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Dr. Fat Loss, a program you might have heard of on popular radio stations such as Z100, 103.5 KTU, and 106.7 Lite FM, promises to “change your life today” with its life-altering program.

Not a diet plan or weight-loss program, the main site states it’s totally natural, no shots, surgical treatment, or exhausting activity is needed, and the whole program is totally monitored for full success.

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Being one hundred percent pre-tested, they target the root of your weight problems with the help of their cutting-edge innovation.

Just how much does Dr. Weight loss cost?

If you check their official site, you won’t be able to find the real expenses; rather, the business asks that you book a consultation to get more information about the program and expenses included. The only thing we were able to find in regards to the expense was the “lose 20-pound warranty”, which essentially mentioned that you could go through the program again totally free as long as you follow the full program’s conditions.

While we weren’t able to find any specific expenses online, we did come across expense quotes based upon a Yelp review page, which noted that you will need to pay $2,000 for the program. This is verified by several customers that wrote their opinion in the “not recommended” reviews area. These rates, nevertheless, should only be taken as a quote and are not guaranteed. To learn more, we do recommend that you get in touch with the business directly for more details.

Aside from the program fee, the expenses of the food, which are different from the ones for the program, are also prices to think about and will very much depend on which food you purchase and where you get it from.

How does Dr. Weight loss work?

The primary step of the program, based on the official “how does it work” page on the main site, is the body structure analysis phase. Throughout this phase, a digital body composition analysis will note your weight, BMI, body fat mass, body fat range, fat-free score, visceral fat score, and other health indications.

Fruits Diet PlanThe 2nd step of the program will be based upon your structure analysis to aid with the customization and tailor a program according to the test results. This personalized program, according to the business itself, will try to aid you to get rid of toxic substances, balance your hormones, burn fat and reset your metabolic process to lose the fat for good. As long as you follow this tailored strategy, Dr. Fat loss notes that you will feel much healthier, much better about yourself, and even work much better. As a health improvement program, they repeat several times that this is not a diet plan or weight-loss program; rather, it ought to be considered as an “improvement”.

The last step of the program, the diet plan, will consist of real foods, fruits, and veggies, without any prepackaged foods, shakes, or drugs included in the strategy. As part of the personalized strategy, this meal program will keep your body in the “weight loss zone”, letting you stay full throughout the day, all while preventing any yearnings. Unlike similar programs, the business notes that the meal plan, based upon the results from your computerized analysis, will aid to stabilize your hormone, reset your metabolic process and keep your organs healthy. All meals as part of the plan are low in calories, easy to follow, and nutrition-dense.

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