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If you’re an avid golfer, then chances are you know how often golf balls need to be replaced. Between the lakes and endless woods, it can seem like a never-ending expense. The cost of a golf ball varies according to brand, material type, quantity purchased as well as where they’re bought from.

How much do golf balls cost?

Usually, taking into account the brand of the golf balls, the cost of a box of new golf balls will be anywhere between $15 to $50 or even more for a dozen.

The cost of a golf ball will depend on its durability and brand name. Durability is important because the balls are usually being hit with clubs, so they need to be tough enough for all those blows. Brands are also important, seeing that some have a name for durable golf balls that you will know for sure to last.

You might be tempted to buy a cheap ball, but it will wear out quickly and you’ll have to replace it more often than if you bought an expensive one. This is because the quality of cheaper balls isn’t as high as that of higher-priced ones which means they won’t last nearly as long. On top of this, companies who’ve been around for a while usually charge more since their products are known all over the world.

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At Walmart, a typical bestseller is going to cost you $19-$40 per dozen or so which isn’t all that bad. On the other hand, if you were to need range practice golf balls, then you should expect to pay around $150 per 50 dozen packs.

Refer to our table below if you want a breakdown of popular brands and their prices:

Brand Price Average
Callaway $15 to $45
Bridgestone $15 to $37
Nitro $10 to $34
Nike Golf $14 to $35
Precept $15 to $47
Pinnacle $11 to $36
TaylorMade $14 to $28
Srixon $19 to $35
Titleist $24 to $39
Team Golf $16 to $45
Vice $14 to $34
Top Flite $19 to $25
Wilson $12 to $34

Further details on golf balls

Golf Ball on FieldWhen you buy golf balls online, they are usually sold per dozen in a box; however, if you were to purchase practice golf balls for example then it is more likely that the number will be bigger, somewhere around 10 to 20 dozen in a pack.

Golf balls come in two-part or three-part styles, depending on your preference. The cheaper type of golf ball is the one made from rubber and plastic; they account for 70% of all golf ball production but are less durable than their more expensive counterparts. The three-part golf ball is more expensive and is the one that many professionals use. This type of ball has a plastic shell, with windings made from rubber thread around it to keep its shape. The core can be either solid or gel-filled. These are usually more accurate and overall more reliable than the two-part ones.

Golf balls are made for a variety of different purposes with some golfers preferring the types of balls that go for a longer distance, while others prefer to use the ones that are capable of reaching an impressive spin.

Any additional expenses to consider?

Some players choose to have their names or initials printed on each ball. Known as personalized golf balls, this is considered an additional cost that you should consider if you want to stand out on the golf course.

Important things to consider

Beginners are often unable to tell the difference between a cheap ball and an expensive one, which is why they should not worry all that much about the price until after gaining some experience.

When purchasing a golf ball, especially when buying online, it is important to read reviews and feedback about the product before making your purchase. Never buy a cheaper pack just because of its price if you are unfamiliar with the brand and type of golf ball.

Is there any way to spend less?

Retailers have sales all the time, so you should always be on top of any deals that will save your wallet. These types of promotions usually come in different ways, such as buy 4 for the price 3 or clearance items.

The cost of the balls is a major concern for new golfers as they may lose quite a few before feeling more confident on the course. However, if you buy in bulk and no-name brands to save money it can be worthwhile considering your goals are just getting better.

If you’re learning to play golf, consider the idea of purchasing recycled or used balls. They may not be as good quality as a brand-new ball, but they are perfect for someone who is still in the learning stages.

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