George Clooney Net Worth
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George Clooney’s Net Worth

Last Updated on December 18, 2022 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on August 16, 2022 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Attractive, sophisticated, and emanating an irresistible charm around him, the actor George Clooney is, certainly, the perfect embodiment of the classic Hollywood star who appears at the top of the preferences of women all over the world.

What is George Clooney’s Net Worth and Salary?

George Clooney is a famous American actor who has a net worth of $500 million at the time this article is written. He constantly makes a minimum of $20 million for each film role. Besides acting, George Clooney is the co-founder of Casamigos Tequila. However, him, together with two partners sold this company to Diageo for $1 billion in 2017.

Net worth milestone

  • 1993: $500,000
  • 1995: $3,000,000
  • 2000: $10,000,000
  • 2005: $50,000,000
  • 2007: $70,000,000
  • 2012: $100,000,000
  • 2015: $200,000,000
  • 2019: $500,000,000

Salary highlights

George Clooney earned $40,000 for each appearance in the 19 episodes of “Sisters”, resulting in a total of $760,000. Also, for each episode of “ER”, he earned $100,000. George made around $11 million for his whole work in “ER”.

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Career earnings

In 1996 George Clooney got one of his biggest paychecks worth $3 million for the movie “One Fine Day”. For his only one appearance in “Batman” he made $10 million, for the appearance in “The Perfect Storm” he was paid $8 million, and for the movie “Out of Sight” he got $10 million. A career high was the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” with which he made $20 million. Also, for “Ocean’s Thirteen” he was paid $15 million. Just from his TV and film career George Clooney has made around $200 million before taxes.

Earnings From Casamigos Tequila

Clooney founded Casamigos, or “house of friends,” in 2013 with his friend Rande Gerber, the husband of model Cindy Crawford and Clooney’s neighbor in Mexico, where they both own vacation homes, businessman Mike Meldman.

Since then, Casamigos has become “the fastest growing super-premium tequila brand in the US”, according to Diageo company.

In 2017, American actor George Clooney sold the Casamigos tequila company to the British beverage giant Diageo for one billion dollars. The initial sale price was $700 million, to which another $300 million will be added over 10 years depending on the company’s performance. George would have earned around $150 million after taxes from this transaction.

Nespresso earnings

George Clooney won $40 million being the image of the Nespresso coffee company. Clooney has been the image of Nespresso since 2006. He has often been criticized because, while starring in films denouncing the behavior of multinationals, such as “Michael Clayton”, he agrees to advertise for such a company, but the mean words do not seem to affect him.

Real estate

George Clooney and his wife, Amal have houses all over the world, but the most famous house is the one from Lake Como, Italy that was purchased for $30 million in 2002. In 1995 he bought a six-bedroom mansion in Studio City, California for $2.2 million. Today this property is worth more than $10 million. Also, the couple owns a $7 million property in Berkshire, England, and an apartment in New York City. Their real estate portfolio is worth $100 million in total.

Refused $35 Million Paycheck

In 2021, the actor George Clooney said he was offered $35 million for ‘a day’s work’ but turned it down.

The Hollywood star said he was offered to star in an airline commercial, but after talking to his wife Amal, a human rights lawyer, decided to turn it down. “I was offered $35 million for one day of filming for an airline commercial, but I talked to Amal about it and we decided together that it wasn’t worth it,” said George Clooney.

He said that “the advertisement was associated with a country which, although it is an ally, sometimes raises questions”. “I thought better of it and thought it wasn’t worth it,” Clooney also said in an interview with The Guardian.

If he would have accepted this offer, he would have earned around $5.8 million per hour.

Childhood and adolescence

George Clooney CloseupGeorge Timothy Clooney was born on the 6th of May 1961 in Kentucky and is the son of television presenter Nick Clooney and a local beauty named Nina. His aunt is the singer, Rosemary Clooney.

At 17, George dreamed of becoming a baseball player, even having an attempt (unsuccessful, unfortunately) to join the Cincinnati Reds team.

Before becoming famous in L.A., George Clooney held the position of manager of the show that his father produced on television, then he had numerous jobs, unrelated to his acting career (he was a shoe salesman, a cartoonist, and, briefly, a journalism student at Northern Kentucky University). When he was still a student, he also worked part-time in a tobacco shop. It was then that he decided to leave everything aside and live in Beverly Hills with his aunt Rosemary.

The new life that the actor wanted was not full of success from the beginning. While waiting for the big hit, George spent a year in a friend’s warehouse.

Career beginning and breakthrough

George Clooney started his acting career in the 80s. His first major role was in 1984 in the sitcom “E/R”. Then followed successful films for the American actor of Irish origin such as “The Perfect Storm” or “The Great Roam”.

George Clooney’s most commercially successful film came in 2001. “Ocean’s Eleven”, directed by Steven Soderbergh, grossed over $400 million worldwide. The film had two sequels, one released in 2004, and the other in 2007.

The first big hit of George Clooney’s career came in 2006 when he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Syriana.” He played a CIA agent who begins to discover the shocking truth about the work he has been passionate about all his life.

In 2013, George Clooney would win the Oscar again, this time for Best Picture, but as a producer, not an actor. He is also involved in the activities behind the cameras, as a screenwriter and director.

Personal life

George Clooney and Kelly Preston became a couple in 1988. While they were living together, the actor gave his girlfriend a pot-bellied pig that the two named Max. After the breakup, George continued to raise the pet until it died in 2006.

Actress Talia Balsam is the only one who can boast that she was George Clooney’s wife. The two were married from December 1989 to 1993. Since then, George Clooney seems to have sworn to himself that he will never end up in front of the altar. Instead, Talia married, in 1998, the actor John Slattery.

However, the one who stole the actor’s heart is Amal Alamuddin, a lawyer of British origin. The two started a relationship in the fall of 2013 and got married in 2014. On July 6, 2017, Amal gave birth to their twins, Ella and Alexander.

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