Resonator Delete Cost

How Much Does a Resonator Delete Cost?

Are you one of those people that like to make all kinds of modifications to their car’s exhaust system sound? You can try a resonator delete modification, but keep in mind that this will affect both the sound profile, making it louder, and the general efficiency of your car.

The average cost of a resonator delete is somewhere between $100 and $250, although this will likely vary based on the source of the purchase and its model.

The next part of the article will give you a better understanding of how to implement this particular vehicle modification.

How Much Does a Resonator Delete Cost?

The resonator delete is an affordable vehicle modification process and although a lot of people think otherwise, it is also completely legal. This can cost just $100 for some models of vehicles, although the price can also go over $250 when it comes to luxurious cars or complex models.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Resonator?

If you need to remove a resonator from the exhaust system of your car, this will likely cost $100 or more. There have been instances of people that managed to get this modification on their vehicles while spending slightly less than $100, but these are very rare occurrences.

Depending on the dealer, the quote will differ considerably for the resonator delete. This is why it is very important to do proper research and due diligence before doing this process yourself or going for one partner or another.

How Does a Resonator Delete Work?

The resonator is meant to cancel out some specific frequencies of sound when the car accelerates. Disturbing noises and sounds coming from your vehicle will be nullified by the muffler. This is to avoid having your driving experience spoiled by harsh sounds and tones that would otherwise hurt your eardrums.

The resonator delete process involves carefully removing the resonator, usually done by an expert, in an attempt to bring back the humming or droning sound to your driving experience. This will give out an interesting sense of style.

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This is done by vehicle enthusiasts that want to enhance the vehicle type and model (like the sound of the engine of a Mustang) or want to improve these sounds due to personal preferences or the attachment to the brand.

This process is likely to take around a couple of hours. It is done by removing the exhaust system. The pipes are cut two inches both rearward and forward to expose the resonator, which is then removed. After it is removed, you will have to seal the exhaust system through welding.

Is a Resonator Delete Illegal?

If you’re thinking of modifying your vehicle but don’t have a clear idea of what is legal and what isn’t then go for the resonator delete first. This is because a resonator delete is completely legal and is a great way of modifying and tweaking your exhaust system’s efficiency, sound, and performance easily.

Changing the car’s emissions or environmental impact is more important for the government, as this can become an environmental hazard.

Does a Resonator Delete Affect Performance?

Dinan Resonator Delete KitMost vehicles will experience an increase in their horsepower after getting a resonator delete. Through a resonator delete, the vehicle’s performance is usually improved because its fuel efficiency, horsepower, and weight will be changing.

The resonator delete will also create a little back pressure on the engine, further boosting your vehicle’s general performance.

The vehicle will also become more efficient and economical as it becomes lighter because lighter vehicles have a better mileage-to-fuel ratio. Losing the weight of the resonator could help boost the vehicle’s performance, as most resonators will have a weight of roughly 20 pounds.

This modification can also eliminate other problems that keep the car below its full engine horsepower potential. For example, it will help you get rid of restrictive performances or blockages caused by piping issues like soot.

It also clears the path to reduce back pressure. This allows for more fuel and air into the chambers, which ultimately improves performance even more.

There are also some vehicle models that instead of a performance boost, will experience a dip in engine performance. This is caused by the back pressure reducing the exhaust flow speed, which affects both efficiency and performance.

Where To Buy a Resonator Delete?

Every vehicle type will use a specific set of parts and pipes for its exhaust system. To ensure a perfect resonator delete, you will have to first identify the right seller and mechanic for the job. These top sellers are a great start when looking for the necessary parts for a resonator delete.


It wouldn’t really be a good list without the number-one retailer in the world. Amazon has a lot of resonator deletes for all kinds of manufacturers. A simple search on this website will give you a lot of quality options that are rather affordable. The competition in this marketplace ensures that you get exactly what you deserve, to increase the resonator’s quality.

RedStar Exhaust USA

RedStar is another great shop, as it focuses on quite a few car models, making it a great place to purchase your resonator delete.

There is no shortage both in quality and design, and you’ll find different options for all car models at an affordable price.

Khaos Motorsports

Khaos Motorsports tries to bring the perfect balance between affordability and quality. This store will offer you all kinds of brands and types of parts to choose from. You can even find kits with starting prices of $29, which is great if you’re on a tight budget but you still want to get the right resonate delete.

Exo Performance USA

Although this store has high-end prices, it promises to deliver quality. Their store has an impressive number of options for all kinds of vehicles. Keep in mind that at the time this article is written, you won’t find a resonator delete kit below the price of $130 on this website.


Another brand to offer affordable resonator deletes is Carid. This brand has quite a wide range of equipment pieces and tools to help you get something that fits your vehicle in the right way.

The good part is that you won’t need to forcefully fit the exhaust pipe or customize it when the modification process is over.

Expect prices as low as $5 for these resonator deletes, which give you a very comprehensive range of affordable modification options. You will also enjoy convenience and versatility as you will be able to shop both in their physical stores and on their online website.

Is a Resonator Delete Worth It?

You should try going for a resonator delete if you’re the type of person that enjoys the sound of an accelerating car while speeding beyond the horizon. It is used to change the exhaust sound profile of a vehicle, while also bringing other benefits like a lighter car and an increase in horsepower. These benefits are bound to make your vehicle a beast you will have fun driving. Before starting the process, it is very important to consider the pros and cons of this modification, so you know it is right for you and your car.

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