If you are thinking about traveling to Ireland, you should plan on spending around $110 per day. According to other visitors, the local transportation expenses are around $20 per day, while for meals you will have to spend around $35 per day. Also, a hotel room costs around $100 per day for a couple. So, you should expect to spend around $1,500 for a one-week trip to Ireland for two.

In general, the cost of a one-week trip to Ireland for one person is around $780. If you are going with another person for two weeks in Ireland, you should budget almost $3,100. In case you are traveling with your family of three to four members the costs will be lower as the hotel rooms can be shared and the tickets for children are cheaper. Also, the cost will go down if you travel slower for a longer period of time. For instance, two people who travel for one month in Ireland would spend less per day than one person who travels alone for only one week.

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In order to get a better idea about what for and how much you should budget when traveling to Ireland, below you will find the costs split by category.

Accommodation costs

Be prepared to spend around $55 per person for accommodation in Ireland. The average cost of a hotel room for two people would be around $110.

Transportation costs

Obviously, the cost of a taxi ride in Ireland is higher than public transportation. Expect to spend around $20 per day on local transportation. But if you want to travel between towns and cities in Ireland, you will have to pay around $60. It depends on the date, type of transportation, and distance.

Below you will find the Intercity Transportation costs in Ireland:

  • Bus from the airport: $7
  • Bus to Galway: $25
  • Ferry Dublin to London: $37
  • Overnight parking: $10

On the other hand, if you want to rent a car in Ireland, you will have to pay around $18 per day. Though, it depends on your age, location, type of car, and dates.

The cost of a flight ticket depends on the airport you are leaving from and the dates. For instance, the price of a two-way flight ticket from New York to Dublin is around $760.

Food costs

Expect to spend around $35 per day on food in Ireland. The average cost of a meal at a restaurant in Ireland is $15 per person. In general, breakfast meals are cheaper than lunch and dinner. Also, the cost of food is higher at sit-down restaurants than at street food or fast-food restaurants.

For example, lunch for two costs around $35, lunch at Lynam’s Pub is around $5 and a fish and chips dinner cost $9.

Water costs

According to previous visitors, you should be prepared to spend around $5 per day on bottled water in Ireland. However, it is considered safe to drink public water in Ireland.

Alcohol costs

Be prepared to spend around $15 per day on alcoholic beverages in Ireland. Obviously, you can spend much more.

Entertainment costs

Be prepared to spend around $15 per day per person for activities and entertainment in Ireland. This would include various sightseeing expenses, admission tickets to attractions and museums, and day tours.

For instance, the cost of the Wild Wicklow tours is $28, the entrance at the St Paul Cathedral is $5, while the ticket for the Dublin Writers Museum is $7 and if you would like to visit the Guinness Brewery, you will have to pay $30 for two people.

Handouts and tips expenses

In general, you should budget around $8 per day for handouts and tips in Ireland. In this country, the usual amount for a tip is 5% to 15%.

What to see in Ireland

Castle in IrelandOnce in Ireland, you must visit at least one castle. One of the most imposing is Kylemore Castle, located in Connemara National Park. You can also visit Dublin Castle, Belfast Castle, and Ashford Castle.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher, with a height of over 200 meters above sea level. Here you can see how the sea lays down at your feet and how the waves break against the rocks, a sight that simply takes your breath away.

Interesting facts about Ireland

It is said about the Irish that they drink more tea than any other country in the world (with the exception of Turkey). There are cafes dotted all over Ireland that offer a wide range of tea.

The local gastronomy has made Ireland an attractive tourist spot. Irish cuisine is known for the superior quality of the ingredients it uses; most dishes are prepared with greens and spices, rather than salt and pepper. The basic ingredients are potatoes, cereals (especially oats), and dairy products.

Ireland is known for its many varieties of beer and whiskey (the most famous varieties of Irish whiskey are “Bushmills”, “Jameson” and “Tullamore”).

The Irish love music and their dance have conquered the whole world. Among the instruments present in Irish traditional music are bagpipes, violin, accordion, whistle, and bodhran (Irish drum).

On March 17, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick. On this day, everyone wears green clothes, and clovers and drinks beer.

Ireland is an island where no snakes have been found since the last ice age. Due to its isolation from the European continent, many species of animals common in other parts of Europe, such as moles, weasels, or deer, cannot be found in Ireland.

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