How Much Does Harley Davidson Extended Warranty Cost?

Last Updated on May 19, 2024
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A Harley Davidson extended warranty is a contract between the owner and the company. This type of coverage continues to provide protection for your motorcycle, excluding parts due to wear and tear after the normal manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

How much does a Harley Davidson extended warranty cost?

A Harley Davidson extended warranty may cost as little as $1,200 or almost double that at up to $2,000 for a five-year coverage. The price will vary depending on the duration of the plan and where it is purchased from.

Warranty Average Dealer Quote
3 years/unlimited miles $1,100
4 years/unlimited miles $1,200
5 years/unlimited miles $1,350
6 years/unlimited miles $1,550
7 years/unlimited miles $1,850

Here’s what we can gather from the above table, about the Harley Davidson extended warranty:

  1. Average Cost of Warranty: The average cost of the warranty is $1,410.
  2. Median Cost of Warranty: The median cost of the warranty is $1,350.
  3. Cost Range of Warranty: The cost of the warranty ranges from $1,100 to $1,850.
  4. Yearly Cost Increase: The cost of the warranty increases each year as follows:
    • From 3 years to 4 years: $100 increase
    • From 4 years to 5 years: $150 increase
    • From 5 years to 6 years: $200 increase
    • From 6 years to 7 years: $300 increase

This indicates that the cost of extending the motorcycle warranty does not increase linearly, but rather, the cost increase gets steeper as the warranty length becomes longer.

We found out how much Harley owners paid for their extended warranty online. We searched on Google, and we were able to find a lot of people who shared the prices they had paid for their extended service plan in forums all over the internet. The table below has our findings from those forums:

Geographical Location Price Paid Length of Warranty
Dallas, TX $2,068.85 for a $50 deductible, no tire coverage 5 years
Chicago, IL $2,415.00 for a $50 deductible 5 years
Los Angeles, CA $2,185.00 for a $50 deductible 4 years
Detroit, MI $2,127.50 for a $50 deductible 5 years
Seattle, WA $2,070.00 for a $50 deductible with no tire coverage 3 years
Des Moines, IA $2,415.00 for a $50 deductible with tire coverage 5 years
Tampa Bay, FL $1,545.60 for a $50 deductible with no tires 2 years
Nashville, TN $2,127.50 for a $50 deductible 5 years
Louisville, KY $1,955.00 for a $50 deductible with no tire coverage 5 years
Atlanta, GA $2,281.60 for a $50 deductible with no tire 3 years
New York, NY $2,300.00 for a $50 deductible, no tire coverage 5 years
San Francisco, CA $2,300.00 for a $50 deductible with tire coverage 5 years

Based on this table, we can conclude that:

  • The average price paid is approximately $2149.25.
  • The prices paid vary by approximately $237.66.
  • The lowest price paid is $1,545.60.
  • 25% of the prices are below approximately $2,069.71.
  • 75% of the prices are below approximately $2,300.00.
  • The highest price paid is $2,415.00.

There are many dealers who offer the Harley-Davidson Road King, and they usually have a wide range of prices. Forum members on researched the price and found that it could cost anywhere from $774 to more than $2,000 depending on where you get it from. If you were to get a $50 deductible for covered repairs from your local credit union it might just cost around $770, for example.

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According to one forum post on the HD Talking website, it costs between $964 and $1,644 for a Harley Davidson product’s extended warranty ranging from 2-5 years in length.

What should be included in the Harley-Davidson® extended service plan?

Harley Davidson Extended WarrantyStonewall Harley-Davidson argues that a typical plan offered by the company will include coverage for five years and provide $50 deductible plans with parts such as drivetrain, motor, and transmission being covered. This type of policy does not cover everyday wear and tear items like tires or brake pads so be sure to keep those up-to-date when they need replacing. You should always replace all of the parts at Harley Davidson dealerships and always have original parts installed to avoid voiding the insurance.

Other benefits include compensation for tows ($200 or less) as well as reimbursements for lodging ($150/day max.) And if you need it they provide Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day and car rentals (a maximum of $750).

If you sell your motorcycle in the future and it is still covered by a Harley Davidson warranty, then you will be able to transfer that coverage as long as it’s an official one. Coverage begins immediately after your factory warranty will expire.

Any additional expenses to consider?

For a few hundred dollars more, you can have the peace of mind that comes with tires and wheel coverage. This option is designed to replace your tire if it’s been damaged by something like an unexpected pothole or nail on the road or other road hazard.

Spending less on the Harley-Davidson warranty

Do not forget to check local third parties for warranties before purchasing a coverage plan from the dealership. These companies are reputable and can offer similar coverage at a much cheaper price, but always research their reviews online first.

It is always important to haggle when you are looking for the perfect coverage plan. Dealers are very much interested in getting more clients, and they might be willing to lower the price if it will help them land you as a client. Some people that have paid for this insurance plan before had success at negotiating up to 10%.

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