Heart Shaped Nipple Surgery Cost

A brand-new trend in plastic surgery, the heart-shaped nipple can be attained by either tattooing or grafting the nipple.

Almost all cosmetic surgeons condemn this practice due to the high danger of infection, so if you’re thinking of getting it done, you might find it tough to get a trustworthy professional cosmetic surgeon and will need to think about hiring a tattoo artist.

The typical heart-shaped nipple surgery expenses

As already noted, a heart-shaped nipple surgery will often need to be carried out with the help of a tattoo or permanent makeup specialist, and in the end, the expenses will depend upon your geographical area and the tattoo artist you employ if you were to work with one. While you can have a plastic surgeon do the work, you will typically find yourself taking a trip to another nation, aside from the United States to have it done.

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With that in mind, the typical expenses, from what we looked into, will usually range anywhere from $350 to $550 if you had a tattoo artist do the work to as much as $1,300 to $2,200 if you had your nipples grafted by a certified plastic surgeon. In the end, the expenses will significantly depend upon the kind of professional you choose to work with, where you have the work done, and the amount of work that is needed to be done.

The Confidentials website notes that you must be ready to spend $500 to $1,000 for the treatment.

The heart-shaped nipple surgery procedure

Usually carried out with the help of a tattoo artist, there are 2 reasons behind it. For one, a plastic surgeon will never consider it because of a myriad of factors, like unwanted results, the risk of infection, and the scarring process. The second reason is that it usually looks worse than you would expect.

1. The tattoo/permanent makeup procedure

The whole procedure is similar to getting a routine tattoo, however, be forewarned that even if you had a tattoo in the past, this spot, according to tattoo artists, can be the most delicate area on the body. Throughout the procedure, the artist you work with will start the process by drawing and adjusting your nipple shape by coloring, re-sizing, and re-shaping your areola with a marker. When finished, the artist just tattoos the location with the specifications provided by you. For the most part, if you carefully check the images you can find online, the artist will usually lighten parts of the nipples to create the heart shape.

If you do go on this path, the tattoo will usually just last a finite amount of time, which means you might find yourself coming in for touchups every 12 to 24 months. As the skin stretches and the nipples naturally move downward gradually, the shape can lose its form and will have to be re-drawn to develop the image yet again.

2. The nipple grafting procedure

Yes, you can sometimes find cosmetic surgeons who will customize your body, however as Zwivel.com explains, you will usually find yourself going to a third-world nation to have the surgical treatment carried out. Throughout a nipple grafting surgery, the medical professional will initially eliminate the external layer of your nipple, followed by covering it with a graft from another part of the body in order to create the heart shape. In this case, it can risk your capability to breastfeed and/or can decrease your nipple level of sensitivity. Third-world nations, such as China and India, frequently customize body parts due to religious customs and even simply to take your money.

Keep in mind

Heart Shaped NipplesRobert Cohen, MD on Realself.com highly recommends re-considering the treatment as almost all respectable board licensed cosmetic surgeons will refrain from doing this due to the fact that they consider it as being unethical and really risky. Even if you were to find somebody who would wish to do it, he advises you to always put your health and safety first given that the treatment will not end up the way you think it should.

Unlike a heart you cut out, even if you were to modify your areolas to look like a heart, the scar, in time, after the surgery was done, might contract and ultimately misshape the image, developing a long-lasting result that might look much even worse than your natural state.

Plastic surgeons can modify your nipples cosmetically; nevertheless, they will only do so in specific scenarios such as after breast reconstruction, to give out a more natural appearance, or throughout a transgender transformation. A cosmetic surgeon will only consider this surgical treatment if your objective is to get a more natural appearance.

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