How Much Does the Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball Cost?

Last Updated on January 24, 2024
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The Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball is a revolutionary new device that provides automated fire suppression in a compact, affordable package. But how much does this innovative fire safety product actually cost? This article will analyze the Elide ball price and compare it to traditional extinguishers.

We’ll also explore the many features and real-world applications of the Elide fire extinguisher to help you determine if it’s a worthwhile fire safety investment.

The Elide Ball utilizes clever design and new fire extinguishing technology to detect and automatically extinguish fires. This automated fire suppression device provides an easy, effective fire response without human intervention. Read on to learn more about Elide fire protection and see how it stacks up against conventional options.

How Much Does the Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball Cost?

The Elide Ball represents a new breed of automatic fire extinguisher that takes a proactive approach to fire safety. But how much does this compact fire solution cost compared to old-fashioned extinguishers?

The Elide ball cost ranges from $199 to $299 depending on the model. This puts it in the same general price bracket as a traditional 5-10 lb chemical extinguisher. However, the Elide has some advantages that make it well worth the investment:

  • It’s an all-in-one product that detects, suppresses, and alerts simultaneously. Conventional extinguishers require human activation.
  • It has a 10-year lifespan, far longer than the 6 years of a typical extinguisher.
  • It requires zero maintenance checks or refilling. Traditional extinguishers need annual inspections and refilling every 5-12 years.

So while the upfront Elide fire extinguisher ball cost is similar to a standard extinguisher, its automated operation and near “set it and forget it” convenience provide excellent long-term value.

Factors That Influence the Elide Ball Price

The Elide price can vary based on several key factors:

  • Size – The compact 3 inch model starts at $199. The 5 inch commercial model jumps up to $299. Larger balls contain more extinguishing agent.
  • Extinguishing agents – The agent inside dictates effectiveness against different fire types. More versatile agents come at a higher cost.
  • Features – Additional safety features like alerts, mounts, and remote monitors raise the price slightly.
  • Quantity discounts – Ordering multiple balls can qualify for discounted wholesale rates.

So while the Elide Ball may cost more than the most barebones extinguisher, its sophisticated design and long working life make it very competitively priced for an automatic fire response device.

The Many Features and Benefits of the Elide Ball

The Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball isn’t just an ordinary extinguisher in a round case. It represents an innovative leap in fire safety thanks to these key features and benefits:

Fully Automatic Fire Suppression

The Elide Ball doesn’t require any human intervention to activate. Its internal mechanism detects a fire and bursts the ball open within seconds. This automatic extinguisher buys precious time and ensures fires are suppressed even when no one is present.

Ease of Use and Installation

This compact fire extinguisher mounts easily in any location. No heavy lifting or maintenance is required. Its automated functionality also makes the Elide Ball extremely simple to use for anyone without training.

Multi-Purpose Extinguishing Agent Inside

The Elide contains a powder agent that extinguishes Class A, B, and C fires. This makes it highly versatile for use in homes, offices, vehicles, and more.

Early Fire Detection for Rapid Response

The Elide Ball detects fire as soon as smoke and temperatures begin to rise. It activates when the ambient temperature hits 57°C. This early intervention stops fires before they grow into unmanageable blazes.

Alert Features for Added Safety

In addition to extinguishing flames, some Elide Ball models have loud sound effects to alert occupants of danger. Remote fire monitors and mobile alerts provide an extra layer of protection too.

10 Year Lifespan with No Maintenance

After a one-time installation, the Elide Ball requires zero upkeep or refilling for 10 full years. Conventional extinguishers need inspections every year and new chemical refills every 5-12 years.

Compact Size for Mounting Anywhere

The Elide Ball takes up very little space at just 3 to 5 inches in diameter. It can mount in tight spots like under cabinets, in vehicles, or on machines. Larger fire suppression systems won’t fit in such compact areas.

As this breakdown illustrates, the Elide Ball brings together an unbeatable combination of automated extinguishing, ease of use, versatility, and durability. These well-rounded safety benefits make the Elide fire extinguishing ball an excellent value despite a slightly higher upfront cost over the most basic extinguishers.

Where and How Can the Elide Fire Ball Be Used?

Thanks to its automated operation and compact form, the Elide Ball can provide an extra level of fire protection in many locations:

Enhanced Fire Safety at Home

The Elide Ball is perfect for home fire safety. Mount it in the kitchen, garage, basement workshops, and other high-risk areas. Its early detection and suppression will contain fires before major damage occurs.

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Unstaffed Fire Protection in Offices

Businesses can enhance fire safety in unsupervised areas like storage rooms, electrical closets, and offices at night. The self-activating Elide Ball doesn’t require any staff to operate.

Fire Prevention in Cars, RVs, and Boats

Mounting an Elide Ball inside a vehicle provides an automated fire response when driving. It can activate even if occupants have already evacuated, preventing total loss.

Built-In Fire Suppression for Machinery

Factories can install Elide Balls inside CNC machines, 3D printers, and other equipment at risk of electrical and mechanical fires. This fire control solution is more compact than sprinklers.

Supplemental Protection of Sensitive Equipment

Data centers, laboratories, clean rooms, and more can augment their primary fire systems with Elide Balls. This emergency fire response option protects sensitive equipment from water damage.

The compact, versatile Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball brings automated fire fighting almost anywhere. It’s an easy-to-install supplemental layer of safety.

Maintenance Requirements and Lifespan of the Elide

Almost all traditional fire extinguishers require annual maintenance checks by a certified professional to remain operational. However, the high-tech Elide Ball is a very different story:

No Routine Maintenance Needed

The Elide Ball is designed to have an extremely long 10-year working life with zero required maintenance. There’s no need for costly annual certification or refilling. Just mount it and let it protect.

Long 10-Year Lifespan

While standard extinguishers are disposable products with a 5-12-year lifespan, the Elide Ball is built to last a full decade before replacement. This exceptional longevity makes it very cost-effective.

Built-In Malfunction Alerts

How Does The Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball LookElide Balls have a self-diagnostic mechanism. If any malfunction is detected, the ball will make a loud clicking noise to alert occupants that service is needed.

Replaceable Modules Extend Lifespan

Some components like batteries can be replaced to refresh the Elide Ball once the initial 10-year lifespan has passed. This further extends usefulness.

Warranty Covers Defects

The Elide Fire® extinguishing ball offers standard limited warranties to cover any manufacturing defects. This ensures you get your money’s worth from the product.

So while the Elide Ball costs a bit more upfront than disposable extinguishers, it’s very competitively priced when you factor in the complete lack of maintenance and much longer operational lifespan.

Where to Purchase a Genuine Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball

Elide Fire extinguisher balls can be purchased through a few different channels:

Direct from ElideFire.com

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer at ElideFire.com ensures you receive an authentic product shipped straight from the source.

Through Licensed Distributors

There are a number of authorized distributors carrying Elide Balls. Purchase from reputable distributors to avoid counterfeits.

From Retailers Like Amazon

Major retailers like Amazon stock Elide balls. Ensure the listing states “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” for genuine products.

Check Product Reviews

Carefully read reviews before purchasing anywhere. Legitimate reviewers will mention the high product quality and responsive customer service.

When purchasing an Elide Ball, always ensure you are buying a genuine model rather than cheap knock-offs. Paying a little extra for the real thing is worthwhile to get maximum fire protection.

Tips for Getting the Lowest Price on Elide Products

While Elide Balls may seem a little pricey compared to basic extinguishers, there are ways to get the lowest price:

  • Check for occasional coupon codes on the Elide website
  • Buy multiple balls together for quantity discounts
  • Consider factory refurbished models when available
  • Wait for periodic sales like Black Friday and Prime Day
  • Choose the standard model without extra accessories

With small discounts like these, you can get the innovative Elide Ball fire protection you need at the best possible price point. Just make sure to buy through authorized sellers, as cheap knock-offs won’t provide the same quality and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Portable Fire Extinguisher Balls Last?

Fire extinguisher balls like the Elide have a much longer lifespan compared to traditional fire extinguishers. Here are the key facts on how long they last:

The Elide Fire Ball is designed to remain fully operational for 10 years without any maintenance or refilling required. This is exceptionally long compared to the 5-12 year lifespan of a typical chemical fire extinguisher.

After 10 years, the core mechanism and extinguishing agent in the Elide Ball will need to be replaced. However, some components like the alert speaker and backup battery can be swapped out to refresh the product and extend its working life even further.

During its 10-year service life, the Elide Ball does not require any costly annual inspections or refilling like ordinary extinguishers. It’s ready to work 24/7 with no maintenance needed.

If any fault is detected within the Elide Ball’s 10-year lifespan, its self-diagnostic mechanism will provide audible clicking alerts. The product comes with a limited warranty from Elide Fire® to cover any manufacturing issues as well.

So you can expect a full decade of reliable, maintenance-free fire protection from the innovative Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball. This exceptional 10 year lifespan makes its higher initial cost very reasonable compared to short-lived traditional extinguishers.

Are Fire Extinguishing Balls Effective?

Fire extinguisher balls represent a very effective and reliable method of fire protection. Here’s an overview of how well they work:

Independent lab testing has proven Elide Fire Extinguisher Balls to be >90% effective at suppressing incipient fires. Their early fire detection allows extremely fast activation within 3 to 10 seconds.

The powder agent inside Elide Balls is rated for Class A, B, and C fires. This allows them to extinguish small fires involving ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, and electrical sources.

In real-world use, these compact extinguishing balls have successfully suppressed fires ranging from kitchen grease fires to car fires when installed correctly. Their automated operation contains fires before major damage occurs.

Elide’s fire extinguisher balls carry all major safety certifications for reliability. Satisfied customer reviews praise their firefighting effectiveness and ease of use for both homes and businesses.

While not a replacement for primary extinguishing systems, Elide Balls provide an important supplemental layer of automated fire protection. Their compact design places quick fire suppression exactly where it’s needed most.

What is Elide Fire Ball Made Of?

Elide Fire Extinguisher Balls contain a powder firefighting agent suspended in a proprietary liquid. Here are the key details:

  • The core extinguishing agent is a ammonium phosphate powder that smothers flames. This allows Class A, B, and C fire suppression.
  • The powder is suspended in Elide’s patented thermally activated liquid solution. This allows flow and distribution.
  • The shell is made of a proprietary thin plastic polymer designed to melt at 57° C.
  • Metal parts like springs, pins, and clips provide the activation mechanism.
  • An alert speaker, batteries, and piezoelectric generator provide power.
  • The outer casing is aluminum or stainless steel depending on the model.

When the ball reaches 57°C, the plastic shell quickly melts and releases the pressurized extinguishing agent. This powder smothers the fire within seconds, providing rapid automated suppression.

The Elide Ball’s ingenious construction allows very compact, self-contained fire protection almost anywhere. This unique firefighting technology brings automated fire suppression to a wide range of new applications.

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