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Termite Treatment Cost

termite treatment cost

In most cases, it will cost less to treat your house than it will cost to paint it. If it doesn`t, one of two things is happening: either your termite company has huge prices or you work with a really cheap painter. Most of us will pay for the termite treatments once or twice in our entire lifetime. So what will be a good price for the termite treatment? Until your home will be inspected and measured by the Termite Company, you won’t find a clear answer to your question. Some issues that will be taken into account when figuring out the costs are the type of foundation of your home, the size of your house, the type of treatment you opt for, and the insurance you have. Don’t just shop for the cheapest services, because doing so might leave you disappointed with the final results. There are a lot of issues to consider along with the price for termite treatment, considering that if you pick a good company, you won’t need more than one or two treatments in your entire lifetime.

Business Factors in Termite Treatment Cost

The same termite treatment will have different costs when provided by different companies because just like any other businesses they have a lot of different expenses to take into account. If you want to figure out the price of the termite treatment service for your own property, take a look at this list of factors that will be taken into account. This is mainly to get an idea, this isn’t necessarily a complete list so there could be items we forgot about. Running any service-oriented business is expensive so when you opt for lower prices, fewer items from this list may be utilized. For example, opting for a larger company with bigger prices may be very helpful in the event that you have a problem with the termite treatment or anything in your home is damaged because a bigger company might have better insurance than a cheaper one. To ensure your satisfaction and protection, the termite treatment needs to be done by a professional that knows and abides by state and federal regulations. That’s why older companies with years of experience behind them could be the better choice. Not all states require the pest control techs to be tested but most states will require certification and/or registration of their techs.

If You Want To Build a House, You Will Probably Spend This Much

The differences between a small company and a large one could involve:

  • Licenses and Taxes,
  • Insurances [now including Obama Care for larger companies]
  • Business expenses, staff, and office supplies, [smaller companies will need less staff so they have an advantage here.]
  • Sales commission,
  • Labor and training,
  • Equipment, supplies, and upkeep,
  • Cost of chemical or bait,

How to Figure Your Termite Treatment Cost

What is a linear foot? Termite companies will calculate the costs by measuring the surfaces in linear feet (Ln. Ft.). This is done by measuring in ft. the distance around your home. Usually, you will negotiate for the price per Ln. Ft and then the company will multiply that number by the number of Ln. Feet. For a subterranean termite treatment for your house, this is how you measure the price: Figure out the distance in ft. around the foundation of your house. The result will be the total linear feet that will be calculated in the treatment price. If you have a big house, you’ll spend more, because every linear foot will require a specific amount of termiticide to be applied. Expect to pay around $4.00 to $ 7.50 for every Ln. ft. if you hire a decent company.cost of termite treatment before construction

It’s obvious that the cheapest option will be to do the termite treatment yourself with the same products that the professional companies would use if you have any experience behind you. Before thinking about doing the treatment yourself, you have to know that not all buildings are recommended for DIY treatments, some will need a professional approach. Both examples below are based on a 240 Ln. ft. house.

DIY Example: .84 cents per Ln. ft. x240 Ln. Ft.  (Termidor cost based on $50 per bottle) = $201.60 for the treatment.

Termite Company Treatment Example Comparison: $5.00 per Ln. ft. x 240 Ln. ft.  = $1,200 for the treatment.

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Figure the Termite Treatment Cost For Pre-Construction

If you are building a new structure, like a storage shed, a garage or even a house, you will need to treat the foundation prior to pouring concrete floors or footings, if you want to do it the right way. You will figure the price by how many square feet are in the structure. If your structure is too small and you want to hire a professional company, there is usually a minimum charge per project. Expect to pay a price of $.20 to $.45 per sq. ft. for a decent job. Here’s an example: a garage measures 30 feet by 40 feet = 1200 sq. ft x $.30 per Sq. ft. = $360 for the treatment. This is a ballpark figure to help you understand how the pricing process works. Considering the factors below, figures might be higher or lower:

  • Which treatment type you choose (repellent, non-repellent, or bait system)
  • The type of insurance you have,
  • And which Termite Company you call, large companies usually have more overhead expenses.

If you are thinking of an annual renewal contract, a good price is anywhere between $100 and $200.

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