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Experts state that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has over $2 billion available at its disposal. The group knows how to use the resources, say counter-terrorism officials. What sets it apart from any other terrorist organization is the discipline and professional acumen that seems to guide this group. But what exactly can they buy with their money?

Back in 2006, a terrorist attack was prevented in Germany during the World Cup soccer tournament. At that time two men tried to board commuter trains in the city of Cologne, having bombs inside their suitcases.

One of the agents of the U.N. team that worked on figuring out the costs of the terrorist attack attempt in Germany is Richard Barrett. His exact words were:

“These suitcases were meant to blow up a train, and clearly that would have created a huge amount of damage and public anxiety and so on for very, very little cost,”

What you need to understand that this little cost that we’re talking about is sometimes less than $500.

A plastic bottle filled with gas, an alarm clock, a propane tank and a few other objects (we won`t give you the full list, so the information can’t be used to harm people) were all of the items they needed to make the simple bomb. An interesting fact is, according to Barrett, that just one of the men covered these costs using just part of his school tuition money.

Some people believe that 9/11 had to cost at least $400,000 – $500,000, but the terrorist attack attempt from Germany showed exactly the opposite.

Don’t think that more complex attacks cost a lot more than that. As an example, the attack on the London transportation system in 2005 that has taken the lives of 57 people and has injured a lot more, has an estimated total cost of around $14,000, according to the U.N.

About this terrorist attack, Barrett stated: “It was self-financed, one of the guys was relatively well-off, his family was relatively well-off, and I think he may even have been a teacher as well, so he had a salary coming in”.

Mohammed Sidique Khan, who was a teaching assistant, was able to provide the money for one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in West Europe since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — this is the reason why experts are worried about ISIS and their millions of dollars available to fund any types of attacks.

When a Pentagon organization published a price list for attacks in Afghanistan in 2012, the results were almost unbelievable: they discovered that a bomb that is controlled using a remote can cost a little as an iPhone 5, around $400.

A bombing vest for a suicide bomber will cost around $1,200 and a car used for a suicide bombing can have a price of $13,000 to $20,000. The big difference in prices comes from the actual cost of the vehicle used for the terrorist attack.

So the only variable in ISIS’s resources is finding people willing to carry out these attacks for them.


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