Hot Spring Hot Tub Cost

Hot Springs Hot Tub Cost

Hot Spring Spas offers 8 models of portable hot tubs from the 3-person Jetsetter to the 7-person Grandee. The brand is one of the top sellers in terms of market share among hot tub makers with some 925,000 customers to date.

The spa’s energy-efficient design has won a number of prizes for its innovative and creative approach. Even though these hot spas are slightly more expensive than lesser-known brands, the cost of operating them will be lower. The circulation pumps use less energy than a 40-watt light bulb, the LED lights are dimmer-controlled to save electricity These spas also come with a custom-fit cover to preserve the heat.

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Hot Spring Spa Costs

Hot Springs Hot TubHot Spring offers a large variety of hot tubs and spas, from the smaller tub with fewer jets to larger models that can include high-end features. Unlike many spa brands, Hot Spring always includes covers in their prices so you never have to worry about buying one separately at an additional cost.

The smallest Hot Springs tubs (Jetsetters) start at around $6k but can cost as much as $8-10k for those with an eye on luxury. Features such as steps and lifter cover come standard in all models, though they may not be spacious enough for more than two people. If you’re looking for an even larger spa then Hot Springs has both six-person models like the Vanguard as well as seven-seaters such as their Grandee model. They come with 32 jets and 39 jets respectively and will be priced somewhere between $8,000 and $11,000.

The Hot Spring spas, which are great for relaxation and therapy after a long day, cost an average of $10 to $15 per month to operate. However, they may be more expensive in places where it is especially cold like Alaska or Minnesota, at about $30 per month.

Hot Spring Spa Installation and Service

The delivery, installation, and setup of your Hot Spring spa will all be handled by the company. They will also fill the tub for you and provide you with a chemical starter pack. They will also teach you how to use all of the systems, should you need this training. You’ll need to pay for an electrician separately for the wiring, and this can cost anywhere from $50-$120 per hour depending on the complexity of the task.

All Hot Spring spas come with a warranty, but the length of each one differs depending on individual parts or components that will need replacement. For example, your acrylic shell can be warrantied for up to seven years if it has any flaws in its surface. The “no leak guarantee” will protect you from leaks that happen within five years of purchase. You should read all of the information carefully because there are some exceptions: These warranties only apply to original owners and become void when they sell their tubs or hot spring spas.

Overall this type of hot spa will prove to be a great addition to your house and will even increase its market value, while also helping you relax and unwind after a hard day of work.

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