How Much Does Dryer Belt Replacement Cost?

Last Updated on February 11, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Replacing a broken or worn out dryer belt can get your appliance functioning properly again, but at what price?

How Much Does Dryer Belt Replacement Cost?

Replacing a dryer belt can range from $15 to $300 on average, with the final price depending on:

  • DIY or professional: Doing it yourself costs less in labor fees.
  • Belt type: More heavy-duty or complex belt designs cost more.
  • Additional repairs needed: If other parts require replacement, the overall repair cost goes up.
  • Technician’s rates: Prices vary based on the repair company and technician experience.

American Appliance Repair notes that depending on the brand and model of the dryer, a new belt may cost $10 to $40, plus labor if professionally installed.

East Coast Appliance writes that dryer belts cost roughly $70, depending on the make and model of the dryer.

How Much Does a DIY Dryer Belt Replacement Cost?

Doing the dryer belt replacement yourself allows you to avoid paying for labor, saving $100 or more. The DIY cost includes:

  • New belt: $15 to $50 for the replacement part. More durable options cost more.
  • Tools: If you don’t have them already, you may need to purchase a screwdriver, wrenches, and/or needle-nose pliers for $5 to $30 total.
  • Shipping: Add $5 to $20 for delivery if ordering the belt online.

So in total, you can expect to spend $25 to $150 on a DIY dryer belt installation. Having the right tools on hand brings the cost down. Taking the time to search for the best deals on parts also helps reduce the DIY expense.

What’s the Cost of Professional Dryer Belt Replacement?

Hiring an appliance repair technician to replace the dryer belt removes the work but comes with added professional fees. You’ll pay:

  • Service charge: $40 to $100 for the call or trip fee.
  • Labor: Around $80 to $150 per hour, with the project taking 0.5-2 hours.
  • Parts: Markup on the belt, around $20 to $75.
  • Misc fees: Any additional taxes, disposal charges, etc.

In total, professional installation ranges from $150 to $350. The exact rate depends on the technician’s pricing, belt cost markup, and time required. Looking for coupons and asking about a first-time customer discount can help lower the price.

When Is It Time to Replace the Dryer Belt?

Watch for these signs your dryer needs a new belt:

  • Loud squealing, screeching noises when operating
  • Burning rubber smell from belt slipping
  • Clothes taking longer than normal to dry
  • Belt appears visibly cracked, brittle, frayed or loose

Replacing the belt at the first signs of wear prevents it from snapping unexpectedly and causing greater appliance damage.

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What Factors Influence the Replacement Cost?

Several key factors impact how much you’ll pay for dryer belt replacement:

  • Belt type: More heavy-duty options cost more but last longer.
  • Brand reputation: Premium brands often come with a higher price tag.
  • Technician experience: Companies charge more for master technicians.
  • After-hours service: Expect to pay extra for weekends, nights or rush jobs.
  • Location: Prices vary based on what’s typical for your geographical area.
  • Extent of labor: Replacing additional parts or difficult access adds time and costs.

Step-by-Step Instructions to DIY Dryer Belt Replacement

Follow these steps to change the dryer belt yourself:

  1. Unplug the dryer and open the cabinet to access internal parts.
  2. Release tension on the belt tensioner to remove slack from the belt.
  3. Carefully roll the belt off each pulley and remove it from the dryer.
  4. Inspect components like pulleys and rollers for damage. Replace if needed.
  5. Thread the new belt around the pulleys according to the diagram.
  6. Increase tension on the tensioner slowly and check that the belt is taut.
  7. Reattach the cabinet and plug in the dryer. Test run the cycle to verify smooth operation.

Take safety precautions and work slowly. Having the proper tools makes the DIY belt change easier.

When Should You Call a Professional for Dryer Belt Repair?

Dryer BeltConsider leaving the project to the professionals when:

  • The dryer requires significant disassembly to access belt area.
  • You’re uncomfortable handling electrical connections.
  • There are signs of additional damage beyond just the belt.
  • You don’t have the proper tools for the job.
  • The repair is too physically demanding.

The extra cost of a professional visit gives you their expertise and avoids complications from improper repairs. For complex jobs, it can provide peace of mind.

Tips for Reducing Dryer Belt Replacement Costs

These tips can help lower the price of fixing your dryer belt:

  • Shop around for the best deal on replacement belts. Check multiple suppliers.
  • Compare quotes if hiring a technician. Ask about a first-time discount.
  • Consider a shorter warranty on the belt to reduce the price.
  • Buy a belt repair kit if doing DIY. It includes the tools you’ll need.
  • Inspect the dryer for other worn parts to replace at the same time.
  • Ask about seasonal deals or coupon promotions to save money.

Final Words

Replacing a broken dryer belt restores functionality to your appliance so you can get your laundry done. Understanding your DIY repair abilities and budget can help decide between a DIY job or hiring a professional.

Addressing the issue promptly minimizes costs and avoids damage from unexpected belt failure down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a dryer?

It is typically cheaper to repair a dryer than to replace the entire appliance.

Simple fixes like a new belt or heating element cost $200 or less. A full dryer replacement averages $500 to $1000 for a basic model. More extensive repairs approach replacement cost, but avoiding a completely new purchase can save several hundred dollars in many cases.

Evaluating the repair costs against a replacement price for your specific dryer can determine the more cost-effective option.

Is it worth fixing a 10 year old dryer?

Fixing a 10-year-old dryer can be worth it if the core components, like the drum and motor, are still in good condition.

For minor repairs under $200, like a new belt or thermal fuse, it is likely worthwhile to extend the life of a 10-year-old dryer. More extensive repairs on an older appliance may not be cost-effective though.

Before investing in major repairs, determine if replacement parts will be available and evaluate adding up repair bills versus the cost of a new efficient dryer. Routine maintenance helps minimize major repairs.

Is it worth replacing the dryer belt?

It is usually worth it to replace a worn or damaged dryer belt.

A new belt that fits properly will stop abnormal noises, long drying times, and heating issues. Replacing the belt costs $15-$75 for DIY or $150-$350 professionally.

Letting a severely worn belt continue deteriorating could lead to full breakdown requiring more expensive repairs. Since the belt is an inexpensive component, proactive replacement as soon as signs of wear appear can extend a dryer’s lifespan and avoid disruptive breakdowns.

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