How Much do Instant Locs Cost?

Dreads do not burn, don’t get waxed, and do not prevent you from washing your hair. In addition, they are not just a fashion choice, but a lifestyle. It requires patience, care, and the ability to… endure sidelong glances.

How much does instant locs cost?

The average cost of instant locs is anywhere between $300 and $1,100, depending on the texture and length of your hair. In general, a hair expert will give you a quote after an initial analysis of the hair. Also, a few professionals charge per hour. Plus, the opticians apply additional fees for extra retightening and sitting sessions. So, if you are thinking about getting this look, you should consider all these costs.

Instant locs overview

For many, it seems like a new and cool way to wear your hair, but in reality, this style seems to come from the time of the Greeks. There are writings that tell us about “Medusa” (being with black skin and snakes in the head). But people remember the association with the “Rastafari Movement” (pan-African movement).

This hairstyle is commonly known as Rasta. According to tradition, women cannot wear such hairstyles. The specific hairstyle especially for Rastafari followers was also made known by the famous reggae music singer Bob Marley. Today’s women no longer follow this rule and they have become the most frequent wearers of dreadlocks.

How to create instant locs

Instant LocsThe first step and one of the most important in making dreadlocks is washing the hair. It is necessary to wash the hair to remove all kinds of residues from creams and other products. So, in this case, you will have to wash it with shampoo, you will then receive a light massage on the scalp area, but you will have to avoid applying conditioner.

Once it is washed and dried, then you have to divide all the hair (or hair from the selected areas) to shape the dreads. Try to separate strands of the same size and adjust them with a hair tie. What you should avoid is threads that are too close or intertwined. So, in this way, making your hairstyle is easier.

When you have the sections divided, you will start combing them, but in the opposite direction. That is, from the tips to the roots. It’s best to do this step with a fine-toothed comb, but if you don’t have one, a clean toothbrush will work just fine. This is where you need to be a little patient until you get the desired result. It is true that sometimes, it can be a bit annoying, but think that you will get the desired dreadlocks in minutes.

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With the mini crochet needle that is worked at the end, preferably after you have finished with all the dreads, you enter the maintenance mode. You take the mini crochet needle and stick it almost randomly through the dread to insert and remove hair strands and to change the hardness of the dread. The more you “play” and the harder you squeeze in the area where you “crochet”, the more solid the dread becomes.

To begin with, you can put small and thin elastics at the root of the dread and at the tip to help it “calm down”, otherwise you will have dreads that loosen, weaken, tangle, etc., and will take more time for maintenance.


How much time do instant locs take?

These little tails require a lot of work to be done. A secure dread can be done by an experienced hand in 15 minutes, even 30 if you choose to add extensions. It takes an estimated 5-8 hours to finish all the braiding hair, and a person has about 30 dreadlocks on their head.

How to maintain instant locs?

Caring for dreadlocks is really painstaking and should be done without any problems. It’s true that experts recommend waiting as long as possible without washing after you’ve done them. Around a month would be the perfect time. But it’s true that not all of us can go that many days without washing our hair.

Therefore, when the dreadlocks are heavy, you can wash them once or twice a week or every 10 days. You will apply a shampoo, but you will not rub too much, so it is advisable to lather with your hands and then apply it to your hair. Gently squeeze each dread so that no product remains inside and avoid touching the scalp too much. Forget conditioners, because any softening product should be avoided.

Instant Locs vs Loc extensions

Some people, even though they have short hair, want long dreads and thus turn to extensions.

For those who want loc extensions, artificial loc extensions can be applied, which is a cheaper choice, but the difference is visible. These are good because they dread easily and are more difficult to untangle. If these are made of natural hair, they are softer, untangle more easily, and need to be redone. But they offer a nicer appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of instant locs


  • Compared to other types of hair locks, dreads are much more constant and tight.
  • It takes less time to install instant locks.
  • No products are used in the procedure.
  • This is the best option for getting the dread appearance within less time.
  • Extensions can be added with Instant locs which look natural without using string.
  • This is a great choice for all types of hair.


  • It is challenging to find the best loctician as the process requires professional service.
  • If the locs are not done correctly, they can result in severe damage.
  • Compared to other dreadlocks, Instant locs are more expensive.
  • It is tough to learn this method, so you have to take professional guidance.
  • The Instant locs need special attention for maintenance.


How long does your hair have to be to make dreadlocks?

It depends on how you want to look. Theoretically, dreadlocks can be made even if you have 15 cm of hair, but you will look like an asterisk or a nervous hedgehog.

You can always (if you don’t mind wearing someone else’s hair) get extensions, which means finding a hair donor or seller, which the dreadlock artist will crochet in his privacy, then tie them to your hair.

What happens when your hair grows and you have dreadlocks?

Hair grown in dreadlocks is also included. At first, it will look stranger, up to a year or even a little more. Leave it alone, let it do what it wants, and you will be satisfied with the final results.

How much does the hair shorten when dreadlocks are made?

If before dreads you struggled to catch it all at the back in a ponytail, after dreads you have to wait around 2 months to be able to catch it again.

Can dreadlocks be dyed?

Yes, you can dye them if you want, but you will need triple the amount of hair dye.

Can dreadlocks still be undone? Or do I have to cut my hair to zero when I get tired of them?

The thing with cutting it to zero is only plan B, most often applied by those without time, patience, and help. The dreads are coming off! They can come apart! You will need 2-4 people around your head + your hands, utensils with metal teeth, and a few tubes of conditioner + at least 4 days of time allocated for this and a lot of patience. In the end, they come apart.

How do you wash your head with dreadlocks?

How you can. There is no technique, only recommendations:

  • wash the scalp well;
  • don’t wash your head very often (about once a week);
  • rinse the dreads and hair roots very well.
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