How Much Do Surfboards Cost?

For those who don’t know the term, surfing is a water sport that takes place on the forming waves, while they head toward the shore. The equipment needed to practice surfing is not complex at all: all you need is a surfboard and a bathing suit.

How Much do Surfboards Cost?

If you are not familiar with this hobby, you may think that the cost of a new surfboard is discouraging. Of course, the price of a surfboard will depend on its quality, and most of the epoxy or poly surfboards will be anywhere between $550 and $1,100, while most soft top boards will cost anywhere between $220 and $550.

Cost of epoxy and polyurethane (poly) longboards

The most commonly manufactured hard-top longboards are polyurethane boards, but you can also find epoxy longboards. A soft top is a little cheaper than a poly longboard. A new longboard would cost more than $1,100, while most poly longboards cost around $650. It costs more to produce an epoxy board, so plan on paying much more for one as well.

After they develop some basic skills on a soft top, new surfers will choose a poly longboard as their second board. In case you can’t afford a new longboard, you should consider purchasing a used board. Most likely you will be able to find a used longboard at a decent price on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist if you are living in an area where surfing is popular. Also, many surf shops offer a selection of used boards. It may take you some time to search and find a used longboard, but you will save hundreds of dollars by doing this.

Cost of soft tops

The cheapest types of surfboards tend to be soft tops. This is because these are mass-produced. A soft top board doesn’t need a shaper to work for hours to perfect the board. Expect to pay around $270 for the popular longboard-style Wavestorm soft board, which is eight to nine feet long.

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Currently, you can find all styles of soft tops on the market. Expect to pay a little bit more for the shortboards and the soft top fish boards. One of these would cost anywhere between $320 and $550.

Cost of fish boards and shortboards

Shortboard TypeCompared to the new longboards, a new epoxy or poly shortboard or fish board tends to be cheaper. The cost of a new shortboard would be anywhere between $550 and $950. This price tends to be lower just because it needs less material than longboards. You may be tempted to purchase a shortboard as this costs less, but if you are not able to ride one, you better buy a longer board.

In order to save some money, you should shop around for a used shortboard as well. Because shortboards come in a large variety of styles and shapes, it may be more difficult to find the right used shortboard. Though, with some additional effort, you may find the used shortboard which fits your budget and needs.

Final words

The cost of a surfboard will be highly influenced by the material and the length of the board. When analyzing the cost of a surfboard, it is very important to know what exactly are you looking for. The most expensive option would be the epoxy longboard, while the soft top will be the cheapest. You will be able to save some money by doing some effort and searching for a used surfboard.


Why do surfboards cost so much?

A surfboard will be more expensive, as it will require more effort and time to create it. Considering that they are mass-produced, soft tops will cost less. On the other hand, epoxy and poly surfboards are more expensive because they are hand-shaped and require hours of work.

What surfboard should a beginner buy?

If you are a beginner in surfing, you should get an 8- to 9-foot-long soft-top surfboard. Plus, these types of surfboards are the cheapest, so you will keep your initial costs low.

Is it easier to surf on a short or long surfboard?

It is easier to surf and keep the balance of a longboard, as this has a larger planning area. With this, you will be able to catch waves easier and paddle with less effort. Also, a longboard has a higher volume than a shortboard, making it more stable.

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