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A Guinea pig is an ideal pet for children. Usually, they are harmless, but sometimes they can scratch or bite their owner. The Guinea pigs are very curious, loving, and communicative. The average life span of guinea pigs is between 4 and 8 years.

Guinea pigs come from South America. In the 16th century, Spanish conquerors took them to Europe where they became very popular pets. A Guinea pig or cavy makes sounds and noises just like a piglet. The species includes many varieties of color and fur, from solid white, to brown and black.

The average price that you can pay for a guinea pig is around $10 to $35.

If you’re thinking about buying a white, cream or black short hair guinea pig, with no distinct mark, know that its price ranges between $10 and $33.
The multicolored guinea pigs in combinations like gold and white, and black and white cost about $29. The most expensive ones are the Himalayan pigs or the curly-haired Peruvian, costing around $30 to $35.

Also check out the price of a hamster, a finger monkey, and a teacup pig.

Guinea pigs are extremely active and need a large cage. The guinea pig’s home, where it will be placed, must be safe from rain, sun, cold wind, current, and sudden temperature changes. When choosing the cage, you must take into consideration some sizes like the area shouldn’t have less than 120 x 60 cm and the height should be of at least 50 cm. If the guinea pig is bigger so should the cage be. If the cage is small, we must leave the guinea pig more often to run freely around the apartment or in a well-fenced and protected outdoor space. The guinea pig will feel safe when the cage is placed on a higher surface.Two guinea pigs

The cage should include room for sleeping, recipient for water and food, and space to move. On the bottom of the cage put a sheet of sand, which needs to be cleaned daily, in order to remove odors and to prevent disease. It is recommended for the guinea pig to be taken out of the cage daily, but you must be careful your pet doesn’t chew electrical wires or poisonous plants.

The guinea pigs are herbivorous animals. Dry hay is the basis of their nourishment, that’s why they should always have it. In addition to hay, the food recipient must have permanent seed mixtures, fruits, and vegetables. Because they are very greedy, you should be careful how much you feed them, to avoid obesity.
The average costs for a cage start from $35 to $80 and a 10-gallon aquarium can cost $20, but your little pet won’t have the same ventilation as in a wire cage.
A 5-pound bag of guinea pig food costs $5 but depending on the appetite and the size of the guinea pig you can pay about $5-$10 per month.
If you want him to move or to exercise you should know that a harness costs about $5-$7 and an exercise ball costs about $14-$17.
If you want to spay or neuter them, any common Veterinary can do it for about $45.

Should the average working Joe get a Guinea pig as a pet?

A Guinea pig is a great pet to have, especially because it will be a great way to teach your children about responsibility while having a cute little pet at home that doesn`t require too much of your time. The cost for even the most expensive Guinea pig isn`t one that will have a noticeable impact on your budget. Overall, if you like animals in general, you want to have a pet and like taking care of a fuzzy piglet like a Guinea pig, then getting one is a no brainer.

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