PDO Thread Lift Cost

How Much Does a PDO Thread Lift Cost?

PDO thread lifting is a new method used in the last several years in aesthetic medicine to lift, tighten, and reposition facial and/or body tissues that have fallen.

The lifting procedure is very simple and consists of inserting threads at the subcutaneous level through a special technique, creating an instant lifting effect, removing obvious signs of aging, and supporting the skin. Over time, the threads will resorb and stimulate a process of collagenases and skin regeneration, through local production of collagen and elastin.

How much does a PDO thread lift cost?

The cost of PDO thread lifts may vary, depending on factors such as the severity of facial sagging, the practitioner’s level of experience, and the number of threads used in the area you want. Also, the cost of your thread lift procedure will be influenced by the place where you are living. However, the average cost of a PDO thread lift procedure is $3,200.

When is it indicated to go for this procedure?

This facelift surgery is aimed at patients aged between 30 and 85 years. The optimal age at which the benefits of the intervention are maximized is between 35 and 55 years. The best results from a psychological and social point of view are in the young patient. In the young patient, the skin quality is good and the results will be all the more reliable. It has been demonstrated that the younger the patient, the greater the positive psychological effects and the improvement of personal life.

The patients are of both genders. Scheduling men for PDO thread lifting should not be a surprise to anyone. This is a right and a gain of our level of civilization.

How does a session go?

After a thorough consultation with the esthetician, a treatment plan will be established. This may include the need for several sessions or even combining threads with other aesthetic procedures (mesotherapy, PRP, botulinum toxin) to achieve the result you want.

The plastic surgeon will properly clean and disinfect the skin and then make markings with a pencil to guide the trajectory of the cannula. Anesthesia is performed at the entry point and along the wire path so that the procedure is painless.

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The skin is punctured and the cannula containing a wire inside is inserted. After removing the cannula, the wire will create traction in that area and a lifting effect. The end of the wire will be cut with sterile scissors and a small patch will be applied to the injection site to avoid contact with dust, wind, etc. after leaving the office.

This cosmetic procedure is painless and the risk of hematomas (bruises) is small because most doctors use an atraumatic cannula. Unlike the needle, it does not traumatize the tissues, does not sting the vessels or nerves, and thus the procedure is very comfortable for the patient.

What do you need to know before the PDO thread lift treatment?

PDO Thread Lift ExplainedYou cannot go through this facial rejuvenation treatment if: you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have active skin infections, hematological or oncological diseases.

Don’t forget to mention your medical history at the time of the consultation and don’t leave anything out. Your health is the most important!

It is recommended not to be on your period.

Do not consume coffee, Cola, or energy drinks on the day of the procedure.

Avoid the consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g.: Nurofen) 3 days before.

Advantages of PDO thread lift

  • There is no risk of adverse reactions; without allergic or rejection reactions; the threads are FDA approved.
  • It does not require hospitalization or general anesthesia.
  • There is no risk of bruising due to the use of atraumatic cannulas! Zero pain!
  • It is a quick procedure; approx. 30 min – 1 hour.
  • Improves the appearance and quality of the skin, and treats loose skin.
  • Offers an instant lifting effect.
  • Correction of facial asymmetries
  • Provides a reduction of pigmentation spots through increased intake of oxygen and nutrients in the skin.
  • It can be combined with other treatments in the same session (PRP, hyaluronic acid, botox).
  • Quick recovery. The resumption of usual activities from the very next day.

What do you need to know after the PDO thread lift treatment?

Sleep face up on the first night. Do not put a lot of pressure on the treated area for 1 week.

Your skin will feel “tight”. The threads will lose their mechanical strength in the next 7 days and the skin will shape harmoniously due to its elasticity.

Even if the threads are completely resorbed in 6-8 months, the effect persists for 1-2 years due to the property of inducing collagen.

Avoid intense physical exertion, sauna, and hot baths for 1 week after the treatment.

The most spectacular effect will be observed between 2-3 months after the procedure.

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