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Last Updated on December 24, 2022
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Over three decades ago, Flowmaster was founded as a car parts manufacturer. Today they have grown into one of California’s most reputable companies with strong relationships with Holley Performance Products Manufacturing Company, which specializes more heavily in off-highway vehicle fuel systems among many other things like emissions control equipment for cars made by Mercedes Benz.

You can find most of Flowmaster’s products on Holley’s official website.

Flowmaster is the leading producer of car parts. They have a wide range of exhaust systems, mufflers, and catalytic converters that are popular among consumers for their high-quality materials used in production.

How Much Does Flowmaster Exhaust System Cost?

The average cost of a Flowmaster Exhaust System is around $1,400, with the cheaper at $280 and the most expensive at $850.

There are five brands of exhaust systems sold by Flowmaster such as Force II, American Thunder, DBX Series, Outlaw Series, and FlowFx.

The most expensive exhaust systems sold by Flowmaster are the ones from Outlaw Series, with an average price of $1,300.

On the other hand, the DBX series is the cheapest series line, with an average price of almost $680.

It is very important to mention that these estimates are only for the exhaust system itself and do not include the labor costs.

If you are not a good mechanic, you will have to hire a professional to install the new Flowmaster exhaust system. Be prepared to pay for both installation and the exhaust system anywhere between $360 and $1,650, with an average cost of $1,000.

According to CarMD, in California, the labor cost is around $150 per hour, while in Vermont it is $130 per hour. These prices depend on the geographical location, but also on the model of the car. However, the average cost to install a Flowmaster exhaust system is $170.

In the table below you will find a price comparison with the automotive parts company CARiD.

Types of Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

  1. FlowFx

The FlowFx exhaust system produces a subtle sound that is neither too loud nor softened by the car’s mufflers. This makes it perfect for those who want to be equipped with the performant Flowmaster’s products.

There is only one finish available for this model and that is 409S stainless steel. Even so, some have a titanium-like appearance and others are darker matte, depending on the exhaust.

The price of a FlowFx Exhaust System is anywhere between $260 and $1,100, with an average price of $680.

The sound types range from moderate, moderate-mild to aggressive-moderate and aggressive.

This system is comprised of two types of exhausts, cat black and axle, and the diameter of the tubing is anywhere between 2.25 and 3 inches.

This series fits multiple engines including the 6.4L and 5.0L Hemi engines.

  1. American Thunder

American thunder is the best when it comes to producing a loud and clear exhaust sound. With chambered mufflers, these systems allow for optimal performance while still making your car’s engine purr along like never before.

There are two main types available that you can choose from – stainless steel or aluminized steel. Both have their own benefits which may suit different needs depending on how much you’re willing to spend as well as other factors like whether durability matters more than weight (in which case aluminum would be better).

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The average price of an American Thunder Exhaust System is around $760, with the cheapest at around $120 and the most expensive at $1,400.

American Thunder Exhaust Systems are available for a wide range of engines such as v8 engines, 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.0L, and SOHC. The diameter of the tubing ranges anywhere between 2.25 and 4 inches and has one-half increments in-between.

The available sound levels include moderate-mild, aggressive moderate, aggressive and moderate.

These types of exhaust systems are available in axle-back systems, cross member, and cat models.

Some of the main characteristics of the American Thunder exhaust system are that it includes a variety of sound types, it can be made from aluminized steel or 409 stainless steel, it comes equipped with 16-gauge tubing and with hardware that transforms the installation process into an easy one. Moreover, it comes with dyno tunes for the best air-fuel ratio and performance.

  1. Outlaw Series

One of the most popular exhaust systems for sports cars is Flowmaster’s Outlaw series. Made from 409S stainless steel, these loud and well-suited to racers’ needs produce prominent sounds in order to make them stand out from other cars on the road or track.

The price of an Outlaw Series exhaust system is anywhere between $300 and $2,300, with an average cost of $1,300.

The Outlaw Series include the cat-back and axle-back system types. Plus the sound level ranges from aggressive-moderate to aggressive.

These fit a wide range of vehicles as the diameter of the exhaust system comes in a few different sizes, anywhere between 2.5 and 4 inches.

Some of the main characteristics of the Outlaw Series exhaust system include the material it is made from, which is high-quality steel, enhances the car’s throttle response, and comes with the hardware included.

  1. Force II

This is one of the most expensive product lines offered by Flowmaster. These systems are recommended to those who prefer not to attract attention and make so much noise while driving daily. Also, these systems are made for different types of vehicles like trucks, sedans, and SUVs.

Expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $1,360, with an average price of $830 for a Force II Exhaust System.

The sound levels offered by this system are mild, moderate-mild, and moderate.

There are more types you can choose from such as cross member, cat, DPF back, and axle.

The diameter of the tubing ranges from 2.25 to 4 inches.

The material it is made from can be aluminized steel or stainless steel.

  1. DBX Series

Flowmaster’s DBX Series exhaust systems are designed to make your engine sound mild. With four and six-cylinder engines, these pipes reduce noise while producing the most power. Also, it is a much more affordable option.

The average price of a DBX Series exhaust system is around $650, with the most expensive model sold at $890 and the cheapest one at $400.

There are only five products in this series. Also, the system is only available for small engine models found on cars like Dodge Dart, Mazda Miata, and Toyota Tacoma.

The sound levels are mild, moderate, and aggressive-moderate.

The diameter of the tubing is only 2.25 inches or 3 inches.

Important things to consider

In case you want to install the exhaust system yourself you will have to follow the next steps:

  1. Disassemble all the car parts necessary in order to remove the actual car’s exhaust system.
  2. Assemble the new mounting brackets.
  3. Install the new exhausts system, beginning with the front and then going to the back.
  4. Ensure that you install the new exhaust system in place and tighten everything.

What are the extra costs?

Flowmaster Exhaust SystemIn case you will have to purchase only some parts of the exhaust system, Flowmaster hast catalytic converters, and mufflers for sale.

If you will need to replace only the mufflers and not the entire exhaust system, be prepared to pay anywhere between $35 and $130.

On the other hand, for the catalytic converters, you should budget anywhere between $80 and $1,100. These come with a 50,000-mile warranty covering the exterior casings and a 25,000-mile warranty on the internal component emissions.

You can choose from around 500 types of exhaust tips with prices starting at $50 and going up to $130.

Gated shifters are sold for around $380, but the cheapest is $260 and the most expensive is around $500.

If you want some extra power you can purchase one of the H, X, or Y pipes that cost anywhere between $60 and $870.

The Flowmaster Delta Boost is a tuner that allows you to customize the horsepower of your vehicle with just one touch. This easy-to-use device features Bluetooth compatibility for both Android and iOS devices, so it won’t be difficult at all. Expect to pay anywhere between $270 and $550 for this tuner.

How can I save money?

Before purchasing a Flowmaster exhaust system make sure you check the official website of the Holley company as they frequently have promotions and offer discounts anywhere between 10% and 30%. For example, at the time this article was written if you were to buy an exhaust system that cost more than $100 then the shipping was free.

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