How Much Does a Colon Cleanse Cost?

Last Updated on May 16, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

As interest in alternative health therapies and detoxification rises, many wellness seekers have become intrigued by the concept of internal cleansing through colonics and other intestinal treatments. But what exactly does it cost to perform a colon cleanse professionally or purchase over-the-counter formulations?

This guide breaks down popular colon cleanse methods both medical-grade and home versions, examines what influences costs like geography and combinations, provides realistic efficacy assessments, explores key steps for selecting quality providers if pursuing intensive hydrotherapy professionally, and offers perspective for those seeking the most affordable and effective options tailored to their personal digestive health needs and diet lifestyle. Let’s begin by examining what exactly colon cleansing aims to accomplish.

How Much Does a Colon Cleanse Cost?

Typical prices can range widely based on the specific cleanse type, intensity, provider, and location. Basic at-home colon cleanse supplements cost approximately $15 to $50 on average per package/kit. Professional colon hydrotherapy performed at dedicated colonic clinic facilities often runs $70 to $150 per individual session.

Over-the-Counter Colon Cleanse Supplement Kits

  • Cost per package: $15 to $50 on average
  • Examples: Dr. Tobias Colon 14-Day Cleanse ($24.97), BaeBody 14-Day Colon Cleanser ($18.99), ZuPOO Colon Cleanse ($25.46)

Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

  • Cost per session: $70 to $150 on average
  • Packages: 3-5 sessions $180 to $500 total
  • Cost factors: Location, clinic environment and amenities, session length, add-ons like massage

Prescription Colonoscopy Preparation Formulations

  • Cost if medically prescribed: Mostly covered by health insurance
  • Examples: Clenpiq prep kit ($25 with coupon), Suprep kit ($36), prescription laxatives

The Tummy Temple website offers colon cleansing services and provides detailed pricing information. Their signature spa-level colon cleanse session costs $150 and includes intake, 45 minutes of table time, use of essential oil blends, and a therapist summary of the session.

They also offer a Naturopathic Doctor Colonic for $190, which is performed by a Naturopathic Doctor and can be used for diagnostic purposes. Additional add-ons are available, such as Electro-Lymphatic therapy for $40, Coffee Enema for $30, and Ozone therapy for $55 (with an ND practitioner only).

Serenity Health & Wellness Center provides colon hydrotherapy services and offers a single colonic session for $119 or a package of ten sessions for $990. Their colon cleansing services are suitable for colonoscopy preparation and can help rid the body of toxins and bloat.

Walgreens offers a variety of over-the-counter colon cleanse products, including capsules and powders. Prices for these products range from $10.49 for Sanar Naturals Colon Cleanser 450 mg capsules (90 count) to $47.99 for Botanic Choice #739 Colon Clear Formula (180 count). Many of these products are fiber supplements that work as laxatives to provide relief from occasional digestive discomfort.

Amazon also sells colon cleanse supplements, such as the Dr. Tobias Colon 14 Day Cleanse. This product is priced at $37.99 and includes 28 capsules optimized for an effective cleanse and detox. The cleanse is made with herbs, fibers, and probiotics to support healthy and regular bowel movements and eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

Overview of Colon Cleansing

In general, colon cleanses aim to clear the intestinal tract of accumulated waste material and alleged “toxins” through:

  • Oral Supplements – Tablets, capsules, teas or drink mixtures with herbal laxatives, fiber, and probiotics act as a flushing agent when consumed. This allows a comfortable at-home cleanse.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy – Flushing the colon with purified temperature and pressure-controlled water performed by a trained professional, ideally a therapist or licensed colon hydrotherapist. Provides deeper mechanical cleansing and requires an in-office clinical visit.
  • Prescription Formulations – Strong medical laxatives like polyethylene glycol used to empty the bowels prior to procedures like colonoscopies. Available by prescription only.

Proponents claim benefits ranging from improved regularity and energy levels to reduced bloating, cravings, and toxicity. Critics argue efficacy, risks, and usage indications require deeper examination in light of limited scientific literature.

Factors Affecting Colon Cleanse Costs

Several aspects impact the costs quoted for a colon cleanse:

Exact Type of Colon Cleanse

  • Oral supplements allow home treatment at the lowest cost. Professional clinically administered colon hydrotherapy costs notably more.

Geographic Region and Clinic Location

  • Major metropolitan cities have higher overhead. Colon hydrotherapy in luxury spa-like settings costs more than clinical offices.

Insurance Coverage

  • Prescription preparations for colonoscopies are covered as medically necessary, while supplements and elective hydrotherapy are paid out-of-pocket.

Session Length

  • Standard colonic sessions average 45-60 minutes at $65-$75. Longer 90+ minute “signature” packages cost up to $150. Multi-session packages bundle pricier individual offerings at a discount.

When researching providers, clarify exactly what is included to make fair cost comparisons. Understand that more expensive does not always equate to better results. Set realistic outcome expectations.

Colon Cleanse Benefits

Frequently Claimed Potential Colon Cleanse Benefits

  • Improved gastrointestinal regularity and reduction in bloating and discomfort
  • Increased feelings of energy, focus, and reduced brain fog
  • Removal of accumulated intestinal waste and alleged “toxins”
  • Enhanced absorption and bioavailability of nutrients from food
  • Satisfaction of feeling internally cleansed and “detoxed”

The Medical Community Perspective on Actual Risks and Efficacy Questions

  • No reputable scientific studies confirm health benefits beyond serving as a powerful short-term laxative. Benefits remain subjective.
  • Possible side effects exist like dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and even bowel perforations in rare cases if improperly administered.
  • Completely unnecessary for healthy individuals without significant diagnosed constipation issues.
  • No evidence that toxins are effectively eliminated above natural bodily processes.
  • Overuse risks developing laziness in the colon long-term.

Moderately priced options may offer a mental reset. But discuss with your physician given possible risks.

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Finding a Quality Colon Hydrotherapy Provider

For those still seeking a professional colonic, maximize the experience through:

  • Choosing an experienced licensed therapist with approved equipment versus an unqualified spa technician to minimize risk.
  • Selecting a clean accredited facility using sterile disposable equipment, filtered water, and following protocols.
  • Discussing your medical history and any medications/conditions honestly to select suitable options.
  • Explaining your personal goals and hopes to receive insight into ideal session options and add-ons that prove most valuable long-term.
  • Trusting your instincts – if a clinic ever appears unsanitary or staff unprofessional during consultations, walk away. Your health deserves better.
  • Leveraging package deals at reputable centers to lower per-session costs if pursuing an intensive multi-session detox cleanse.

Exercising some caution protects wellness and the pocketbook when venturing into intensive colon hydrotherapy.

Cost-Saving Tips

Colon Cleanse ExplainedThose seeking the most economical colon cleansing solutions can save substantially through:

  • Trying over-the-counter supplements first as a gentle low-cost approach, rather than jumping right into intensive clinic hydrotherapy. Give simpler home options a trial period before escalating intensity.
  • Considering clinical trials for free or discounted colonics at reputable centers if agreeing to provide customer feedback. Great way to sample without commitment.
  • Checking sites like Groupon for periodic promotions at local spas offering steep 60-70% discounts on initial colon hydrotherapy sessions. Deeply discounted trial opportunities exist.
  • Asking each clinic consulted about any first-time customer specials to take advantage of any deals for new client referrals.
  • Avoiding luxury “spa” environments for the actual procedure itself to eliminate unneeded frills that boost costs. Focus on skilled therapists and clinical settings to keep pricing reasonable.
  • Working with your family doctor to determine if any colon cleansing is actually medically warranted in your unique situation before investing extensively out-of-pocket on wellness therapies with questionable evidence.

Examining ads critically helps find real colon cleanse savings that focus budgets on health first.

Final Words

Dramatic claims around the benefits of quick detoxes through colonics, special fasting regimens, or cleanse supplements certainly abound in popular media. But credible medical evidence supporting usage in healthy individuals remains lacking according to most gastroenterology societies and studies.

Those still seeking some level of internal cleansing are wise to realistically examine costs against demonstrated safety, projected benefits, and alternative options. Moderately priced over-the-counter supplements under $50 may provide relief as a gentle short-term laxative but are unlikely to systemically remove toxins. Far less expensive psyllium husk fiber delivers similar regulating effects.

Clinical colon hydrotherapy administered by a skilled therapist at an accredited facility can offer a safe, relaxing cleanse experience with proper protocols – but is also essentially an “entertainment” service rather than medically necessary procedure. With careful cost-benefit analysis, consumers can make informed colon cleanse decisions tailored to their personal health needs and avoid overpaying for hype.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to do a colon cleanse?

Per gastroenterologists, for a person lacking any diagnosed underlying digestive conditions or symptoms of constipation, intensive colon cleansing procedures provide negligible measurable benefits outside of functioning as a short-term laxative. Gentler options like improving your probiotic-rich diet or fiber intake offer similar regulation at a fraction of the cost while building better long-term bowel and microbiome health.

Will I lose weight after a colon cleanse?

No reliable medical evidence backs colon cleansing as an inherently helpful weight loss aid, beyond potentially losing water weight and waste removal providing temporary relief from bloating and pounds. Any minor weight fluctuations seen are unlikely to be sustained long-term without also addressing legitimate broader dietary changes and physical activity habits aligned with your personal goals.

Is a colon cleanse just a laxative?

In many cases, the physiological effects achieved through colon cleanse supplements, teas or in-office procedures equate simply to results delivered through over-the-counter laxatives alone. Traditional laxatives offer a far more accessible, affordable effect for the same relief of occasional constipation.

Colon cleansers basically provide a more intensive, costly “reboot” laxative benefit with minimal additional proven medicinal advantage.

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