Ellen TV Show Tickets Cost

Ellen Show Ticket Cost

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Ellen Lee Degeneres is a known standup comic who initially began her career on tv through an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1986.

Today, her very popular syndicated tv talk show “The Ellen Degeneres Show” has actually been among the most viewed talk shows worldwide not only because of her comedic abilities but also because of her strings of prominent invited guests every once in a while.

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The program also has a custom of showcasing brand-new talents from all around the world. So if you are a nobody from a country no one has ever heard about and you were welcomed to be a part of “The Ellen Show”, brace yourself for almost instant popularity and great fame.

Because of this, it is no surprise that plenty of individuals from all walks of life desire a taste of what it means to see the show in person while being taped for tv. However, getting tickets would be rather difficult. With a show of that caliber, just how much do Ellen tickets cost? What should be your expectations?

Typical Cost of Tickets To Ellen Degeneres Show

The price of tickets to Ellen Degeneres’ show is a tremendous $0! Yes, you read it right, it’s not a typo. Enjoying the ever-famous and awesome show is definitely free of charge.

However, there’s a catch. You actually have to be patient and would be requiring plenty of prayers. That’s due to the fact that the in-demand tickets are not dispersed the way they give out free samples of some products in supermarkets.

Aside from the Ellen tickets being complimentary, the procedure is reasonably simple and sweat-free. And you just need about 15 minutes to know your fate.

Here’s the step by step procedure on how to acquire 4 free passes to “The Ellen Show”:

  1. Go to Ellentube.com.
  2. You will see the online ticket demand calendar. Look for ticket availability.
    If there are readily available tickets for a specific date, you can click it depending upon your own schedule and submit the form then click send. This is due to the fact that you can only do one date/request at a time.
  3. Wait to be called by one of their agents if you are fortunate enough to be selected or you are quick enough to request, as the ticket circulation is apparently on a first-come-first-served basis. Or fastest fingers first, as more clearly put.

What will be included in the Ellen Tickets Price?

You and your loved ones or buddies are in for a treat when you get lucky enough to be offered 4 tickets to see The Ellen Show.
Aside from having the ability to see and enjoy Ellen Degeneres’ comical acts and monologues, you can also have the possibility to view a few of Hollywood’s A-List celebs and even the president of the United States if you’re lucky enough.
Not just that, you are also allowed to take pictures and videos of these visitors and Ellen herself, play games, and you can also get some incredible free gifts as a token for coming by.

Extra Expenses

You are not required to pay a penny for viewing the show. However, if you are coming from another place and you have to travel by airplane or some other ways of transport, that would be your main expense. Plus any expenditures while taking the trip like food and drinks, to name a few. Think about these as a part or the only expense of tickets to Ellen Degeneres Show.

Alternative Ways of Getting The Ellen Show Tickets

Ellen TV ShowSince you are taking on plenty of people, even hundreds of thousands actually, there is a slim chance of you getting called. However, don’t fret as there are other ways to get the tickets. This is called the “Day of” Tickets or “Stand By Tickets”.

These are offered to those who have actually asked for tickets a couple of times but never got hired to enjoy the real show. They can call the number 818.954.5929 to ask for a ticket that is meant just for the day the request is made. That is because they are declining standby ticket requests for a future date since the same-day ticket circulation is just restricted to the number of tickets offered for that specific day.

So if you are living or within the area where the show tapes their episode or if you are from other locations and happen to be checking out the area, now is your chance. However, make sure to call before twelve noon or you will no longer be accommodated.

Factors Affecting Ellen Degeneres Show Ticket Count

As already noted, the only time you will need to pay for anything when attending the show live is when you are not within the area and you have to take a plane or any public transportation to get to the studio. If you live within the vicinity, consider yourself lucky.

For additional information on how to get tickets to the program, see EllenTV.com.

Extra Info

Here are essential recommendations when asking for The Ellen Degeneres Show tickets:

Their site just reveals dates where tickets are readily available for usage. When a date in the calendar says “Fully Booked” or is blank, it means that you can not ask for that specific date.
You may get thrilled when you have effectively sent a request form. However, hold your horses as the form submission does not ensure that you would get the tickets unless you get a call from their agent to tell you that you really are picked.

If you have not gotten the much-expected call within 2 weeks, you could try your luck once again and ask for a new date.
The Ellen Show only allows individuals 14 years and older in the facilities and minors ought to be accompanied by an adult and must have a legitimate ID.
If you or your buddy to the show have any special requirement, you should notify them best upon getting their call of confirmation that you are chosen to get tickets. Or you might do so by calling them 2 weeks before the show date.
You need to be at least 18 years of age to be permitted to ask for tickets.
Considering that you can just be allowed to demand tickets one at a time, do not try to ask a number of times under different names. They would know it’s you.
They reserve the right to not allow you in at their discretion.
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