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Last Updated on January 7, 2024
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Fatburger is an American fast casual restaurant chain well-known for its “Fatburger”, that comes in various sizes ranging from small to 3XL. Also, they are famous for their “fresh-never-frozen” food, sandwiches, lean beef, veggie burgers, chicken, and turkey. The “homemade-from-scratch” onion rings and “hand-scooped real ice-cream” milkshakes are the other two products Fatburger is known for.

Even though this is a fast-food restaurant, their food is cooked and made to order, exactly the way the clients want. They use only traditional cooking methods and the freshest ingredients. There are no microwaves or heat lamps in their kitchens.

Depending on the type of meal you buy, the Fatburger price may be pretty high. But you can get a better idea about how much you should budget for their food and drinks by taking a look at the table below where you will find the latest Fatburger menu prices.

Fatburger menu prices

Food Size Price


1000 Island Fatburger $6.9
Chicken Sandwich $7.48
Fatburger Small $4.6
Fatburger Medium $6.33
Fatburger Large $7.48
Fatburger XXL $9.78
Fatburger 3XL $11.14
Turkey Burger $6.61
Veggie Burger $6.61
Western Bacon BBQ Fatburger $7.48

Add Ons

Bacon $1.15
Cheese (American or Swiss) $1.15
Chili $1.15
Egg $1.15

Make It A Meal

Includes Fries & Drink

Chicken Meal $12.65
Large Meal (Large Fatburger) $12.65
Medium Meal (Medium Fatburger) $11.5
Small Meal (Small Fatburger) $9.78
Turkey Meal $11.79
Veggie Meal $11.79


Chili Cheese Fat Fries $6.04
Chili Cheese Skinny Fries $6.04
Fat or Skinny Fries $3.45
Homemade Onion Rings $4.6

Drinks & Shakes

Soda Regular $2.59
Real Ice Cream Milkshakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Maui Banana, or Oreo) $5.18

Brand history

The story of the Fatburger business starts back in 1947, in the neighborhood of Exposition Park in Los Angeles, California with Lovie Yancey and her husband. They opened a three-stool hamburger store named “Mr. Fatburger”. However, in 1972 they split and the name of the stand was changed to just “Fatburger”. She offered her customers the possibility to custom-order their burgers. Her clients included entertainers like Ray Charles and Redd Fox.

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Fatburger Menu ItemsMore and more clients started to appreciate Lovie’s burgers and soon these became the best in town. As a result, she needed to keep her store open later in the night. In 1973, Lovie took the decision to open a second location on La Cienega Boulevard in west Los Angeles. It became a popular place for late-night partygoers pretty soon.

In 1981, Fatburger started franchising and in 1990 the business was sold to the investment company Johnson Development Corporation, which was owned by Magic Johnson.

The restaurant chain was bought by Fog Cutter Capital Group, Inc. in 2003. After this acquisition, the restaurant expanded all over the United States of America and other countries. Currently, there are Fatburger locations in five western US states including Colorado, Nevada, and California, and countries such as Japan, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Panama, the United Kingdom, Oman, Fiji, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iraq, Macau, India, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

Thanks to the references to the restaurant in hip-hop singles such as “Late Night” by Tupac Shakur, “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube, and “Going Back to Cali” by the Notorious BIG, it gained a lot of popularity. Also, Fatburger has several celebrity investors including Kanye West, Queen Latifah, E-40, and Pharell.

 Our review

The Fatburger menu includes a wide variety of made-to-order burgers that come in different quantities and sizes. Clients can choose between large, medium, and small sizes, while for the quantity they can choose between two and three patties. For instance, they can order XXXL for three patties or XXL for two patties. Also, they offer Veggieburgers, Turkey burgers, and Skinnyburgers. Depending on the ordered quantity and size, you will have to pay anywhere between $5 and $15 for a burger.

For an extra cost, clients may also order drinks, sides, and add-ons. The sides cost anywhere between $5 and $8 and include onion rings, chili cheese fries, skinny fries, and fat fries. The add-ons are priced at around $3 each and include options such as cheese, gluten-free buns, bacon, chili, and eggs.

For a hand-scooped milkshake, you will have to pay anywhere between $6 and $8. They come in different flavors like Maui banana, chocolate, ice cream, vanilla, cookies, and strawberry. Some other beverages include lemonade, iced tea, and sodas, and cost anywhere between $5 and $6.

Besides burgers, the Fatburger menu also includes sandwiches such as the Sausage and Egg sandwich, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Cajun Chicken sandwich, and the Crispy Chicken sandwich. Plan on spending anywhere between $7 and $10 for one of these.

The Fat Salad, which is made mostly with lettuce, with the option of adding chicken, is priced at $5 to $7. There are also Chili Dogs and Hot Dogs, that cost anywhere between $6 and $8. This restaurant also offers different Meals that consist of fries, a drink, and a selected burger, like the Turkey Meal, Small Meal, Veggie Meal, Medium Meal, Chicken Meal, and Large Meal. Expect to pay $12 to $15 for a Meal.

Fatburger offers efficient and quick delivery service. They don’t take reservations as they provide a fast-casual service. Their staff is very helpful and friendly, and the burgers are definitely the client’s favorite. Also, the milkshakes are highly recommended. Overall, Fatburger offers a great dining experience.

Fatburger FAQs

At what time does Fatburger open?

Fatburger opens at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. But it may vary depending on the location. You should visit their official website to check the opening hours based on your location.

At what time does Fatburger close?

Most Fatburger restaurants close at 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and at 11:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. So, you have to visit their website to check this information.

Who founded Fatburger?

Fatburger was founded in 1947 by Lovie Yancey.

Does Magic Johnson own Fatburger?

Magic Johnson used to own Fatburger but he does not own it anymore.

What basketball player owns Fatburger?

The Fatburger location from Orlando Park is owned by the NBA stars Tim Hardaway Jr., Derrick Rose, and Anthony Davis Jr.

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