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Full Costs For Cremation

A human crematory is a specialized unit where bodies of people that have passed away are incinerated. This place may be part of a larger building or even a separate building. Cremation is a very old practice in mankind’s history.

Usually, the incineration process lasts between 1 and 3 hours and it depends on factors like the coffin’s material in which the body is placed, the temperature (around 1,400 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit), the body weight, and so on.

The cost for a body cremation starts from $500 up to $4000.
For a complete funeral package, expect to pay from $2000 up to $9000 and more.

The body for cremation should be placed in a coffin made of flammable material, but also strong enough to be handled by the crematorium staff. If the passed one has body jewelry (earrings, rings, piercings, etc.), they need to be removed before being cremated. In case the body has a pacemaker implanted or other similar things they are required to be removed because they might explode during the process.Cremation Urn

When cremation is completed, the remains are transformed into a white paste, which is let to cool off, then is passed through a technological process that decreases the grain until it reaches the form of ashes. The ash is collected in an urn and handed over to the family.

The ashes are stored in an urn because the family decides what to do with it. They are able to store the jar in a special place, for the cities where there are such places (columbiums) or they can opt to keep the urn at home. Another option is to throw the ashes in nature, sea, mountain or in any other special place.

The cost for a funeral home, mortuary or crematory with no visitors starts from $500 up to $4000, but in general, the average costs are around $1000-$2500. These services usually include document processing, transportation, body storage, a container before and during cremation, but also an urn for ashes.

It’s not necessary to embalm the body unless you want to display the body or if a few days will pass from death till cremation. So the costs for embalming a body start from $200 up to $700 or even more. For cremation, the body must be in a container.

Here are some prices and container types:

$20-$250 for an unlined or unfinished container;
$200-$1000 for a softwood or cardboard casket covered with fabric;
$1200-$800 for a hardwood casket.

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Another cost you should know about is the cost to keep the urn in a special place. If you choose to place it in a mausoleum it will cost you about $350-$2500, depending on whether it’s a public one or a private cemetery. If you choose to bury the ashes you will pay about $800-$2500.

Here’s what to expect in terms of final costs:

• Cremation with no ceremony-$1000-$2500;
• Cremation, memorial service, and informal scattering ashes-$3000-$5000;
• Full traditional funeral with visitors, open casket, cremation, urn, and a place in a mausoleum or urn burial-$6500-$16500.
The ash does not pose human health at risk because the incineration process is done at high temperatures. If desired, the family can assist to the cremation process.

Should the average working Joe consider cremation for relatives that have passed away?

Although the costs for a full cremation service are pretty high for a normal family, remember that you’ll only have to go through this process once for a loved one that has passed away. You should consider it, especially if this was a request of the dying person.

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