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How Much Does a Fitness 19 Personal Trainer Cost?

Last Updated on February 18, 2024
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Investing in a personal trainer at Fitness 19 can be one of the best decisions you make for your health and fitness goals. But before committing to those one-on-one coaching sessions, it’s important to understand the cost considerations.

This guide examines Fitness 19 personal trainer prices, packages, and how to maximize your investment.

Working with a qualified personal trainer provides customized guidance and accountability to help you achieve tangible results.

While group fitness classes can be more affordable, a personal trainer develops tailored workout and nutrition plans based on your unique objectives. Let’s explore the ins and outs of Fitness 19 personal training costs.

How Much Does a Fitness 19 Personal Trainer Cost?

Personal training rates can range from $30 to $120 per hour, depending on the trainer’s experience level and location. At Fitness 19 gyms, prices typically fall between $40 to $70 per hour. The average cost of personal training at Fitness 19 is $55 per session.

Fitness 19 offers personal fitness coaching at over 200 locations across the country. Pricing may vary slightly between gyms but generally stays within the range above.

More experienced personal trainers or those based in major metro areas like Los Angeles or New York City may charge higher rates.

According to the official website, the Fitness 19 gyms offer affordable rates and month-to-month memberships, with the option of pre-paid memberships available in a variety of terms from 30 days to 1 year.

When you work with a Fitness 19 personal trainer, you receive fully customized exercise programming and guidance. Sessions focus on your specific goals like weight loss, muscle building, rehabilitation, or improving cardiovascular health. Trainers monitor and adjust your routine over time for optimal results.

Factors Influencing Fitness 19 Personal Trainer Costs

What factors impact the cost of personal training at Fitness 19? The main elements are:

  • Session length – The standard is one hour, but shorter or longer sessions are available. 30-minutes costs less, while 90-minutes costs more.
  • Trainer expertise – More seasoned trainers with advanced certifications tend to charge higher rates.
  • Package deals – Buying multiple sessions in bulk usually provides cost savings per session.
  • Additional services – Options like nutritional guidance or fitness assessments may incur added fees.

The credentials and qualifications of the Fitness 19 trainer also influence cost. Most hold certifications from respected organizations like the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and others. Some have specialized degrees in exercise science or physical therapy.

Personal Training Packages

Purchasing personal training in packages versus paying per single session provides an opportunity for significant savings at Fitness 19. Typical packages include:

  • 4 sessions – Cost per session averages $50 to $65
  • 8 sessions – Cost per session averages $45 to $60
  • 12 sessions – Cost per session averages $40 to $55
  • 24 sessions – Cost per session averages $35 to $50

Buying larger packages reduces the per-session rate, with savings of up to 30%. Packages also motivate you to stick to a consistent workout schedule and see better results. Monthly memberships for unlimited training may also be available.

Maximizing Your Investment in Personal Training

Follow these tips to get the most value from personal training at Fitness 19:

  • Set clear, measurable fitness goals – Weight loss targets, strength gains, run times, etc.
  • Communicate regularly with your trainer on progress, questions, and concerns.
  • Come prepared and focused for each session – Follow the provided nutrition and rest recommendations.
  • Take advantage of additional Fitness 19 amenities like group fitness classes or gym equipment orientations.
  • Consider paying a bit more for an extremely knowledgeable trainer if it fits your budget.
  • Be consistent with your sessions for maximum results – 2 to 3 times per week is ideal.

Investing in a qualified Fitness 19 personal trainer provides accountability, motivation, and expertise to help you crush your fitness goals. But you need to put in the work and stick to the program.

Additional Costs to Consider

When budgeting for personal training at Fitness 19, keep the following potential extra costs in mind:

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  • Membership fee – Non-members pay a premium rate for training, so membership of around $10 to $30 per month is recommended.
  • Fitness assessment – Many trainers charge for a comprehensive initial assessment, around $50 to $100.
  • Gym access – Some locations charge a small gym usage fee per session for non-members.
  • Nutrition plans – Meal planning or customized nutrition services may incur an added cost, around $100 and up.

Discuss any costs beyond the session rates with your potential trainer upfront so you can determine if it fits your budget. Some items like fitness assessments provide value by setting baselines and tailored plans.

How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

Personal TrainingNot all Fitness 19 trainers are equal when it comes to expertise, coaching style, and personality. It’s important to find the right fit to meet your needs. Look for these traits when selecting your trainer:

  • Knowledgeable in exercise form, programming, nutrition, and recovery. Look for multiple advanced certifications.
  • An attentive listener who gathers your fitness history and goals and then tailors a plan.
  • Motivating by celebrating small wins and pushing you out of your comfort zone.
  • Focused on proper form and keeping you injury-free.
  • Personality and training style that complements your own – tough vs. encouraging, focused vs. social, etc.

Interview potential trainers via phone or an intro session. Many Fitness 19 locations have online trainer profiles detailing certifications, background, specialties, and training philosophy. Finding the right fit will help you stick to your fitness program long-term.

Final Words

Investing in personal training delivers results by providing expert guidance, motivation, and accountability. At Fitness 19, one-on-one coaching ranges from $40 to $70 per hour on average, with package deals offering per session savings.

Though not cheap, high-quality training tailored to your goals creates value for the cost. Prepare to put in the work, communicate openly, and trust your Fitness 19 trainer to help you achieve health and fitness success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do personal trainers (PTs) charge?

Personal trainers typically charge between $40 and $120 per hour-long session, with rates varying based on factors like location, trainer experience and qualifications, package deals, and additional services.

The average cost for personal training is around $60 to $70 per hour. Group training sessions with 2 or more clients tend to be more affordable, averaging $35 to $50 per person per hour.

Those new to training normally fall on the lower end of the range, while highly qualified trainers in major cities charge over $100 per session.

Is it worth paying for a personal trainer?

Paying for personal training is worth it for many people because it provides motivation, accountability, and expertise to help you achieve tangible fitness results safely and efficiently. A good trainer tailors the workout and nutrition plan to your specific goals.

The one-on-one coaching also teaches proper exercise form to prevent injury. Personal trainers additionally provide encouragement through fitness plateaus when you may be tempted to quit.

If you have struggled to meet fitness goals independently, have little gym experience, or find solo workouts boring, a personal trainer often proves a worthy investment. Those short on motivation or with medical conditions especially benefit from personalized guidance.

Is training with a PT once a week enough?

Training with a personal trainer just once per week can provide benefits, but most experts recommend 2 to 3 sessions per week for optimal results. The more often you strength train per week, the better your muscle and strength gains.

Once weekly training maintains some fitness gains but may not be enough frequency for substantial improvements. It also makes it harder for the trainer to properly progress your program week to week.

For maximum impact, schedule personal training sessions on non-consecutive days, like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Consistency with 2 to 3 sessions weekly, along with following the trainer’s nutrition advice, will help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest effective timeframe.

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