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Last Updated on January 6, 2024
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Anyone who talks about Jamaica thinks of all about the sun, the beach, and the sea first. What attracts the most people to these lands are the long sands and their beauty, the blue waters, and the wide range of entertainment on the island.

Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean, has tens of kilometers of coastline with some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. A former Spanish and then British colony, Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth. The native population, descendants of the Arawak and Taino Indians, call the island Xaymaca and nickname it the “Land of Forests and Waters” or “Land of Springs”. Jamaica is also known for the singer Bob Marley, but also for the famous rum obtained from sugar cane molasses.

How much does it cost to travel to Jamaica?

If you are planning to visit Jamaica, you should budget around $110 per day, according to previous travelers. The expenses with the meals would be around $25 per day, while for the local transportation you will need around $15 per day. Also, the cost of a hotel room for a couple is around $140 per night. So, be prepared to spend around $1,500 for a one-week vacation to Jamaica for two people. In case you will go alone to Jamaica, you will need around $750 for one week.

You should know that the travel costs to Jamaica will be lower if you travel as a family of three to four members because hotel rooms can be shared and the tickets are cheaper for children. Also, you will reduce the costs per day if you will travel for a longer period of time. For instance, one couple will spend $6,400 for one month in Jamaica, while the expenses for two weeks would be around $3,000.

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In order to get an idea of how much it costs to travel to Jamaica, we will split the costs into categories, as you can see below.

Accommodation costs

Expect to pay around $70 for a single hotel room in Jamaica, while the cost of a double room would be around $140. But it may vary depending on the period, type of hotel, and luxury level.

Transportation costs

Like most cities, public transportation is cheaper than the price of a taxi ride. Plan on spending around $12 per day for public transportation in Jamaica.

For example, the cost of a taxi ride from the airport to the city costs around $15, and for intercity transportation you will have to budget around $85, depending on the date, type of transportation used, and length of the route.

The cost of a flight ticket to Jamaica depends on factors such as the period, airline company, distance, the airport you are leaving from, and others. For example, the cost of a round-trip flight ticket from Newark Airport, New Jersey to Norman Manley International Airport, Jamaica is around $450.

Food costs

If you like fish, then you will enjoy a special culinary experience in Jamaica. You will find it everywhere, at any restaurant, at very good prices. Red beans, rice, roast chicken and pork, sweet potato pudding, and meat pies – these are among the most popular Jamaican dishes.

Plan on spending around $25 per day for meals in Jamaica. Of course, the costs may vary depending on where you choose to eat as street food is cheaper than food served in restaurants.

Alcohol costs

One person would spend around $10 per day for alcohol in Jamaica, but you can spend much more.

Entertainment cost

This category includes day tours, admission tickets to attractions and museums, and other activities. You should put aside at least $20 per day for having fun in Jamaica.

For instance, the cost of a snorkeling trip is $20, while the price of a 2 hours horseback ride is $45. The admission tickets to various attractions are $3 to $7 and for a one-tank dive, you will have to pay $40.

Jamaica Overview

The island is crisscrossed by a mountain chain, but also by a lot of small creeks that give it a special air. Tropical forests occupy a good part of the territory, and the vegetation is abundant on the whole island, scenting the tropical air. Many of the Jamaican beaches are buzzing with excitement, with young people listening to reggae music at full volume, while others are quiet, true enclaves sprinkled with fine white sand, ideal for relaxation.

Most of the resorts on the island benefit from special beaches. Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios is one of the most popular in Jamaica, being surrounded by luxury resorts and hotels. The northeastern part of Jamaica, the region around the town of Port Antonio, is known for the natural beauties found here. Frenchman Cove, San San Beach, and Blue Lagoon, are just some of the impressive views you can admire on the island.

If you want to go to a typical reggae concert, then Fort Clarence Beach is the best choice. No vacation in Jamaica is complete without a few hours of relaxation spent on the beautiful beaches, listening to the established rhythms that were born here and that have become more than a musical style – a lifestyle for followers.

What to see in Jamaica

Capital Kingston is the largest city in Jamaica. A cosmopolitan city, with intense nightlife and entertainment at every turn, where you can also find impressive botanical gardens and, in general, a lot of green.Kingston Jamaica

Unfortunately, it has been associated with quite a few crimes and scandals, which is why some tourists prefer to avoid it. Kingston was founded after a strong earthquake destroyed the city of Port Royal, in 1692. Thanks to its almost 250 years of history, the city has inherited a special architecture, which includes the oldest cathedral in the Western Hemisphere.

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica and the starting point for tourists. The city is placed in a bay guarded by high mountains. It is a lively place, with many restaurants, bars, shops, and beaches with all-inclusive resorts. In the eastern part of Montego Bay, it is worth seeing Falmouth, an old port from the 18th century with many historic buildings. Also, here you can admire Discovery Bay, the place where Columbus anchored in 1494.

Mandeville, near which you can explore the mountains in the region and admire the most diverse birds and the most spectacular caves in the region. It was built by the English to escape the tropical heat of the coast.

Ocho Rios is the place to go for water sports and dream landscapes. The bay is guarded by mountains covered with vegetation and protected by reefs. Ocho Rios is full of markets, shops, restaurants, clubs, and bars. Also, here you have the opportunity to see one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Dunns River Falls, whose water falls on the beach from a height of approximately 200 m.

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