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Hi-5 ABA Inc. Franchise Cost

Last Updated on March 14, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you have a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification, Hi-5 ABA offers you the opportunity to open your own practice where you can help children with autism and their families to have a better life. This way it will be easier to have your own business as you will not have to handle administrative tasks such as payroll, billing, and credentialing.

How much does a Hi-5 ABA Inc. Franchise cost?

If you want to open a Hi-5 ABA Inc., you must have a net worth of a minimum of $100,000 and liquid capital of $20,000. As a franchisee, you should be prepared to make a total investment of $16,000 to $81,000.

Also, Hi-5 ABA Inc. offers financing and a discount of 10% for the first territory franchise fee for veterans.

Keep in mind that you must also have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification in order to run a HI-5 ABA Inc. franchise.

Hi-5 ABA overview

The Hi-5 ABA company was founded in 2015 under the name of “ABC Behavior”.  Since then, they offered behavioral therapy services to clients in Virginia. By the end of 2018, ten Hi-5 ABA franchises in Virginia were opened, which now offer their services to customers in Central and Northern Virginia. This company has plans to expand its business model all over the United States.

Expansive expertise is required in two areas for a successful ABA practice: clinical application and business administration. The Hi-5 system is made in such a way as to offer complex administrative support to the BCBA who wants to have their own office while staying free to focus where their professional skills are most useful – client care, clinical supervision, and training.

Hi-5 ABA services

All the BCBA franchisees will enjoy operational and clinical independence. They can make their own decisions regarding treatment plans, staffing, schedules, and caseloads. Hi-5 ABA Inc. and its affiliate processing team offer a wide range of administrative support including:

  • clinical consultation;
  • incorporation, which is optional via other parties if the franchisee chooses it;
  • cash flow assistance;
  • credentialing;
  • billing;
  • financial reports;
  • payroll;
  • technician recruiting.

Why franchise with Hi-5?

Hi-5 ABA servicesHi-5 puts all of its efforts into continuing ABC’s disciplined work for gaining and maintaining a great reputation in this industry. Hi-5 is based on pillars such as authentic care for customer families, company employees, and other industry participants; professional ethical standards; strict integrity with respect to claims, disclosure, and records.

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As a franchisee, you will share the same responsibilities and benefits inherited in Hi-5’s culture and relationships within the industry and system. At the same time, a franchisee will operate and own their own practice; set their own pace for business style, growth and direction; and enjoy clinical independence to execute and design treatment plans.

Also, Hi-5 and its affiliate processing team provide support to franchisees to develop business plans, manage cash flow, accounting, and payroll, recruit staff, make and collect claims, get appropriate credentials and relate effectively with insurers.

The ideal candidate

One of the quintessential services which help autism suffering patients and their families is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Hi-5 ABA company is looking for candidates who understand the needs of these families, and at the same time have the experience to run a business so the clinician can concentrate on serving the children and training staff.

The ideal candidate would be Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certified, would have management experience, personal experience with ABA, or professional experience in a related field.


How much experience do I need as a BCBA in order to be considered for a franchise opportunity?

If you are a BCBA you don’t need years of experience in order to be considered for a Hi-5 ABA franchise opportunity. Even a newly-licensed therapist can qualify to start a new franchise because Hi-5 offers highly-skilled consultation and training.

Who owns the Hi-5 ABA franchise?

The Hi-5 ABA franchise is independently operated and owned by the franchisee. The franchisee will receive support services from Hi-5 and its processing affiliates to help him with daily tasks.


At this moment Hi-5 ABA Inc. accepts requests from the next states: Wyoming, Alaska, West Virginia, Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Vermont, Arizona, Virginia, California, Utah, Colorado, Texas, District of Columbia, Tennessee, Delaware, South Dakota, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Oregon, Idaho, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Kansas, Nevada, Kentucky, New Mexico, Louisiana, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Nebraska, Maine, North Dakota, Maine, North Carolina, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Keep in mind that you must have a minimum of $20,000 in liquid capital in order to invest.

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