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Last Updated on November 19, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
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Double Oven Installation Prices

Do you have guests at your home often or have a big household? Maybe you just have a hidden passion for cooking and checking out brand-new food recipes. Whether the reason is a practical one or a more personal one, some individuals find single, standard ovens to be pretty limiting. For them, double ovens will give increased capabilities and possibilities in the kitchen area.

Double Oven Options

Double ovens can be found in the exact same sizes as standard types, however, they offer 2 different ovens, each with their own door. Producers include the additional oven by getting rid of the storage drawer.

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On lots of designs, the top oven is smaller sized than the bottom oven. Some designs, nevertheless, have 2 equally-sized ovens. Just like normal ovens, a cooktop with 4 (and sometimes 5) burners is included on the top of the system.

Double Oven TypeA double oven is considerably more costly than a standard single oven, although the real expense depends upon the features you opt for. Popular double oven setups consist of the following:

  • Standalone vs. Wall oven: A double oven can be set up at countertop level (like a basic, single oven) or in the wall above the countertop. Double-wall ovens are more ergonomic, specifically in regards to the lower oven, since you do not need to bend too low to gain access to food. A double wall oven, nevertheless, needs a different cooktop.
  • Electric vs. Gas: Electric ovens tend to have a lower initial expense and bigger capability. They’re likewise more popular, so a higher number of designs are used. Gas ovens have a faithful fan base, nevertheless, who know that these systems keep food moister. Gas, moreover, tends to be more effective than electrical power. A double fuel range includes an electrical oven and a gas cooktop.
  • Heating technology: A higher number of ovens now include convection heating, which disperses heat more equally with a fan and reduces cooking times by approximately 25%. Older thermal heating technology does not have any special system for distributing heat. A “real” convection oven has an additional heating element that pre-heats the air blown by the fan and is a little more effective than a standard stove. The latest ovens have steam-assist innovation. A long time favorite of expert chefs, steam cooking is quicker and it keeps food moister.
Other choices: Costlier double ovens have more integrated functions such as:
  • Bigger windows (for much better food viewing)
  • Brighter interior light
  • Self-cleaning
  • Temperature level probes (that notify you when food is fully cooked)
  • Porcelain racks
  • Full-extension racks
  • Postponed bake (set the oven to switch on at a particular time, even when you run out of the home)
  • Warm and hold setting (comparable to a warming drawer)
  • Variable setting broiler
  • Security lock

Double Oven Average Expenses

Double ovens will have prices starting at around $1,250 to $2,500 and can cost as much as $4,000 to $5,000 or more.
Expert setup of a double oven may cost $100 to $200 (or more, if cabinet modification is needed). To make installation as simple as possible, try to find a double oven that’s the same size as your old oven. Expenses can quickly double and even triple for the installation of a brand-new wall oven, as it should be constructed straight into the walls and kitchen cabinetry. If changing an old wall oven, setup will be easier and more economical.
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