Granite Countertops Cost

Granite Countertop Cost

Expected price $68 – $90 Per Square Foot Installed

The approximated expense to set up slab granite countertops is anywhere between $44 to $156 per square foot, installed. The typical expense range is between $68 and $90 per square foot. The big variable in expenses is because of the quantity you’ll need, the marbling of the granite, and numerous other aspects.

Typical Expense of Granite Counter Setup

Granite Countertop ModelYou should be ready to pay somewhere around $80 per square foot to have the granite countertops set up in your kitchen or restroom. The most common range, $68 – $90 per square foot that consists of a worksite visit to get all the measures and preparation work, the brand-new granite counters, shipment, and setup, in addition to all materials, cutting, and fitting done throughout the setup.

  1. Typical DIY expense is $50/Square Foot
  2. Typical Professional Set Up Expense is $79/Square Foot
  3. Common Average is $68 – $90/Square Foot

Summary of Granite Counters

Granite countertops are among the most popular option of products for renovating and brand-new construction. They bring unrivaled natural charm to your cooking area or bath. The expense of granite countertops has actually gone down in the last years, however, granite is still among your more expensive alternatives. As you can probably understand, granite countertop costs vary from moderate to extremely costly.

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Here are typical expenses for the most average type of job. Expenses can be lower with the most economical product and much higher when elements consisting of premiums grade of granite are utilized for big, complex counters.

  • Medium restroom countertop: $715 to $945.
  • Typical cooking area countertops: $2,200 to $3,240.
  • Kitchen area countertops with an island: $2,992 to $4,360.
Price elements are gone over below, so you’ll have a clear idea of where on the range your kind of granite countertop will be and where you might be able to save some money. Materials, supply, and expert setup labor expenses are detailed in square feet to show you where the cash goes and what your overall expense might be. Our DIY or Pro suggestion listed below may aid you to choose whether countertop setup is a project you can take on alone and what the dangers are of doing it yourself.

Job Price Information

Granite Slab Expense

Slab granite countertops set up for less than $100 per square foot is rather reasonable, while premium granite costs about 50% to 60% more.

The focus here is granite slab countertops since that is the type most house owners go for. Nevertheless, granite tiles are readily available for your kitchen area or restroom counter. The price for tile countertops is $15 to $27 per square foot. Some similar expense elements will also apply.

These cost elements will give you an idea of just how much you’ll have to pay.

  • Slab Size: The objective of most installations is to have absolutely no seams in a bath or just a couple in a kitchen area counter. This implies that bigger pieces are preferable. Seeing that they’re also harder to find, they cost more. If you want to use smaller sized pieces and a couple of additional joints, you’ll be able to save $10 to $20 per square foot.
  • Slab density: The standard for years has actually been 1.25 inches (3cm) in the kitchen area and .75 inches (2cm) in the bath area. Nevertheless, 2-inch (5cm) counters are trending for both areas. The thicker the granite, the bigger the expense.
  • Slab Color: Your choices are white/off-white ($35-$55), tan ($37-$50), green ($30-$55), black ($30-$65), gray ($30-$60), gold ($40-$70), red ($60-$75), and blue ($65-$170). Even within each color, some tones are seen as premium and cost more. A shade called Blue Bahia, is the most expensive color of them all, with a price of around $140+ per square foot.
  • Granite Level: Slabs are given a level from 1 to 7. Level 1 granite is extremely plain and/or has additions of soft minerals that make it weaker. Level 7 granite has plenty of hardier mineral additions of different colors to enhance its charm and strength. A lot of countertop businesses have access to pieces in levels 1 to 5 or 6. Expenses increase with each level.
  • Texture: Polished or glossy granite counters are pretty normal and cost the least. Honed granite has a matte surface and a somewhat greater expense. Leathered granite countertops have the biggest cost due to the fact that they are less typical and may require to be specially bought. The surface has a natural stone feel.
  • Edge cut: Squared edges have no additional expense. Cost increases with tiered cuts and bevels.
  • The Source: Granite is mined all around the globe. The cost is partly a function of labor expenses in the source nation. Granite from India costs considerably less than stone mined in Norway and the United States. Delivering range adds to this expense too.

The expense of Setup Tools

Your installer may make a list of these materials on a price quote.
  • $30-$170 for the slab expense per square foot, with the average at $47.
  • $14-$56 for Plywood and screws to set up on top of the vanity of cabinets to support the bath or kitchen area counters.
  • $12-$25 for countertop adhesive and caulk.
  • $24-$30 for Granite sealant (optional – most counters are sealed at the factory).
  • $80-$300 for any edging (optional). If the edge isn’t factory cut, edging is often used on the job to offer the counter a thicker or decorated look.

Licenses, Assessment, Related Expenses, and Setup Time

Authorizations and Evaluation Expense

You will spend exactly $0 for the license. A license isn’t needed for countertop setup.

Associated Expenses and Setup Time

  • $9.00-$16.00 per square foot in setup costs based upon the size, type of slabs, and level of complexity for the project. The majority of single-slab setups cost $185 for a restroom counter to
  • $600 for a kitchen area counter. A lot of slab kitchen area countertop setup costs are around $925 more or less.
  • $85-$215 the cost to remove and work with an existing countertop, if possible. Expense is based upon the size and kind of counter you take out.
  • $90-$125 the price for an extra sink hole cut. A lot of quotes consist of one sinkhole. This is the price quote for a second restroom sink or prep sink in the kitchen area.

Counter Top Install Time Schedule

A knowledgeable team makes the work go very quickly. For bath counters, a two-person team will be enough. Big slabs for cooking area counters may need a 3rd set of hands.

  • 1 hour or less to eliminate the old countertop.
  • 1-3 hours for the setup of a single piece counter.
  • 4-8 hours for the setup of 2 or more pieces.
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