Dryer Belt Cost

Dryer Belt Cost

In order to always keep your clothes clean and refreshed, you need an automatic tumble dryer to take care of your family’s clothes, so that they look impeccable every time.

But with time it can get damaged and not work as it does when brand new. Your family’s dryer may be on its last leg if you notice a lot of noise and it no longer spins. The belt is typically what causes these problems, so make sure to replace it.

How Much Does a Dryer Belt Cost?

The average price of a dryer belt is anywhere between $5 and $45. This price is just for the belt itself and does not include the labor costs.

For instance, the cost of a Whirpool dryer belt is anywhere between in most retail stores $18 to $45, while if you choose to go directly to the manufacturer you must be prepared to pay $8 and $11 for a dryer belt.

If you choose to replace the dryer belt yourself you can purchase a dryer repair kit for $25 to $45. Into these kits, you will usually find the support wheels, the belt, and the pulley. For instance, depending on the dyer’s belt size, a Whirpool dryer repair kit costs anywhere between $28 and $36.

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If for any reason you do not want to do this job yourself, you can hire a professional to come to your home and replace it, but you have to pay a service fee that might be anywhere between $55 and $110. Besides that, the repair companies are charging two to three times more just for the belt. However, the whole cost for a professional repair is anywhere between $180 and $300.

Some members of the Metafilter.com forum recommend that you replace the dryer belt yourself because this is not a hard job and it will usually be much cheaper than calling out for a technician. According to other members from the same forum, the price for a house call technician would be anywhere between $75 and $160.

For example, if you choose to call Sears Home Services, be prepared to pay $185 to $245 for the dryer belt repair.

In the table below you will find the price estimates for some dryer belt brands, without installation.

Brand Price of Belt (Without installation)
Whirlpool $5 to $18
Samsung $8 to $15
Roper $4 to $10
Maytag $5 to $11
Magic Chef $4 to $11
Kenmore $4 to $16
Hotpoint $12 to $30
Haier $8 to $15
GE $7 to $15
Frigidaire $8 to $14
Amana $4 to $20
Admiral $5 to $15

What are the extra costs?

Dryer BeltThere are situations when while replacing the dryer belt other problems are discovered by the technician. Professional companies will charge extra in order to fix these problems. Usually, the part that has to be replaced is the motor and it might cost more than $155 for the part alone.

How can I save money?

If DIYing is your idea of fun, then consider replacing the dryer belt yourself. There are numerous online resources that can help with this project and it’s one where there really isn’t much you could do wrong since belts degrade over time anyway.

When hiring a professional for your home improvement project, always get multiple quotes. There are many websites that offer this service at no cost to you and licensed contractors will contact you to give an estimate based on what job needs to be done.

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